Friday 16 October 2009

Baby survives after being run over by train!

Baby survives after being run over by train

A baby has survived after his pushchair rolled onto the tracks as a train pulled into a station in Melbourne, Australia.
The train had slowed right down as it pulled into the station and the six-month-old baby suffered only a bump to his head.
CCTV of the incident was released to local media. It shows the pram rolling off the platform while the baby's mother looks on in horror.


  1. As for the baby, goodness me.

    I think that the platform should be sloped away from the tracks so that any that rolls will be away from the on-coming danger.

    The authorities responsible for the design of the platform should be taken to court for negligence.

  2. I disagree that legal action should be taken against the authorities, unless it leads to fixing the slopes so such incidents do not happen anymore. A lawsuit looking for compensation would not bear fruit, seeing how the child was not hurt and the mother was negligent herself.

    I don't want to sound insensitive, but that mother is at fault as well, i travel on train and trams all the time, and i do notice people locking in the wheels so prams and move.

  3. I am with Paddy, the mother was simply careless full stop, she can be careless again the next time if the blame goes to anyone else except her. She doesn't deserve to be the baby's mother.

  4. I am with FMZ who is with Paddy...she should have put on the brakes!

  5. Yes, negligence is the word. Accidents attributed to negligence. This incident serves as a good eye-opener to not take things for granted and to be more observant to our surroundings wherever we are.

  6. How can the authority be responsible for negligence? Plantform/walkway usually design to slope slightly outward so that rain water can get drained away. Slope inwards means water ponding at platform probably will cause many old ladies/old men to slip and fall. And then someone will say authority is responsible again.