Monday 19 October 2009


If there is any way that I could speak to Chin Peng this is what I will tell him: “I am not against you coming home to Malaysia”. I am not against Chin Peng coming home not because I have forgotten what he has done during the Emergency. I know he has been responsible for many atrocities against many Malaysians. I know that even now he is still a Communist at heart. I know he is a Chinese! He could have chosen to come home immediately after the Peace Treaty signed in 1989 but he chose to stay in exile. I know that there are still many amongst us that have witnessed and experienced terrible times during our war with the CPM. To ask these people to forgive Chin Peng would be like asking us to forgive UMNO. Almost impossible….almost! To ask the Malays to forgive and show compassion to Chin Peng would also be asking much of them. But we need to ask them!

Let us try to do the difficult thing here. Let us start a Peace Movement that has as its goal: “To bring home the Old Man – Chin Peng”. Pure and simple it is to “Bring him Home”. Sans Politics. Sans Race. Sans Religion.

Why do we want to bring him home? Each of us will have our own reason for wanting him home but in truth we do not have many people in our midst that we can truly hold up to be those that are less ordinary. In terms of bravery only one name is in my memory   - WOI (Rtd) Kanang anak Langkau – Malaysian Army’s most decorated hero – a Regimental Sergeant Major of 8 Renjer and recipient of the “Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa”

OBE Awarded to Chin Peng by the British Government( Later withdrawn)

In Chin Peng we have a Malaysian who in years to come will be written of as one Malaysian who did what he thought was the right thing to do to help Malaysia achieve its Independence - whether that was in fighting the British, the Japanese or the Malaysian Government – he did it all! That he did so under very trying conditions deep in the jungles of Malaya and Thailand only lend credence to his to standing as one of our Freedom Fighters. We want this Malaysian to be amongst us in this twilight of his years. We want to listen to what stories that he still has to tell us and we want him to know that when all is done, he can still come home.

Let us start by letting our Government know that this is what we want. There are many ways to do this. To start I suggest we do this in the most passive way. 


Let us start by making this slogan “Bring Him Home” known to as many people as we can. Print this out. Paste it in your house, on your desk at work, stick it on the windscreen of your car, on walls on buildings…anywhere that people can see it. In time they will know whom we want “to bring home”.

Do this using UR1 VR2 . If you believe in this go talk to three others and get them to do what you are doing with the slogan with another three each. You start with three and within a week that will become a 1000 – easy! If we have 10 of us doing it – we have 10,000 in 7 days. We can do this! All we need is to print just three of the slogan each and give it to those that we bring to our side.   

If you can improve on the design of the slogan do so. You do not need to get my agreement – just send one to me so that I know. What is important is the message “BRING HIM HOME” . Two weeks from now we want this slogan to start penetrating the consciousness of the Malaysian Public. If we can start with ten people we can get the critical mass that will guarantee a snowball effect that will not stop by the end of the third week of us starting this. Let us try this. Put this message on your Facebook- in your blogs, emails, sms – in any way you think fit. All that I ask is that you try and keep me inform of what it is that you have done –through my blogs or through steadyaky47. Let us start now! 

If you want ask me why do I want to do this? Then listen very carefully now. I remember the 6th of December very clearly. I was with a dear friend, the late Ismail Mamat – once Political Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture Manan, when we heard that Tunku had passed away. Ismail made some calls and he was told that they were bringing Tunku to his house in Kenny Hill. We immediately headed there. We were in time to receive his body, as we were one of the first few there. As I sat beside Tunku’s body I could see that physically he was a shadow of his old self. How he must have suffered these last few months. Instead of enjoying his last years in retirement he was actively campaigning for Ku Li and against Mahathir in the General Elections just a few month back in October. And I did not do anything to help Tunku in his final battle against a party he helped found, UMNO. Nothing at all. And now he was lying there in front of me. And I could do nothing still.

With Chin Peng he is still with us. So I am resolved that I will try and do something. We must all try and do something. How will we try? Public Opinion. We are the Public.

