Saturday 24 October 2009

cakap cakap...bloggers steady lah!!!

I see in the chatter of the various blogs and facebook that questions are being asked if Anwar has got the balls to keep PAS in line?  Or more specifically the loose cannons within PAS in line? You have started to question Anwar’s resolve to make Pakatan Rakyat  ‘fighting fit’ for what is to come in the next General Elections. Some of you are beginning to mutter aloud that maybe it is better that we stick to the devil that we know then the devil that we don’t. After all these Politicians are all-alike!

And who are these people that say these things? I do not know them but I am sure they do so because they want Anwar to do the right thing – to lead Pakatan Rakyat to victory at the next GE. Let us get one thing out of the way. Anwar is not alone.

There is Lim Kit Siang. What has that old man not gone through…..and yet there are still some amongst you that dare to infer that he has something to do with putting Guan Eng as CM of Penang. And even if he did – he chose the right CM.  The last Transparency International statement praised his work against corruption in Penang. That is a good enough endorsement for me that Guan Eng is doing a good job in Penang.  Kit Siang is there shoulder to shoulder with Anwar -at par.

There is Zaid. There is Karpal. Jui Meng.  Even that other old man Tok Guru to guide and offer advice to PR  when required. They are a formidable lot . All tried and tested and they with Anwar will lead Pakatan Rakyat. Not Anwar by himself.

Now back to Anwar. It has taken him eleven years to get to where he is now. Let us not forget the Black Eye, time in Prison and the physical and mental pressure of someone over 60 years old doing what he is doing now – going against UMNO. Yes I know that all UMNO has is money – but with money in their pocket whatever foolish things they say can pass for wise ones!

So in himself Anwar must surely think everyday that he must not make one wrong move if he is to take PR to victory. And then there is always the formidable team within PR that will NOT allow him to do the wrong thing. Look at the Team we have and then look at UMNO – it is like comparing a langsat to a mango. And not just any mango – we are the mango from Pakistan !

But we are all human -and we make mistake. But I think within every PR leaders, in the center of their body, there is an absolute solid will that is resolve to do everything they can to change things for the better.

As for us – we must be resolute in our commitment to ourselves – not to others – but to ourselves. That we will do what is right for our country and for ourselves. The jury might still be out on whether PR is ready – whether they have the resolve to win – whether they deserve our support. That decision is for you and you alone to make. But keep your council to yourself. Speak with those that will hear you out and give you their honest opinion. Then you make your own decision.

But do not question the resolve of PR leaders to win the next election. People like you and me, like Pak Lah and  Ku Li can put in our two cents worth from our safe and comfortable living room sitting in front of our PC – but those guys work 24/7 – day in day out without respite. Go to Anwar’s house and see the people waiting to see him. Follow Kit Siang around and see what the Old man is up too in any single day. These people are out there walking their talk.  So before you pronounce your judgment on them, - think.


  1. Salam,

    On a lighter note...

  2. i think we can't discount the possibilities of UMNO's Trojan horses are highly placed in PR hierarchy just waiting to destroy PR. We are just being cautious and careful. It better to be safe than sorry. UMNO is evil and they will use whatever means necessary to remain in power. It's just a heads up call from the rakyat to DSAI and other PR leaders to occasionally get out of PR box and see the big pictures and maybe understand rakyat's perspective. No malice intended!

  3. Salam Pak HH. My family and I will always be behind PR no matter what negative comments against them. The battle cry of 'Enough is Enough', 'Reformasi' and 'Makal Sakthi (the ori)' will become louder and louder nearing GE13 and I am sure nobody will miss the cry for total change.

  4. Zamberi...that Russel Peter is classic ! Always enjoy watching him. Tqs.

    Also tqs for the Nasi Dagang recipe. Taste great but I got a bit carried away with the santan - so a bit soggy - now I CAN make nasi dagang! Regards.

  5. If Anwar has got the balls to keep PAS in line?

    Why this kind of question and why to Anwar? What use is Anwar's ball if PAS keeps flirting with UMNO and don't care at all about breaking up?

    That question had better be directed to Hadi Awang or Nik Aziz.

  6. With Dr Pornthip testimony I think somebody better check TBH grave. The body can go missing. If they can C4 they will do anything.

    This is no joke.

    No body case close no matter how one argues the case.

  7. What is the prospect of Pakatan winning the next GE that is 4 years away? I don't want to make myself feel good by saying it will win. I just want to say, it is my duty to vote for Pakatan come what may and will help campaign for Pakatan by all means. I think that should be the concern of everyone of us who fights for the betterment of our people, our country and our future. Let us consider all those problems Pakatan is facing now are challenges and no matter what happened, never change our mind to vote Pakatan.

    One vote one Pakatan!

  8. Bravo Bro HH,
    I felt so delighted and soothed to read this awareness-triggering article, garnished with some sensible advices. It painted precisely a clear picture of the current scenario of the opposition coalition and their predicament in sticking firm together to soldier on fighting the evil BN opponents.
    I would very much like and hope this message to be read by all our fellow PR supporters in view of so much of PR-bashing lately. The supporters are needed to be more informed so that they would understand PR leaders better besides uplifting their spirit to be unwavering in their commitment to uphold what is good and right for the rakyat and the country as a whole. I urge those who have read this, please put it up as a reference in other blogs that you visit. Disseminate it , please!

  9. People just do it. This is the best opportunity to go for change. BN/UMNO must be kicked out for the betterment of this nation.
    50 over years BN/UMNO has taken the rakyat for granted and say no to UMNO and Ketuanan Rakyat must prevail.
    My prayer that UMNO will fumble and tumble. Not ANwar, LKS and TNGA byt we the people that will topple BN/UMNO.
    Remember!!! no amount of money and power can go against the will of the people so we the people must decide.

  10. HH, I too have faith in the PR old guards, but from time to time we need to nudge here and push there and sometimes a chubeet (pinch?). All of us need "reminders" because of our responsibilities towards a New Malaysia!

  11. Good article. To be honest Umno/Bn politicians is nowhere near PR not even with PR young tigers.Umno is gone forever,Umno is history come GE13.