Saturday 24 October 2009

Cakap cakap...MCA

Ong: I have unfinished work

How sad to see Political leaders scrambling to work with sworn enemies when they see that their demise is the only alternative. And so they clutch from the air anything their grubby dirty hands can cling to:

"So, in the name of public trust, it is only fair that I, as the president of MCA, endeavour to live up to the people's expectations," Ong said at Wisma MCA yesterday.

For UMNO it was to dignify Bahasa that they are doing away with PPSMI. Now with MCA it is Public Trust. Where the F..k do they come up with these idealistics sounding rationale for whatever it is that they want to do? What unfinished work has Ong got to do? The same unfinished work that took Mahathir 20 over years to do? That took Samy Velu 30 years to do?   Does he think that MCA will collapse without his guiding hands? What arrogance. But this is the sad part – he can get away with it! His pledge ‘Even if I lose by one vote, I'll resign” has now to be pushed aside in the name of Public Trust! And this man now leads the Chinese in MCA? …such an excess of stupidity. As  Prophet Mohammad says “There are three signs of a hypocrite: when he speaks he speak lies, when he makes a promise he breaks them, and when he is trusted he betrays his trusts”. Sounds familiar?  


  1. Well, those who overstayed will always say "It's unfinished business"

    Whatever that mean, I wonder. What if the maker call you back. What unfinished business is it then, answering your deeds on earth. :)

  2. The 2000+ delegates who voted at the EGM are made to look like fools. They went to the EGM and voted with pride but alas all come to nought. What a waste of time, money and pride. If Najib already has this intention to interfere, why not do it earlier and save all the money which can be channeled to charity. By the way, the chinese do not want MCA to represent them. MCA can be a stooge of UMno for all I care. Note: I think Chua Soi lek has been threatened into accepting the unity plan.

  3. Soi Lek once said, "...a friend to UMNO yes, but a stooge I am not". Now we know he meant it takes three to make them stooges, that's why he didn't mind.

  4. I will b v v v surpised if MCA is not wiped out in PRU 13.

    The Chinese is now firmly behind Pakatan.

    We prob now have a slight majority of the Indians also, down from the peak of PRU 12 where we prob had all of them.

    MCA is totally irrelevant.

    In fact, I was kinda hoping they got rid of OTK. Would have hastened even faster their implosion.