“Its name is Public Opinion. It is held in reverence. It settles everything. Some think it is the voice of God” Mark Twain.  

If we the Public want Chin Peng to come home then we need to let the Government know. Let us try with UR1 VR2. Shall we? 


  1. Pak HH. I agree with you on this. Chin Peng did sign a peace treaty as a malaysian with the Malaysian Govt and the Govt reneged on its word. This show a govt that cannot be trusted. However at the moment the are too many issues at hand that is of top priority than 'BRING HIM BACK'. We need the UR1 VR2 slogan to constantly remind Malaysians to vote out BN in all elections. UMno must go for Rights to return to Malaysia.

    Note: UR1 VR2 slogan to Bring back CP can be counter productive against our campaign to topple UMno.

  2. Pak HH,

    Before anything please clarify is XRMN M2140 or just XRMN the same person Utuh Paloi Banjar who wrote the story on Chin Peng: Forgive and Forget? I am a bit confuse when Malaysiakini too have the same posting but by Utuh Paloi banjar not XRMN M2140?

  3. In what way can the UR1 VR2 slogan to bring CP back be counter productive? What i am thinking now is to try and test the effectiveness of this UR1 VR2 concept - I do not want to find out later that it is just what it is - A Slogan - we need to be able to 'measure' and quatify its effectiveness in a campaign or on an issue. Would appreciate your further comment on this - any other comment. Regards.

  4. XRMN M2140 - I am not to sure myself because there is another name he uses - let him explain it himself. Sorry FMZam I cannot be certain myself.

  5. we r leaving ....aiyah dun come back pls !

  6. FMZam/HH/XRMN
    The article on Chin Peng - Forgive and Forget by Utuh Paloi Banjar was posted yesterday in Malaysia-Today (not M'kini).

    I too think that XRMN = Utuh Paloi Banjar. Both KD Seri Inderapura articles were there in his blog and if you browse through his "Menyusur Denai Ingatan" postings starting from May09, June09, etc. it will take you to the start his Navy days.

    Anyway, I think the timing @ MT is good. Haha, pening lah kepala Najib, somemore with MCA's issues lagi. Wonder if he can sleep?

  7. Anonymous,

    Thanks, and whatever it is, we better hear it from XRMN.

  8. End of the day, whether we are on or off track in our motivations and aspirations, we are still - and always will be immortal souls temporarily immersed in the melodrama of light and dark, shadow and reality, good and evil. Misguided or ill-conceived though some of our beliefs and opinions may be, each of us ultimately longs to be acknowledged, recognized, applauded, even loved. For a few it may appear as if they have gone too far down the "wrong turn" and will never find their way home. That is not for us to judge, although that doesn't mean we cannot do whatever is within our ability to gently unplug them lest they blow up the universe, causing all of Creation to be reset (what a drag, after 4.5 billion years of terrestrial evolution, to come so near to fulfilling our destiny as a supposedly sentient species... only to succumb to mass psychosis and end up in a limbo of endless despair - a hell of our own making). What I'm saying in a deliberately rambling way is that I acknowledge, recognize, applaud and cherish you, Hussein Hamid, as a man of impeccable conscience, compassion and spiritual streetwisdom. Whether or not Chin Peng gets to see his homeland again, or if his wish to be buried in Sitiawan is granted, your thoughts and feelings on this are deeply appreciated. Let's look upon each other as fellow humans - not as capitalist, communist, atheist, monotheist, polytheist or terrorist.
    Those are only positions we have opted to take, or roles we have chosen to play. 1ness is a unity, not unanimity; and unity is plural, not singular.

  9. 1.Is Chin Peng a Malaysian?

    2.The Al-Maunah people were sentenced to death.

    3.Will he be charged in a court of law same as above?

    4.Do you want him to be charged of treason and waging war against DYMM Agong?

    5.What do you say to the widows, children, disable war veterans & citizens who lost their love ones?

