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Teoh Beng Hock......From the heart...

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Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 10:05:32 +0800
Subject: Fwd: Suicide - they cried

Subject: Suicide - they cried

oct 21 09

Suicide - they cried!

Let's face it. Each one of us probably has an evil streak lurking within us, much as we may try to mask it. Perhaps that is why many are so fascinated with the murder genre that allows them to understand characters, solve puzzles or mysteries with much thrill and action. At the end of a tale, justice is served after the mystery is solved. However, in Malaysia, true life drama has a different turn when a MURDER they wrote, results in a cry of "SUICIDE" - until an independent renowned Thai pathologist gave her professional opinion about the tragic 'death' of Teoh Beng Hock.

The Malaysian Insider reported today at THIS LINK:

Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand told the Coroner’s Court this morning that there was an 80 per cent probability that Teoh Beng Hock’s death was a homicide and not suicide, and suggested that some of his injuries were sustained before his fatal fall.

She said that Teoh’s injuries showed he could have been strangled and that he sustained anal penetrationbefore he fell to his death earlier this year.

The stunning testimony made by the pathologist, who gained prominence from her work on identifying Tsunami victims and in the recent death of Hollywood star David Carradine, appeared to suggest Teoh was assaulted before his death.

Using a graphics presentation, she told the court that not all the injuries sustained by Teoh were consistent with that of a fall.

The skull fracture on Teoh’s head, she said, was not typical of an injury from a fall, but more compatible from blunt force applied directly to the skull.

She also noted round marks on Teoh’s neck which could mean “manual strangulation” with fingers.

She said that her assessment was based on Teoh’s autopsy report and from photographs taken at the site where his body was found.

Dr Pornthip was engaged as an expert witness by the Selangor state government.

Earlier she told the court that she had conducted over 10,000 autopsies in her career, of which more than 100 dealt with fatal falls from high places.

When you read this news which has been widely reported all over including MalaysiakiniTheStar and evenThe New Straits Times, one begins to wonder why whoever orchestrated that act of terminating Teoh Beng Hock's life could be so evil, careless, clueless and insensitive way they covered their tracks.

We were not born yesterday.

Much as they may THINK (actually, they don't know how to think which is why they blundered) we don't know how to think, in reality, we can think better, faster than them and can see through whatever poorly orchestrated moves. Talk about poor plot, mentally challenged director, disorganized producer and fumbling actors/actresses!

Whatever justifications made in the past have been nothing but GROSS INSULTS AND ASSAULT to the intelligence and thinking skills of the average sane Malaysian.

Blimey! What they should have done is to take some 101 Courses on Critical Thinking Skills and how to prepare LOGICAL arguments. Then perhaps they would not have offered us a broken platter of lies.

As if we would fall for the humbug claims as proclaimed by them!

Let's take a look at some of the most ludicrous claims ever offered in a court of justice (*choke*).

1. The DNA found on Teoh Beng Hock's blazer and belt belonged to a road accident victim on whom a post mortem was conducted on the same day as that on the political aide's body at the 
Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, Klang, on July 17.

How could this ever have happened?

Should not post-mortems be conducted in very sterile conditions, where the pathologists and forensic experts have to wear gloves, and are trained to observe strict procedures in a systematic fashion?

2. Why did MACC attempt to stop Teoh inquest by putting in an appeal against the Shah Alam High Court's decision earlier this month to allow the evidence of “torture” witness Sivanesan Tanggavelu to go on record?

Sivanesan, an assistant company manager, had claimed that Selangor anti-graft officers had beaten him when he was taken in for questioning in a separate case last year.

3. There are far too many discrepancies in the statements made by those who were on trial and it is quite painful for me to list them one by one. To have a time-line of the trial plus relevant reports, please CLICK THIS LINK.

You know, my heart bleeds for Teoh Beng Hock and the loved ones he left behind. I am sure yours as well.

When we note the statements from certain quarters and their overtures towards Teoh Beng Hock's family and friends and match these with the statements and findings of internationally renowned pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand, how are we expected to react?

Outrage? Stupendous outrage?


Tears and fears?

Does a cry for justice swell in your heart?

Such is the state of affairs in this land....

What is important?

We have to see how heartless, soulless and vile people who are ruled by greed, evil intentions have no scruples about taking the life of an innocent man who had much to live for.

But look?

Do you think they care? THEY behave like deranged monsters who showed no mercy and they even dared to cry "IT'S SUICIDE!!!".

Dare they spin another tale to cover their tracks?

The writing is on the wall.

In a land where crime is condoned, covered up in the name of obedience to task masters...

In a land where such heinous acts can be treated in such a trivial manner...

In a land where crime after crime remains unsolved but a whole battalion is ever ready to fire tear gas at citizens who are protesting for their valid rights....

Is there hope at all?

In such a land, what will the people do?

Will they act now? They may try in their hearts to swallow the lies that have been dished out, half wishing they were true when they know otherwise.

Or will they do something constructive, and to contribute in definite, tangible ways to ensure that THERE MUST BE CHANGE in the next election and to PRESSURE their MPs and ADUNs to give their best?


The answer my friend, is within you.

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