Friday 16 October 2009

cakap cakap....enough sleep?

I have been lazy today. I woke up early enough  - showered and sat back to watch TV with a cup of coffee instead of going straight to my PC. I managed to persuade myself to go do some work on steadyaky47. I did post “Chin Peng – Forgive and Forget”…I posted it I did not write it. The only decision I made in that posting was to use the scribe Official RMN’s number instead of his name because that would identify the writer as one who had done his “National Service” – something a lot of us are still to do…including ME! I then went through some emails and then went back to the TV to watch some reruns of “Friends” from our DVD collections. We have over 1000 DVD titles – my wife and son Zack are avid collectors  - there are many that are still in their plastic wrappings simply because they have not got to opening them yet! Again I feel asleep. I guess the late hours and early mornings I have been keeping finally caught up with me.

I woke up for lunch. A Beef Pie with a side dish of Lamb cooked with Mushrooms. Then a cup of coffee and more TV fully stretched out on the three-seater sofa. Then sleep again!

It is 7.15pm. Enough rest. Enough sleep. Back to work. Back to steadyaku47. Life is good!     


  1. wow, beef + lamb makanan ah , aiyoo !

  2. This blog was almost deserted last nite with only Anonymous manning the fort. All quiet on the frontline, everyone else seemed to take a sabbath this Friday, on the eve of a holiday, Deepavali day today. I must have been knocked out to sleep like a log the whole nite and woke up early today to say Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends.

    Happy Deepavali friends.

  3. Indians, you r GREAT : NO newspapers
    TOday laa ....happy DIWALI !!
    Antony Mus ....hahaha...happy cuti !