Wednesday 21 October 2009

Cakap Cakap ....PPSMI

"Education Minister confirms no
 return to PPSMI policy"

We are not living in isolation from the rest of the world…in as much as UMNO wants it to be so…we are simply unable to live in a vacuum. Speaking for myself I have had my ‘education’ in life by being exposed to life in London and in Australia – academically all I have is an HSC – but from primary school I have been taught in English. That ability to speak understands and communicates in the English language has enabled me to stand at par with the others in the country that I have lived in. I am all for having Bahasa as our national Language but for God sake equips our young so that they will be able to have a fighting chance in life.

Let me be more explicit. “No return to PPSMI” is not going to benefit the Malays – unless keeping the Malays at a disadvantaged is what UMNO wants to do! Think! The Chinese and Indians are not going to be hampered simply because there is no return to PPSMI. They simply go overseas, as they have been doing in the hundreds and thousands. So that leaves the Malays here - until these Malays too must go overseas to be better educated. You do not have to be a Nuclear Physicists to understand what these Malays are going to be up against when they have to compete with others who eat, sleep and communicate in English.

Again we see policies that are specifically design to keep the Malays at a disadvantaged from the other. Policies designed specifically by UMNO that is suppose to champion the Malays. Why is this so? Are better educated Malays a threat to UMNO?

So please this is not a question of a “need to dignify Bahasa Melayu as a national language”. Like the policy of bringing in Malay Pendatangs” - this is another ill concealed attempt by UMNO–this time with that new buzz word “DIGNIFY” – another way in which UMNO will be able to keep the Malays at a disadvantaged – and then UMNO comes charging in on their White Horse to ‘save’ the Malays with a another “Ketuanan Melayu” policy ..only this time it will be to “DIGNIFY” the Melayu race. If you want to give “DIGNITY” to the Malay race try having UMNO leaders who will make a stand against corruption, against greed and against deceit. Try having leaders who will give “DIGNITY” to our country by being leaders for all rather then for just UMNO. How about giving Malay students some self respect when they go overseas for further studies – make sure that have the ability to understand what it is they are being taught and that they are able to communicate with their peers at college or university – and they can do so when they are proficient enough in English!    

They must be able talk in English, read in English, think in English if they are to come back educated to bring dignity to the Malays and to our country. Can’t you figure that out by yourself Mahyuddin? ...or is that priority of keeping the Malays continuously at a disadvantaged necessary to keep UMNO in power?
So please do not talk about “dignifying “ our National language…even if that is the latest buzz word coming out of your Ministry. Think! We Malays have enough on our plate to overcome without you guys in UMNO making it any more difficult for us to go out into the world and compete with others – something we must do if we are ever to regain our “DIGNITY” as a race! But then you talk of “DIGNITY” as if UMNO is full of it! We know what UMNO is full of…and it is certainly not DIGNITY!!       


  1. Sir,

    The successful leader is one who controls the masses and they best way to be a Malay leader is to control and limit their exposure to the world. What better way than to put them under the PPSMI coconut shell?

    You are so right that the non-malays will polish up their English by having extra classes and then venture out into the english-speaking world.

    I hate to say this but our leaders and UMNO delegates are TRULY STUPID.

  2. Change the change we must change!

    The British made us Malaya and did all the things any invader could have done, to enrich England and in a way changed the people of Malaya with the life and the language that had made us lucky to be blessed with English, the then language of the invader, the now language of the universe.

    It is a pity that we had not taken the chance to change while we had had the opportunity to make all our citizen engrossed in the language we were blessed with, with which we had translated our nationalism into the fight for independence, turning the language into the weapon against the one who gave us that language, all in the name of Freedom.

    We had wasted half a century wasting not one but two languages. We had wasted English as much as we had wasted Bahasa Melayu and turning them into useless languages when Bahasa Melayu had not become any victor and English had not become the vanquished.

    When English had changed us for the better, it needed no champions for it is a self propelled language. Bahasa Melayu needs champions from start to finish to have to never reach the finish line.

    The change we must change is not to dream for a great nation for Malaysia is only a small country. We must change to make our nation a small but efficient nation, just like England, a country that is not much bigger than us and that country had once invaded half of the world to spread English and made it a language of the this universe.

  3. Dear HH,

    I like the word 'dignifying' the national language.

    Is it a slogan that he has been toying to compete against '1 Malaysia, people first performance now'. Or just a word that simply rolled out of that slimy tongue.

    If our elected representatives in parliament have been prostituting unashamedly the Malay language by interfacing it with English without even saying "dengan izin", how could we expect the National Language to be dignified.

