Saturday 24 October 2009

The Malays & UMNO

I come from a privilege background. I say this without arrogance. It is simply a fact of life. I can recall very vividly when that realization came into my conciousness. We – that being my father and four of us – his children with wives and children in tow – were on our way to our favorite destination – Widuri – my Father’s 44’ De Fever Cruiser waiting for us at the Selangor Yacht Club in Port Kelang. We were in three cars  - all 7 Series BMW’s  - one behind the other – and arrived at the Yacht Club at about 11am. There we disembarked and headed for Widuri…..and then it hit me. Three 7 Series BMW – with helpers everywhere carrying our bags and the provision that we will need for the weekend stay on board Widuri - walking toward the boat which was worth over one million ringgit.  Looking at all this around me it suddenly dawned upon me that my father had money. Money that he had worked hard to get using all his connections and all the advantages that a Malay with the right connections would have at that point of time. But it was his Widuri, his 7 Series his business and his money. We were very aware of it.

With the Chinese it usually take about three generations for whatever money that has been made to be gone – wasted away.  The Malays – just one generation!  In my family all that is left of what my Father built up is the boat and my father’s Sebena Cove unit where the boat is berthed. Both in the hands of my youngest brother Dato Doctor Zainal - Cardiologist and Personal Physician to Mahathir for as along as I can remember. It is in his hands because when my Father passed away Zainal had the presence of mind to take what he could for himself. Good for him but not too good for my sister or me.

Now my question is this. How did this youngest brother of mine beget that presence of mind to do something so underhanded and devious to his own brothers and sister? First he had to wrestle control of my Father’s banking account from my sister – who had always been trusted by my Father as a signatory to his accounts. Then he had to keep people away from my Father who was dying of cancer – including my sister! Then when my father passed away he had courage to not inform me – did what he had to do to get all monies from my father’s bank accounts and legally transferred my father’s business to himself – and then cash out. Then he sat back and enjoyed the proceeds of his efforts.! No business  - just wasted all the money away in ‘investments’ and living the good life.

But I have moved on. Now in hindsight I can only say that I did not really know my own brother. Neither did my father. This is no common criminal. He is a cardiologist – physician to the Prime Minister  - A bumiputra with everything going for him – and yet he will still take that which does not belong to him.

There are many Malays like him who have allowed avarice and a liking of the good things in life to cloud their judgment in doing what is right. If truth be told I myself would not know what I would have done if I was in his position – all the money, the Boat, the Jaguar the houses. I still do not know what I would have done but I know what Zainal did!

I have met many Malays who, within less then one generation, came into richness way beyond their wildest dream. How do you adjust from driving a beat up old Mercedes to being able to get (not afford but able to get!) a Range Rover and the latest Mini Cooper –complete with a driver and machai riding shotgun with you everywhere you go? Then he have to take a crash course on how to play Golf  - when before a game of Sepak Takraw would be his means of relaxation over the weekend! Five Star Hotels are now his play ground. Cigars,  High Tea a bit of the hard stuff every night. …All par for the course for these so-called shakers and movers from UMNO. Their families are left at the starting point. No way can the wife or children adjust. Soon he starts with his late nights, outstation trips and even goes off to Perth for Golf – always with a sweet young thing in tow or stash away at some condominium in Bagsar or Damansara.

All this looks good on the surface. A Malay enjoying the good life because he is a loyal servant of UMNO. But his strength is because he is a ‘sahabat’ of Pak Lah. What happens when Najib took over? This Malays goes back to his beat up old Mercedes because his Range Rover and Mini Cooper were repossessed (they cost over $6000 per month on the never never – five years hire purchase arrangements!) Then he is again reduced to begging for scraps and running errands now for Najib’s sahabats. And this vicious circle continues to trap many Malays into a never-ending search for easy money and the good life  - but without the ability to hang on to it.

What of UMNO’s leaders now ruling our country? What of them? I see spoilt brats brought up in luxury and the good life becoming spoilt Ministers lacking compassion and depth. Without the ability to emphasize or sympathize with those that they are lord over. And they take the role of being Lord literally. Look at Din – a classic nerd or geek in his young days. Now by a freak of birth and happy circumstance – he is a Minister. A Minister without ability and compassion – unable to understand that he is in Public Service – and his duty is to serve – not wave a Keris in the air or throw his weight around bullying people who cannot fight back. A sad excuse for a human being.