  10. I agree with what you say here, Hussein. We need to bring him home. Forgiveness is freeing, and in bringing him home, another door in our collective hearts is unlocked, and our souls set free.

    I also agree with Antares. Rambling he may be ;) but the message is clear. His coming home is indeed acknowledgement of our '1ness' - to steal his term - and no sloganing and posturing could say it better.

    I remember when that Mat Top was killed in Indonesia, our Home Minister said we could have brought him home and rehabilitated him. I'll not comment on that - but, if we could consider bringing Mat Top home, why not Chin Peng?

  11. Is Chin Peng a Malaysian?
    Yes he took the pledge after the Peace Treaty was signed as a Malaysian Citizen - and that was accepted by the authorities then.

    The Al- Maunah people were sentenced to death. So was Sadam Hussein. So was Mona Fandy - Is the world the better for it? Has the killing stop? Is Iraq at peace with itself?

    What charges has Chin Peng to answer? For treason to DYMM the Agong? All was resolved with the Peace Treat signed between the CPM, Thailand and Malaysia.

    For the widows and children of those who died? They will have to work that out themselves - all I know is that we have to move on with life - we do not forget but we must try to forgive or be forever be tied to the past.

    This is about compassion and forgiveness. This is about being able to accept that in the final analysis - if we believe in God - then HE will do what needs to be done. We humans are only here to do HIS biddings...and being forgiving is one of HIS biddings - is it not?





  13. To lone ranger,

    Is Chin Peng a Malaysian? So are Tunku, Mahathir, you and all citizen of Malaysia, if that will this government happy.

    The Al-Maunah people were sentenced to death. Al-Maunah people were sentenced to death because this government needed to make a hero out of one zero general.

    Will he be charged in a court of law same as above? When will this government decide on what charge to charge anyone fighting in a war? fighting against the invading British? fighting against the invading Japanese? fighting for independence?

    Do you want him to be charged of treason and waging war against DYMM Agong? First, Agong wasn't even there, second, The Agong of England even bestowed him with a gallantry award.

    What do you say to the widows, children, disable war veterans & citizens who lost their love ones? What do you say to those loved ones of the dead, the maimed, the widowed people of the Bali bombing?

    If there is anyone citizen of Malaysia who wishes to be a TERRORIST, he must be like Nordin Mat Top to be accommodated by this government as a martyr of Malaysia?

    When is blood for blood going to stop?

    "One man's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter". Full stop.

  14. lone ranger

    what have you to say of the people that died in 13th may 1969?

    why no charges till this day after 40 years and no white paper

    who is to be blamed?

    answer that first...becos of what?

    where is the truth and justice if you care to shed us some light....

    waiting and waiting and waiting,.....

  15. “Its name is Public Opinion. It is held in reverence. It settles everything. Some think it is the voice of God” Mark Twain.

    In the name of public opinion, which opinion is public and which public is public? It is just like god, whose god is god?

    If we wait until our opinion on Chin Peng becomes public opinion, Chin Peng will have to die a thousand deaths before he can return home.

    The point is not to welcome him home, the point is, this is his home, he must not have to wait for us to welcome him home, he must take home his own self himself and leave the rest to god, to his god and to the god of the people who pray him home.

  16. Chin Peng is just an ordinary old man after he signed the peace treaty with the Malayisian government.

    Just bring him home and let him go to the Tugu Negara to pay a tribute to our fallen soldiers and start afresh.

  17. Chin Peng is just an ordinary old man after he signed the peace treaty with the Malayisian government.

    Just bring him home and let him go to the Tugu Negara to pay a tribute to our fallen soldiers and start afresh.

  18. Pak HH. PR should its utmost best to retain GE12 supporters, increase on this support by roping in more fence sitters,rural voters, young voteres and even BN supporters. If PR try To raise this slogan 'Bring Him Home' , the BN spin medias will spin at their fastest speed over and over again even outdoing superman. We will than lose our rural voters and most voters who read the MSM...this is why I analyse as counter productive.