    If the Malay Language has been systematically mutilated by the intelligent beings in parliament without taking into considerations the effect on the less educated, what on earth the talk about 'dignifying'. Haven't we all heard the saying "kalau bapa kencing berdiri, anak akan kencing berlari" (If the father urinate standing, the children will urinate while running).

    Like it or not, we have to accept the fact that 'genuine' Malay Language is dead. Not even in coma. It is totally unrescueable. Buried by the Malays themselves.

    The only minister who is still carrying the aed electrodes is DS Rais Yatim. Much as I would like to dislike him, especially after his plea to Pak Lah before the last election, "I want one more term", my utmost respect to this man. But it is only as far as his untiring effort to 'DIGNIFY' the Malay language.

    Can one man, who is at the tail end of his political life, resuccitate the 'dead'?

  4. Well if thats what the malays want, so be it. They have demonstrated openly and made lots of complain reason they want to be left behind, live on handout from NEP and do not want to progress.

    This is the path they have chosen and we have to respect their decision.

  5. Well said Bro. But I don't think the UMNO leaders ever care of the majority Malays.

    Almost all top UMNO leaders sent their sons/daughters overseas for education. Some even from O level and A level at private schools before going to UK, US and States for their degrees. Some have 2-3 of them studying overseas at the same time. Mereka ingin mertabatkan B. Melayu?

    How they can afford the expenses on their known legal income is a big question mark which anybody can guess the correct answer. Why not enrol their children in local public U if they say our public U is good? It is also cheaper for them too. Are all of them leading by example? Talk is cheap. It looks more like Melayu tipu Melayu.

    My youngest son starts PPSMI from standard 1. By Form 4 (2012) i.e after learning Maths and Science in English for 9 years, he will be studying Maths and science in B. Melayu for 2 years before pre-U. Is this not ridiculous?

    Almost all UMNO/BN leaders refused to allow their children to attend PLKN. They can easily get waiver. Leadership by example?

    With rampant corruption and abuse of power, wastages, leakages and half past six leaders that are only interested in their own well-being Malaysia is definely going in the wrong direction. Very soon we will be a failed nation.

  6. Pak HH,

    You hit the sweet spot when you asked the question "Are better educated Malays a threat to UMNO?"

    1UMNO's strategy is very simple: Keep the masses (Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Dayaks, etc) stupid and ignorant by denying them the opportunity of learning an international language (English) under the pretext of dignifying Bahasa Melayu. Add in the sweetener for the Malays by lowering the education standards so that every Ibrahim, Hassan and Zulkifli gets scholarships to a local Uni and emerged a few years later with a useless degree whose worth is less that the price of the paper it's printed on.

    1UMNO and its 1BN lapdogs leaders will continue to send their own children overseas for an English education (and enjoy some beer!) so their children can return to 1Malaysia with some splattering of English to continue the 1UMNO-1BN tradition of pillage and rape of the country's resources, supported by the ignorant "no speakee Engleesh" Malaysian masses who continue to vote for 1UMNO-BN.

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  8. Reading this post and the encouraging comments, I recalled what my mother once told me.

    When my father being coaxed by my aunt to put my elder sisters into English school, the kampung folks ridiculed my parents. My aunt was a teacher at the vernacular school in the kampung but insist the neices to be put in English school ogehter with her children.

    Some of the remarks are there's no need to educate the girls in English school. They'll ultimately end up in the kitchen and may turn into infidels because many teachers in English school are from the missionaries.

    That was the mentality in the early 40's and 50's of my kampung. Mind you my elder sister was born in '45, mean same age band with HH. When my sisters succeeded in their job in 60's, then only many come seek opinion from my parent as to what school is best English school for their children.

    Believe it or not, the sons of my aunt that are of the same age band with my sister can recite some verse of the bible pretty well until today. They learned it during their school days. But, are they Christians today ... put it this way, I wouldn't want to argue with them as they are also well-versed with the Qur'an and never missed to perform the rituals required of being Muslims.

    There you go, such a mentality in the late 40's and 50's and now I wonder where are our leaders trying to lead us ... that is to be neither there nor here.

  9. aiyaa, who ? siapa kah going to teach them in our type of inglis !?
    guru2 ah !? ....u must be joking , lu tak tau our inglis standard meh ?

  10. Mamak Mahathir believes strongly in English for our kids education.

    But he chickened when Anwar threw him a RM100.0 million suit. With the duck lawyer Lingam in tow the Judiciary wanted Anwar's suit, which was in English, to be written in Melayu !!!

    -Ular Sawah-