Najib and Rosmah have money. They now want power and more money – and they go about getting both unashamedly without reservations or respect for morals or decency.  The public see these leaders as thieves and liars and this self fulfilling prophecy is further enhanced by their actions. We know what they do. Time cannot keep secrets. Time will tell us all what was done during the era of Mahathir, Abdullah and Najib.  

How long will UMNO continue to curse the Malays with their way of doing things? Malays unable to cope with the massive influx of wealth, families’ wreck asunder, husbands taking mistresses and girlfriends?  In the end this will spell the end of UMNO and also the end of many Malays unable to understand any other way of life then what they have been taught to do under UMNO.

The very rich in UMNO will have enough to last for two or three generations of their family. For 90% of UMNO the fall of UMNO will create much pain and sufferings. So wait for an orgy of money politics as UMNO rides into the sunset at the next General Elections. They will all try for that one big Negotiated Tender or Project that will hopefully keep them and their family going until UMNO makes a comeback. If UMNO does not then they go back to their beat up old Mercedes Benz and dream of their glory days when UMNO’s President was King. Let us hope that Anwar has seen enough of this while he was in UMNO to not repeat the same mistakes with Pakatan Rakyat. Or is that too much to hope for from Politicians?           


  1. It is unsustainable, agreed 110%.

    The only question is will Malaysia burn down together with UMNO or can our country rescue herself from the brink by bringing down UMNO>

    Remember, 49% of the country, for reasons best known to themselves, still vote for UMNO and Barisan Najis.

    Abd this was during the peak of the anti-UMNO movement , ie PRU 12.

    With all the Pakatan shee-na-nigans going on , I am not sure Pakatan can hold it together till PRU 13.


  2. Sir,

    Many educated people still could not differentiate between basic rights and wrongs.

    This happens across all races and religions.

    I just don't understand why?



  5. You said it all. How is it that our politicians are so thick face that they don't feel any shame, literally stealing from us and so openly. The worst thing is that they have the cheek to go after the opposition even with trump-up charges and for a tiny fraction of what they themselves steal from us. I just hope they they will go straight to hell when they expire from this world. And may their families be cursed by their dishonesty.

  6. The proverbs 'easy come easy go' dont appear just like that. It is what humans have gone through for the proverbs to be concocted. If you get things the easy way, you will lose it the easy way also because you will not treasure anything you have'nt worked hard for.

  7. Many people said mahathir is very rich!!!. However I have a friend who say Mahathir is the poorest in malaysia because he stole from the poor Malaysians....likewise can be said of other BN/UMno leaders who stole from the poor.

  8. About siblings: I always say that they are biological accidents. Just because we share the same parents, and were brought up in the same household does not make us the same. Your brother is a case in point. My sisters offer another. Enuf said.

    About being rich, richer, richest: it is apparent that some of us need more money than others; and we'll do anything to get it. Selling our souls seems too easy an option.

    I often wonder: How much is enough?

    I think of big-house Zakaria, and big-AP guy Naza. Both died young; too young by our very own stats. Perhaps proof enough that not knowing when you've hit 'too much' could be terrifically unhealthy?

  9. I like to defer a little bit. It is not all about UMNO goons that get richer by the day.

    For Malays to become rich they have to prostituted themselves into politics. Especially to political parties that have strong Malay influence like UMNO , PKR and even PAS.

    If ever PKR or PAS were to rule this country, the people in these parties are no different from UMNO. After all if you care to check the Who's Who in PKR and PAS..they are all from UMNO before. Starting from Anwar Ibrahim of course..

    Once a Thief forever be a Thief

  10. Malays no matter where they belong or assocaited with. be it UMNO, PKR or PAS..they ALL the same. They gain instant wealth and power via Politics and not through Blood Sweat and Tears !!

    The Malays that sweat it out but not politically associated or inclined WILL NEVER be able the wealth and richness of those that are strongly lunk3ed to the political parties.

    So for those malays that only condemn UMNo..please do not be a HYPOCRITES..,

    Remember..birds of feather flocks together.

  11. At least one Malay has spoken the truth about UMNO. I on the other hand has decided to leave the country for good. It is going to the dogs.

  12. How long more can the country's minority races work hard to support the majority race who mainly ejoy the good life without blood, sweat n tears? When all countries around us are making progressive leaps, UMNO govt is still mired in proteccting the rights of the majority. What irony!

