Thursday 22 October 2009

The Old Man....ArshadRaji a comment.

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21 October 2009 3:29:54 PM
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Dear HH,

Politics aside, you have to understand the sentiments of the soldiers who fought the Malayan Emergency and the Communist Insurgency. Many of their friends have died, wives widowed, children left without a father, soldiers maimed for life. I saw my soldier die in front of my eyes; an unforgivable sight.
Civilians who have not fought will see it differently, but not we soldiers.


  1. Politics aside Dato, are we still at war with the communists or you are waging your personal war with one communist?

  2. Dear Dato,
    I understand your sentiment. But why Chin Peng the only one not allowed to come home? Japanese too tortured the women and men got killed. Why was there still "Look East Policy" emulating the Japanese? We can forgive a foreigner but we keep torturing (mentally)our own people? There was agreement signed but why break it? What sort of excuses denying him from coming in - a proof of him being a Malaysian? Someone talked about A Life is a Life for a dead person but such statement doesn't apply to a very much alive person, how irony???