Monday 26 October 2009

SABAH – “No way in Hell will I have Jeffrey as Chief” …betul ka ni?

Re: People Parliment article "The End Days of PKR in Sabah".   
Quote : "My source who was at the meeting at Merchant Square today said Anwar made it clear at the meeting that he was not going to have any of this. “No way in hell will I have Jeffrey as chief”, Anwar is reported to have blasted. Anwar, it seems, is determined to see a Muslim lead PKR in Sabah because, it is said, he insists that Muslims make up the majority in Sabah.”
Steadyaku47 comments:                                                                         I do not as a rule read other blogs. Just MT2Day , The Malaysian Insider  and maybe some Local Media – just to keep myself current. This morning one of my friends, KS, sent me Harris posting ‘The End Days of PKR in Sabah” and asked for my comments.  So comment I will - and i do so with the intention of putting the record right - as I know it -with apologies to Harris.
With all due respect to Harris I have known Anwar for over 50 years. I have yet to hear him use that “HELL” word even once. Not even when he speaks of Mahathir or UMNO! I am sure his close associates will vouch for this claim of mine. So I can say with conviction that he did not say, “No way in hell will I have Jeffrey as chief”,
Now as to whether he will have Jeffrey as ‘Chief’ – is this the same Jeffrey as below:
He is known to be a controversial politician, having been detained under the infamous Internal Security Act on suspicion of plotting to secede Sabah from the federation of Malaysia. He is also known to have switched political parties a number of times, being a former member of Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS), Parti Angkatan Keadilan Rakyat (AKAR Bersatu), and United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (UPKO). In 2003, he applied to join the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) but his application was rejected.
He is currently the Vice President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat.
In the Malaysian General Election 2008, he challenged his brother Joseph Pairin from Barisan Nasional-Parti Bersatu Sabah at the Keningau Parliamentary Constituency, but lost.
If he is then it is not only in Peninsular Malaysia that we are burden with one katak call “Ibrahim Ali’ but there is also one in Sabah. Now if my common sense dictates that I will not want this Ibrahim Ali to be on my team when I am going against another team call UMNO – why would anybody want Jeffry to lead any team against UMNO? You would need to be a moron to trust this guy with anything, much less the future of Pakatan Rakyat! And I know Anwar is not one! You need Jeffri like you would need a hole in your head. 
Another quote from Harris article:
“In a fax message addressed to PKR president Wan Azizah, 14 Sabah PKR division chiefs put their signatures to this message, naming just one man as their choice to lead PKR Sabah.
Keningau division chief, Datuk Dr. Jeffery Kitingan, is the choice of the strongest PKR divisions in Sabah”.
Again I beg to differ. My credible sources indicated that more divisional heads support Ahmad Thamrin Hj Zaini (letters duly signed) compared to Jeffri (letters by Fax).  All these letters (duly signed for Thiamin and faxed for Jeffri) were tabled at the meeting.  Thamrin is aligned to Jeffri’s camp and was the Secretary to the Keadilan State Committee.

Another quote from Harris article:
“Azmin’s out. The PKR division chiefs have made it clear that he’s not wanted”. There really is no need to malign Azmin. His mandate by Biro Politik Keadilan ends in October. Ditto for Mustafa Kamil in Sarawak!
Another quote:
“Anwar, it seems, is determined to see a Muslim lead PKR in Sabah because, it is said, he insists that Muslims make up the majority in Sabah”.                       This is a most pathetic assumption to say that no Muslim is eligible. That all Muslims are deemed to be racists. I see this as a trend among those pseudo intellectuals, clearly with no roots in their own culture and tradition. Do they have any idea what impression the Sabah Muslims  has of Jeffri?...and well deserved too if I may add!
Enough said for now. What I have said above are based on facts that will be borne out in the time to come. As to what transpired when Anwar was in UMNO  and with Mahathir I will leave it to Anwar himself to tell us. Time will reveal all that we need to know. After all we must leave Anwar with some things to tell when he does get to writting his memoirs! 


  1. Forget Jeffrey, Thamrin is the new Sabah PKR chief now, but don't write off Jeffrey yet he is going to poison all PKR members to the grassroot. Anwar should have left Sabah's PKR to its own people to run. Azmin was Anwar's blunder and now Anwar is reinforcing failure by installing Thamrin.

    Why the "hell" in the first place Anwar must dictate religion as the basis for selection, that is more damaging to hurting the trust of supporters of other religions except Islam, after all PKR is not another PAS or UMNO, and Anwar is not that religious anyway?

    Now Anwar has to do more than just installing that his car is fully laden with another passenger without any driver.

  2. Sabah PKR intention of putting the Central PKR leaders at ransom will backfire. Sabah UMNO must be smiling happily with Sabah PKR greed and stupidity. Even before PR take over Sabah, already they are bickering among themselves. Shame on you PKR Sabah.

  3. The end state is CHANGE. SO IT IS NOT ANWAR, LKS AND TG Hadi so what?
    We, the people must do it and unless we the people love to be bullied by the liar, robber, pirate and idiot UMNO moron!!!
    So, I am saying it again and let us put it in our head and the mindset must change and We, the people want CHANGE.

  4. Yes forget Jeffrey, he's joining his brother by year's end. With him out then, PKR Sabah will breath relief as he's been a thorn ever since. To Jefferey, only a Kadazan can lead Sabah and that Kadazan fellow must be him.
    Thamrin, who has been loyal to the reformasi cause since 1998 is known for his committment. What left is whether he can lead PKR Sabah, and I think he can..
    Take care Thamrin.

  5. Well, i will says is good for Datuk Dr Jeffery not to be chief in Sabah. This is the best way to Datuk Dr Jeffery can form new party for Sabahan Party to take the Sabah state. We don't want the federal people using sabahan people for using their politic matter and support them, then the federal people doesn't want give what we want.... Latsly i supported Datuk Dr Jeffery to left PKR.... Hidup Datuk Dr Jeffery....Regerad from Sabah People In Kuala Lumpur.....

  6. It is always a big challenge to pick a leader in a multi-ethnic environment esp many malaysian walk along communal tracks for a long time. Perhaps we should all learn from India. When Sonia Gandhi refused to be India prime minister for fear of political repercussion for being an "outsider", the ruling party decided among themselves to pick the best man for the job. Dr Manmohan Singh - a sikh was picked among the majority Hindu. Now India an world economic powerhouse !
    When can we ever learn ?