Tuesday 20 October 2009

Beyonce postpones Malaysia gig amid Islamist ire

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - U.S. pop star Beyonce has postponed a planned concert in Malaysia after the nation's opposition Islamist party raised concerns about her performance, citing moral issues, concert organizers said.
Foreign acts often draw protests by the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), whose youth wing forced Beyonce to cancel her 2007 concert in the mainly Muslim nation of 27 million people.
Malaysian entertainment company Marctensia said in a statement on its website that the Beyonce "I am..." concert, planned for October 25 as part of her world tour, would be postponed to a date yet to be announced.
"The postponement is solely (the) decision of the artiste and has nothing to do with other external reasons," the concert organizers said in the statement.
No further reason was given. Marctensia said a new date for the concert would be announced "shortly" and a statement from Beyonce's management would be released later this week.
PAS's youth wing also sought last year to prevent Canadian singer Avril Lavigne from performing in Malaysia.
Earlier this month, Malaysia initially banned Muslims from attending a concert by U.S. hip-hop band The Black Eyed Peas, which was sponsored by Guinness, one of the brands owned by the world's biggest spirits group, Diageo.
The ban was reversed, but a senior official said it was up to each individual's "better judgement" whether to attend the event.
Malaysia's image as a moderate Muslim country was hit when a woman caught drinking beer was sentenced recently to be caned.
(Writing by Belinda Goldsmith, Editing by Paul Tait)


  1. r2rr62 1 minute ago Report Abuse
    Why does this argument have to turn into an anti-islam diatribe? I have been to Malaysia on several occasions, and know quite a few Moslem people there. They are kind, gentle, decent people. Dont let the crazy actions of a few poison your views on the many.
  2. Kim 8 minutes ago Report Abuse
    thats the thing louise,women should be free to express themselves,if she want to shake her ass on stage ,thats her choice and she should have the freedom,to do that,we were all born naked.
  3. Louise 11 minutes ago Report Abuse
    Prehaps maylasians don't want thier kids to grow up to quick, cynical with wizened old face by the time they are ten. Ban Beyonce and while your at it ban the bomb too!
  4. Cheshire 14 minutes ago Report Abuse
    This is ridiculous. I don't think much of Beyonce and I have nothing against Islam, but no-one is forcing the moslems to go if they don't like it. Why do they have to ruin it for everyone?
  5. Louise 17 minutes ago Report Abuse
    I don't think Beyonce cares she gets payed and is on the first flight out of town......I do think her acts degrades women I rather men not look at me like some kind of sexual object.
  6. yard_ape 19 minutes ago Report Abuse
    Roy, this would be answered by the standard Malaysian reply - these are set up solely for the Indian and Chinese Malaysians!
  7. Kim 19 minutes ago Report Abuse
    Thats good,at least we know now,what sort of country malaysia really is,dont go for a holiday there,let them all be muslims in their own country,and for christs sake ,bloody stay over there,dont come to australia with your 18th century morals,and sexist,cruelty to woman,you suck gonads!
  8. Cheryl 22 minutes ago Report Abuse
    i thought she was a christian
  9. graeme daniels 24 minutes ago Report Abuse
    i think the people conplainig are the ones that did not get tickets and woemen in muslim countries should get more of a say and maybe they all mite not be in so much of a mess
  10. DesN 29 minutes ago Report Abuse
    I just watched a video of Beyonce and fair dinkum, you'd have to be desperate. Suggestive yes but seductress, NO. More like a disjointed goanna. Nothing sexy about her at all. What a turn off!!


  1. This is one comment I don't like to make for if anyone ask me in secret I will spontaneously vote for Beyonce, but if in the open I will unhesitantly rip my top and bare my chest and stomp my foot on stage to cheers for Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. This is no country for old man maaa.....

  2. A society filled with hypocrites.

    Ban almost everything ... no entertainment, no drinking, no American products, and just name it.

    Why waste time fasting for a month if you can refrain from all those. Does it mean if you can't participate others don't get it too.

    To some of these people, might as well ban women from the country too. Sure no act of sin ... but I doubt so :)