Friday 30 October 2009

Mr Integrity: Tan Sri Khalid

The day that I heard that TS Khalid was to be the Menteri Besar of Selangor was the day when I felt my spirits lifted – my belief that good will prevail over evil was reinforced and that once again we have hope in our country – or at least in the state of Selangor! And that we can dare to dream that a government, even if it was of a state, will have the people’s interest as its priority! I was happy too……happy to be able to share with TS Khalid his vindication as a winner after what UMNO did at Ijok to embarrass him. God is great and in the end it was UMNO that was embarrassed...and I punched the air with my fist for joy!

 And now things have changed? I am told that Khalid does not look after Keadilan’s people – his party’s faithful? That he was the reason why the PKR Port Klang assemblyman resigned to become an independent supporting BN. Is this is the same assemblyman who failed to re-open his service centre for his constituency? The same assemblyman that Khalid would not tolerate because he was incompetent and irresponsible? For once in Selangor’s history we have an MB that puts the interest of the people before the interest of his own Party –and the federal government media trumpets that another PKR assemblyman has come over into Barisan? As TS Khalid said they are welcome to him. I will even give him taxi money to take him to PWTC…GIVE not loan!

And these same people who cannot shake TS Khalid from his resolve that the interest of the people and good governance will be the pillar of his government in Selangor now tells us that Anwar will not act decisively against Khalid for his perceived failure in supporting party stalwarts! I do not consider that ass of an assemblyman who resigned from PKR to be an independent in support of BN as being a Party stalwarts. And if anybody expects TS Khalid to look after PKR’s faithfuls by dishing out contracts and projects – they must be living in cuckoo land. TS Khalid will not do it. So the issue of Anwar pulling TS Khalid into line does not exists. Mr Integrity is doing good in Selangor.     


  1. Dear HH,

    Thanks for the good write up, and I have always believe that TS Khalid will do well for Selangor. Being a thoroughbred Selangorean, I do keep in close touch with the happenings in Selangor. Generally, the people have accepted TS Khalid, and lets hope he does turn to become Khir Toyo.

  2. Almost anybody would do a better job as MB in Selangor after the antics of Khir Toyol.

    When he was appointed, i agreed also at that time that Khalid appears to b the person best suited to b MB.

    To be absolutely honest, the mass media are the ones making a big hoo-haa out of things. I think we all have to discount at least 90% what we read in the media.

    We close ranks and lets move on.

    Remember who we have to bring down!



  3. I do not want us to be too quick in calling a leader of men with all those hypes, when one day he is a Mr Integrity and the next time around he is a Mr Intangibility, so to say. But I am damn sure Khalid deserves it more than Anwar and I guess he deserve better than just Mr Integrity. He has shown courage to divorce an unfaithful and cheating "wife" in that person Badrul with all dignity like a husband who said to his wife's secret lover "you can have her she's all yours".

    Khalid to me is my Mr Right to be my Prime Minister.

  4. ArshadRaji,,
    Having read your blog and most of your comments, could you kindly shed more light, on your statement below. Does not ring the right bell.
    'Generally, the people have accepted TS Khalid, and lets hope he does turn to become Khir Toyo'.

    Did you happen to miss adding the word 'not' as in "he does not turn to become Khir Toyo". Thank you.

    Abang HH,
    I give full merits to the whole team of Pakatan Rakyat Leaders, in Superbly Administrating the State of Selangor. It is even more difficult, when the media is pro BN and never gives credit, to PR leaders for a job well done. Kudos,,to our bloggers, commentors and inetrnet savy Media like Malaysiakini, that keeps the glow of truth, by dispelling the smoke and shedding light for us to know, of peoples development.
    Anwar,,, in his role as Opposition Leader is justifying it and what we need is some strong creditable leaders in PKR, to take some responisibility of enforcing discipline, otherwise screwed nuts like Zulkifli Nordin is or could be another liability.

  5. Well done TS Khalid. Clear PR of all the shit before GE13 and PR will do very.

    I believe, in my opinion, this piece of shit had been bought over just like the 3 kataks of Perak.

    Bury UMno come GE13, peoples power will triumph over money power.

    UR1 VR2

  6. Whatever other qualities Khalid Ibrahim may possess, the one that shines through his every word and deed is his kindness - an extremely rare quality in Umno/BN! For that alone, I'm fully supportive of Khalid Ibrahim's mentri besarship and still feel a quiet joy knowing Selangor is rid of that despicable Javanese dentist who deserves to be either deported to Java or castrated (whichever pains him more).