  13. You want to know why many "educated" people still could not differetiate right and wrongs? take a look at our educational system, it's self-explainatory. although looking at it from a 3rd person point of view is different, read it yourself every single word of the KBSM textbook. then you'll know

  14. Congratulation that you realised the long term negative impact of what UMNO is doing - good at feeding the members but stop short of teaching them how to fish for themselves.

    A day will come shortly when the bubble bursts and more people will wake up and realise the emptiness before them.

    So wake up and school yourself to acquiring the surviving skills. Pride that you are different from the UMNO lackeys whose life hangs on the puppet's string of the pampered leaders.

  15. How poetic to highlight the facts of life under UMNO. Could this be out of anger that he is not one of them???Whatever, I don't care. I fancy his take on removing UMNO at the next GE.

  16. I think that you may have been kept out of the loop. The boat widuri is no more and since then another boat has taken its place, called Sinaran. The apartment and the boat I believe is registered to a company called Zeta Baru or Zeta Jaya. From what I gathered from the old timers, Widuri was never berthed in Sebana, only Sinaran. Just thought you should know. Cheers.

  17. Yes I do know about Sinaran and you got your facts right about Zeta Jaya too...tqs.

  18. It is always a problem with money, too much or too little of it may bring dissatisfaction.

    If you have tasted the 'good life' before,then when you dont have it you are embroiled in hate.

    Do you really think money makes you happy? Do you think your brother is happy, knowing that what he has done?

    If I were you don't envy him. I am sure he is drown in his own sorrows, for those things he has done which he could not tell anyone. He will not sleep well at night and he knows that every Ringgit he spend is not his.

    One more consolation, he will rot in hell for eternity...and that's a very, very long time.

    Do not be angry as anger will consume you.

    Do not envy him as there are many more people who are less fortunate than you.

    Be at peace with yourself and you will see the light of wisdom.

    God Bless You.

  19. Education system here teaches the citizens to obey but not to think so that they are always the followers of the mighty politicians who carry on their power transaction thtough generations to protect their wealth & to rob more from the obedient citizens whose brains are not be trained to think innovatively & logically for a change. Sibblings of politicians are mostly educated overseas and incuclated with better EQ through the democractic system so that they are the future leaders when their daddy or mummy retired from ploitics. Well, corruption is a norm for all level of works and is functioning efficiently in the government system that we are now not better but worse than Indonesia though polticians always claim that we are not far from Singapore and will be a developed country in 2020! But why 300,000 local citizens migrated for good in less than 12 months? Is the moon in other ocuntry looks more beautuful, bright & round than in here? Many are losing hope and we don't want to be maids in ASEAN or other countries earning revenue for the family & country in another few years time especially when the petroleum or crude oil runs dry!Has the Politicians draw a blue print or master plan to encounter such risk? Not that we heard off instead repeatingly hearing the same old stories of syphoning rakayt's money into their own coffer but MAAC does nothing rather than becoming a machai for them & to protect their wealth instead of confiscating it and plough back to the rakyat for good! Can Malasians wake up now and start stimulating and triggering our brain to think seriously for the futrue of our country and our generations to come if we are to stay back. Or we are wating for the so called 2012 ending!?

  20. Who can be sure that the Malays in Pakatan are not the same as those in UMNO? As far as I know, the Malays in Pakatan are those who were not able to get "anything" from UMNO, thus they are against UMNO now with the hope to get what they want in Pakatan.
    However, they will still leave Pakatan if they also can't get what they want in Pakatan. It is obvious by looking at those who have resigned from Keadilan recently because they were not able to get what they wanted prior joining Keadilan.
    Sadly to say, even the Indian, Chinese and Kadazandusun (look at Jeffrey Kitingan) also the same in Pakatan. This is what we call politic, I guess.
    Frankly, I am also not sure if I am going to vote for Pakatan in the next election by looking at the contradictins and conflicts amonng the parties, especially DAP and PAS.

  21. Whether or not Pakatan still remains for the next general election, whether or not Anwar is still the opposition leader we must still vote for the oppositions as continue voting for BN is equivalent to approving their corruptions and wrong doings.

    United we must, regardless of race to save Malaysia our beloved mother land from the hands of dirty politicians! God Bless...