Friday 16 October 2009

Cakap cakap...UMNO General Assembly.

It would seem that UMNO are making all the right noises. UMNO for ALL. No more Ketuanan Melayu….and we must not forget the 1 Malaysia car sticker launched by Najib today! And NO KERIS! 

Is UMNO close to their “EUREKA” moment? The moment when they realise that if they do not change they will be no more UMNO come the next General elections? I think there is general consensus within UMNO leaders that they simply cannot go on their merry way robbing from the Malays to keep themselves in clover. So are they thinking of who else they can rob (everybody else!) or are they really about to make a fundamental change in their way of doing things – a paradigm shift in all things UMNO? That they actually believe that change is truly necessary to find answers to 7 by election losses as against 2 won. Against a public increasingly hostile of a defensive UMNO and more worrying – a Malay population increasing vocal and pro active in its dismissal of UMNO as its preferred political party of choice.   

We do not really know because we are not privy to the discussions being held in the inner sanctums of PWTC and what is really inside the minds of UMNO leaders.

But this we know. For them to start making the right noises the fear of God has already been put into their midst. They have seen the writings on the wall and slowly but surely, like an oil tanker ploughing the seven seas, they tell us that UMNO would need time to slowly come to a halt...and start the turn around. 

The largest oil tanker in the world is the Jahre Viking – 1504 feet long. If stood on end it is equivalent to being 6 stories taller than the Empire State Building and it will take 5.5 miles from full throttle to full stop! Methinks that UMNO is still going at full throttle but Najib who is on the Bridge has spotted an iceberg exactly 5.5 miles away! Will he give the orders to stop NOW!...knowing that he has exactly 5.5 miles to stop in time before they hit they iceberg. And even if Najib says stop will the engine room respond immediately?

We can have some comfort that our voices have been heard by UMNO. The same UMNO that wielded a KRIS. The same UMNO that promises to fill the prison to the brim with ISA detainees. The same UMNO that shouts “Ketuanan Melayu” to all who would listen to them. The same UMNO that prides itself to being an “Islamic Party”.

But a thief is sorry because he is caught. Not because he steals. So let us not forget this truism in the aftermath of the UMNO General Assembly, which trumpets the return of a relevant UMNO. An UMNO for ALL. Let that not now mean an UMNO that will not only take from the Malays but also from ALL – for there is no more to take from the Malays 


  1. I am of the opinion that all the hypes by UMno about '1Malaysia' and 'UMno for all' is just pure bullshit. They are trying to bluff their ways to the hearts of opposition supporters so to get the 2/3 majority they desperately needed. This time if they manage to get the magical 2/3, the rakyat are finish because in the hands of Najib and Mahathir....all dissents will be quell by police force.

    So Malaysians, please vote out BN in all elections...especially the coming big one. Dont ever think of giving them a 2nd chance because BN/UMno do not deserve it.

  2. UMNO general assembly is a circus of overdosed, over-reacting, highly emotional and delirious actors and actresses of a Malay elite corp. It's like being in the audience of Nazi Youth listening to speeches by a Hitler and another Hitler and another Hitler ending with applause and hails of the fanatic stormtroopers, crying for blood.

    It is Akademi UMNOsia.

  3. Nothing wrong for UMNO to make an attempt to change and improve themselves. ALL of us too has many times over tried to change and improve ourselves isnt it?

    I still remember an old P. Ramee movie when he said Dibuat salah Tak buat juga salah "

    Whatever UMNO is trying to do to shed its past image, it cannot change 100 percent. We must accept that. But we hope they can change more rather than less.

    Manusia aja including the writer is not 100 percent perfect kan.

    All of us have enemies. We have to admit that. So is UMNO. There are Malays out there no matter what you give them, they still remain unsatisfied and still hate UMNO.

    It takes everything to make this world a wonderful place to live.

  4. Pak HH,

    There is no cure for 1UMNO. All the so called "reforms" is just a rebranding exercise to con the public into thinking 1UMNO can change. To put Isa Samad in the Bagan Pinang by election officially sealed the fact that 1UMNO will always be the same, no matter what they say or pretend to do.

    Imagine this scenario: 1Najib was bathing in his 24K gold casted bath tub when he suddenly shouted "Eureka!! I've got it. I shall re-package 1UMNO by shouting 1UMNO must reform in the coming UMNO assembly. The folks in Bagan Pinang already bought my bullshit about giving a criminal a second chance and my brilliant cousin also came out with his good guilt and bad guilt rhetorics. That's it, we will Re-package 1UMNO under the guise of "reforms".

    You can do all the "re-packaging" of an expired can of food, but the contents in the can remains rotten to the core.

  5. Hi Daniel. I agree everybody should be given a 2nd chance...only in a non-critical situation. Let me give you an example.... a rapist should be given a second chance to fit into society only after he has completed the sentence and only after certified emotionally and psychologically cured by experience psychologist. Likewise for UMno....rapist of the wealth of the nation, UMno should complete the sentence..that is defeated in GE13 for 1 term and judge by the rakyat in GE14 whether UMno is emotionally and psychologically cured from corruption.

  6. This is the classic annual UMNO On Sunday evening they will return home, highly spirited with renewed enthusiasm for change. The president satisfied that for another year he will have at least a little bit more backing from the grassroots.

    Come Monday morning the same call on the phone they will received,... "hello..datuk seri...can we meet?..about the direct nego for replacement of KD Sri Inderapura.............

    UMNO dont change because these people do not fear God, they are just a little bit scared of the rakyat.

  7. Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya. It's too late for UMNO to change.