Thursday 22 October 2009

The Old Man...FMZam comment.

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21 October 2009 4:47:44 PM
FMZam has left a new comment on your post "cakap cakap...the Old Man.":

Dear Dato' Arshad,

We do not deny the sentiment of the soldiers, we do not deny the soldiers died fighting the communists. We respect their sentiments and the sentiments of all others civillian people too who had been grieved by the war against the communists. It was war and they all have died fighting the war and they died as warriors.

In grieving for the victims of one side of the war, we must not think the other side had not grieved for their deads, for their suffering, for in war, everybody is grieving one way or another. We must not deny the sentiments of the other side of the people just because we are not that other side.

You may have grieved for the soldier who died infront of you, I assure you, you are not alone for I too grieved seeing my soldiers died by being blown by communist's boobytraps. There are many other soldiers with our kind of exdperiences. But that is what war is.

Lading Batagar was a soldier whose grandfather was taken away by the communist to an unknown fate. Yet he joined the military and yet he forgive Chin Peng.

I too had an untold story of my relatives being taken away by the communists but my father and all my uncles joined the SC and the military to fight the communists. And I too joined the military to fight the communists in the post colonial emergency.

There are many like us who joined the military and had grieved our fallen brothers, just like the people who joined the communists had grieved over their fallen comrades. We were all human and we were at war. We were all heroes of our own people.

So far we have heard only from one side of all the story about GRIEVING. Have you not seen the dead communists photographs displayed in our propaganda? Have you not seen the gruesome photos of the dead communists being displayed in that manner for propaganda purposes? How would you think about the dead communists relatives and friends and their loved one when they too saw those photographs?

If our grief breeds vengeance, what made you think thiers will not breed revenge. When are we going to stop crying over the war and that war we have won? Is winning not enough for us that it must be "accoladed" with the blood of Chin Peng?

Of all we know, the were and are soldiers in our army who were and are related to the communists. Man Cilak, Mat Indera, Shamsiah Fakeh, Rashid Maiden, Abdullah CD and Chin Peng were brothers to the brothers of the brothers of anyone soldier of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

War has certainly turned brothers against brothers and war knows no double standard, you are either friend or foe. Why should peace has double standard when peace is making friend not foe? 


  1. FMZam,

    Well put. Couldn't be clearer. Peace is to make friend not foe. We and the Communist signed a peace AGREEMENT.

  2. No Anthony Mus, we haven't signed anything with the communists until Najib of the bloody hands stamps it with the blood of Chin Peng.

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