Friday 23 October 2009

The Civil Service...

abdulhalimshah has left a new comment on your post "The Civil Service - a Malaysian perspective.":

Our Constitution provides a comprehensive framework for the Public Service in order to make it free from political inteference.( See Part X, Art.132 to Art. 148).
In some Commonwealth countries who were once colonised by the British, their Civil Service had become a "Servile Service" with the removal of the safeguards in recruitment and dismissal as well as their terms and conditions of their service. If all the public servants in Malaysia act in a single voice and serve without fear or favour and owe their complete loyalty only to King and Country, we still have hope that our future can still be assured. Politicians come and go, but the public service still remain and keep the Government going. But only the enlightened few believe this and still carry on being apolitical. The challenge is to make all of them to unite and do the right thing right. 

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