Friday 23 October 2009

Cakap cakap...marah ni!

We Malaysian are a forgiving lot….. or are we gluttons for punishment? Which is it? Or is it a case of “its not my problem” and all you will do is take a “look see” at what it is bothering you at that point of time – decide that there really is nothing you can do –and even if you do you are only one person and it will not make any difference to the situation or to the issue – so you angkat kaki and jalan! And you really cannot be bothered about that situation or issue again unless it affects you personally…like if you are stopped again by the Police and have to make a contribution to ‘selesai’ the case, or if someone you know is put away under ISA or get called up to assist the MACC in their inquiries. Then again you ‘make busy body’ discuss the issue for half a day with anybody who would listen – then proceed again with your life until the next time.

Whatever injustices, what plundering and pillaging that are being done is not your concern if it does not affect you directly! How sad…how very very sad! This ‘tidak apa’ attitude is killing our country. Corruption is now a way of life! The Barisan Nasional politicians are getting away with ripping the tax payers of billions and billions of Ringgit. Teoh Beng Hock is murdered while under MACC custody ! Tidak apa lah – I don’t know him! A highway is closed for additional cracks…not my problem…I never use that highway anyway! So many wrongs by Politicians who are so confident of the Rakyats ability to forget that they know if they keep sitting on a problem long enough the Rakyat will think “No see. No problem”. And if the Rakyat don’t ask…you think the Politicians will tell?

And my friends tells me “Hussein that is the Malaysian public for you!”. “They are all like that!”.
NO! I will not accept that the Malaysian Public are “like that” because to do so would mean that we are consigning ourselves to a “too hard to change “ basket. Are you aware that the country is on the brink of being consigned to the rubbish dump?

Look around you! A Prime Minister not prepared to clear his name of complicity in a murder of a young foreign national – ALTANTUYA!. How does he deal with it? Swear in the name of ALLAH that he has nothing to do with the murder. Since when has that become an acceptable defence! The last time anybody use the name of ALLAH to profess his innocence in front of me was in Chow Kit. They caught this foreign pick pocket and the crowd was kicking and punching him – venting their anger on him while he was calling upon ALLAH to witness that he was innocent of such a crime. Nobody listened. And we have our Prime Minister being cleared of murder the same way that the pick pocket was trying to do for himself? Only in Malaysia. Only in Malaysia.

And the Public by and large accept that Najib can continue as THEIR Prime Minister.

You continue to give money to these Police constable just so you do not have the pay the fines that you will be saddled with if you do not selesai. Understand this. Until each and every one of us make a stand that we will not pay these bribes to these Police Constable – they will carry on asking for it without shame or remorse. And we know almost all of these Police Constables are Malays – Mislims – followers of the Islamic Religion! Ya ALLAH show them right path. Turn them away from temptation!

Time and time again I am amazed at how the Malaysian Public “tidak apa” or “not my problem” syndrome has allowed OUR Government to treat its own Rakyat with impunity – any way they like!
Think! They imprison human beings for their beliefs. For opposing the Barisan Nasional who have been proven time and time again to be a corrupt and unprincipled lot! They put people  away for years without trial -  away from their love ones! And these Human Beings are like you and me – not criminals. They are deprived of the right to be treated in a civilized way – and the Government does this in the name of protecting its  Rakyat from these dangerous people. What dangerous people? Has any of these ISA detainees been convicted of any criminal offence? NO they have not!

And here is the sad part of it all….we the Rakyat sit still and do nothing. You leave the ‘doing’ to those Pakatan Rakyat and NGO supporters. These people are bashed, punched, kicked and God knows what else the FRU  and Police do to them away from our gaze – while you all watch from afar. Then later in the evening you go to your PC and watch the day demonstration on youtube…then you go “aiyah so bad lah these Police!”..and that’s it. Maybe you watch it a couple more time again just so that you REALLY see what really happened – then you go off and have dinner!

Do you all understand how corrupt these UMNO Politicians are? Do this. Think what One Million Ringgit can do for you. Saudara they can spend that much money just on cars alone and not blink an eye! Two Miilion Ringgit? That is small change to a Minister  - ANY MINISTER. Let me share with you what I saw with my own eyes in the Ministry of Home Affairs while Radzi Sheikh Ahmad was the Minister.

I was on Level 8, Block D2 just outside the Minister’s office – in the corridors of power where his aides were located…all the various Secretary. In fact I was in the office of one of his Secretary. As we were talking this young Chinese guy walked in – without knocking – walked right up to this ‘Secretary’  - took out a bundle of cash from his pocket and handed it over to the Secretary…all this while I was still carrying on a conversation with the Secretary. They exchanged plesantries and he walked out again. The secretary took out a note book from his drawer and made a notation – looked at me and said he has to keep a record or else he will forget – then carried on with our conversation. Later on he explained to me that this was payment for one of those foreign “Ladies of the night” that had overstayed and wanted to ‘arrange’ for their departure back to their country of origin. He made it clear to me that his department did not do the approvals – that was done by the ‘other’  Minister (not Radzi) and he just kept a percentage of the ‘selesai’ money. At that time if you go to this same Block you will always see a Volvo belonging to an Indian friend of the Minister parked outside the building. He was one of the facilitator for this kind of transaction. He had become a very rich man from this ‘work’ . I left his office in a daze. I did mention this to Radzi…he did nothing!  

And again for the Malaysian Public this is just another story. And life goes on.

Until you the public are able to understand the need for each of us to take concrete action – stand next to each other and tell these bloody UMNO Politicians “NO MORE” ..until you do that they will continue to rob us blind…and until you do I will not stop reminding you all what you must do! You must get up from your slumber and act NOW! Let us keep those bastards honest! For now we focus on bringing the Old Man Home. Have you done your part?


  1. I am sure you have more of these story to tell!, but the truth is, you feel the pain and anger to learn of these corruptions, and theres no end to it!

    It will never end as long as BN is in power. Its their life!

    Are we still too deaf, dumb and blind?

  2. You told the Minister but he did nothing. So what else to do? Report to the police/MACC? - they will also in all probability do nothing. You write in your blog about corruption and the readers read it and they did nothing. They have simply lost trust in the authorities to do anything.

    Bro, I don't mind these people do nothing under the above circumstances BUT one simple powerful thing they can do - don't vote these people to power. But sadly many don't even do this simple thing. Like you said - we are too forgiving and have the tidak apa attitude.

  3. The system is too ingrained.

    We need a shock to correct all of these.

    The best is to bring about the downfall of Barisan Najis at the Federal level and elevate Pakatan up to govt.

    We will have the best of both worlds then. PDUM (Polis Di UMNO Malaysia), MACC, Army, civil service will b watching Pakatan like hawks.

    So no more mismanagement.