Wednesday 21 October 2009

Bringing the OLD MAN home...what have you done about it?

Should Chin Peng be allowed to come home?
  955 (92%)

  41 (3%)

Not Bothered
  35 (3%)

Votes so far: 1031
Hours left to vote: 15

What have you done about bringing the Old Man home? Yes you have read what I wrote on steadyaku47. You have gone onto the other blogs and also goggled the Old Man’s name to see what comes up. Then you have spend maybe 10 or 15 minutes reading it…then said to yourself “Yes they should bring the Old Man home lah!” and maybe if you are a bit more ‘pro-active’ you go and talk about it with your spouse…and both of you will agree “Yes lah…they should bring him home!”…and then it’s back to your own life. You think you have done your part and tomorrow newspaper will headlined “ He is coming Home!”….

No friends that are how it is NOT going to happen. Talking about it. Thinking about it. Feeling angry about it. All this is not going to do anything! You need to do more. For a start go print this out:


Change the format if you do not like what I have done. Change the colors….do anything but get that message “BRING HIM HOME” out there so that people can see. You must do that at the very least. Put it on your desk, on your door on the windscreen of your car…even if one other human being sees it …that will do. You have done your part. You want to do more? Go talk to three others and ask each of them to do the same…you do not have to see them – call them, sms them…e mail them…any which way will do! Put the message on your face book. If you talk to three people on this then you have done your work to get the Old Man home. UR1 VR2!

Yes we old people remember the Old Man well but it is the young that will drive this movement to bring him home! Why don’t you young people who are good at graphics/ designers/ artists. …Please design a fantastic “BRING HIM HOME” banner – with the right fonts and the right blend of colors? Put it on the Internet so that everybody who wants to do so can download it and print it themselves. This is your National Service for the Old Man.

We have just started! Can I see fantastic design for “BRING HIM HOME” by one of our young people ASAP? Send it to steadyaku47 and we will share it with all the other bloggers and see if there will help us spread the message. And while you are doing it – do one for bumper stickers and car windows – they are the most effective and cheapest way to get the message all over Malaysia in the shortest possible time.

In these last few days less then twenty of you have taken the trouble to get in touch with me on this issue. And yet over a 1000 of you have taken part in that poll and over 90% want the Old man to come home. Please let us know that you are with us. Send me emails or write your comment on what we post about the Old Man. I have been getting emails from our warriors – our ex soldiers that have experienced first hand combat with the Old Man …and these warriors want the Old Man to come home! If they will take the trouble to let us know this then you need to do your part! Please make an effort and do something…anything  

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  1. Kindly tweet with #BRINGHIMHOME in your twitter account to support this motion.