  19. How dangerous is this Chin Peng and his army?

    In the 1978 to 1981, a group of about 30 communists were killed near Bentong who were led by Wong Ngau. Wong Ngau together with his 2 brothers and wife were killed too. I heard that they joined the communist out of frustrations because their illegal lands were taken by the government in Raub.
    How they fought? They just tried to hide away from the soldiers and tried to get foods from outside. I never heard any shoot out, except his deadly ambush by the soldiers.

    Now Chin Peng had laid down his weapon years and signed a peace treaty. He is getting older each year. Let him come home and die here.

    Pak HH, I think you should know about this ambush since you might still in Pahang ,then.

  20. Anthony Mus,

    If Chin Peng were to win his war, he would have wanted to build a well armed and well organized army to defeat the Commonwealth Forces, that was what he had to face not just the British Forces, but Commonwealth. So he started with all he had and used the strategies and tactics of poor man's army against the rich man's army - the gruelling long popular war known as guerrilla war. He only failed in making it a popular war and the British had good commanders in their High Commissioners in winning the hearts and minds of the people better than Chin Peng could have done with his fear tactics.

    But it was war where sometimes you win and lose battles but not the war. The war went on with casualties on both sides until it was declared over in an armistice day.

    Need not say more about this war. Chin Peng has spent 41 years of his life, more than half his life, in the jungle fighting for a cause he believes. That is already a punishment for him if we all know what is the meaning of forgiving.

  21. I served the Malaysian Army for 31 years. My personal view on the issue is that in any war there will always be collateral damage. Our 'war' against the CPM shouldn't be treated differently.

    For those who joined the Armed Forces voluntarily, you should not make any fuss about being maimed or even killed. We know what we were in for.

    Chin Peng is just another Chapter in our history. What are we afraid of? BRING HIM BACK, if that is his wish.

  22. I remember when that Mat Top was killed in Indonesia, our Home Minister said we could have brought him home and rehabilitated him. I'll not comment on that - but, if we could consider bringing Mat Top home, why not Chin Peng?

    Monday, October 19, 2009 11:09:00 AM CST

    What do we expect from racist UMNO? This campaign would not arise if Chin Peng is a Malay.

  23. Yes, as Naksam said...what are we afraid of??? By letting him home, you think he is going to wedge another war? There are much worse people among us who probably should have been banished for what they did to this country. What harm would an old man do to the country now? Shake yourself out of your racist skin and accord some compassion to this man. BRING HIM HOME!

  24. How come this racist UMNO regime can forgive the Japanese and not the communists?

    The Japanese slaughtered thousands of people (civilians & soldiers) in Malaya during their occupation from 1942 - 1945. Yet, the UMNO regime courted them for everything; from trade to learning from them (the Look East Policy).

    Why the double standard?

  25. I cannot claim to understand the pain of those who lost their loved ones in the CPM days. It will take them a lot of courage to forgive but it's time to move on.


  26. When we can treat Mat Top with so much misplaced relevance if not reverence, why can’t those corrupt politicians stick to plundering the rakyat and leave history to judge Chin Peng.

    I don’t think Chin Peng is asking for any recognition for his role in the fight against the British to remove their yoke on the Malayans. For those who have read or heard of Spencer Chapman’s excellent account in "The Jungle is Neutral" may see Chin Peng in different informed light. Chin Peng only turned his guns against the British when he recognized that the British was merely making use of Force 136 to make a return to this country and continued to rape the economy of this country. This recount of Force 136 and its role in fighting the Japanese, will make those aware of this part of our Malayan history will judge Chin Peng as being a part of the process where Malaysians are striving to make this beautiful land a land of the free and a land where all Malaysians can have a small place under the sun.



    Chin Peng is not asking for forgiveness. You are right Pak HH, we cannot forget that the atrocities committed against the Malayan people was done when Chin Peng was at the helm of the CPM.