Sunday 25 October 2009

Reasons why YOU should join UMNO.

Reasons why you should join UMNO.

Two words: Money Politics!

If you are married you can still be very generous with your girlfriend or mistress by giving them “Satu Lagi Projek Barisan Nasional”

If you ever go to Washington on Government Service you can go ‘Raba Raba’ with an expert.

Sometimes you simply feel like doing something stupid or idiotic for laughs!

You can lie.

You can cheat.

If you are not accepted by MIC because your name is Azeeeeeez or Mahathir or  – you can still join UMNO.

Thanks to the Internet you can easily find out what your President and other Supreme Members of UMNO have been doing – legally and illegally before and during their term of office.

You can legally claim that you and Isa Samad are in the same Party.

If you do not like to be in the same party with Chinese and Indians  -you are in the right party.

Mahathir is no longer President.

You can carry a Kris to work.

When you get to be a Supreme Council Member you can play Monopoly with real money.

UMNO is an equal opportunity party. If you are corrupt, a liar, a womanizer or an accessory to a murder – you can still get to become President of UMNO.

During the General assembly you get free food, free accommodations, free gifts and pocket money.

You can look the Malays in the eye and say that UMNO is championing the Malays – because you are a Malay!

You can go to PWTC – Party Headquarters and impress people that you are going to a five star hotel by entering through the Five Star hotel entrance.

The phrase “Tiada Maaf Bagi mu” does not exists in the UMNO Disciplinary Board vocabulary.

You never need to worry about Loan Repayment. When you owe RM1 Billion it is the Bank that worry.

If you want to rid yourself of a young Mongolian model you can get the UTK to do it for you.

If you get arrested, the Police, the AG and the CJ are all “orang kita’.

If you are an idiot – you are in good company.

steadyaku47  comment: 
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  1. I have no more than only one reason - to take Rosmah away from Najib and cleanse UMNO!

  2. Melayu itu UMNO, UMNO itu Melayu so if you want to be Melayu join UMNO and you have the power of Ketuanan Melayu.
    Just like those of many Melayu UMNO and just like that!!!

  3. The number one reason for one to join UMNO.

    -> So that you can also teach your children the concept of racism and have them grow up being a racist!


  4. Majority of UMno members are not good in english..that is reading, writing and understanding 'U Money No One (UMNO), no masuk UMno??'...meaning in complete english 'You dont want money, dont join UMno'

  5. Frankly speaking, UMNO is a strong will party, no other political party in Malaysia has a political will so strong as UMNO, even PAS is not even half of UMNO and the whole of Pakatan is simply no match for UMNO. So strong is UMNO even the breakdown in MCA and MIC, their main associates, had not caused UMNO any rift other than minor cuts and bruises that made their willpower grow even stronger.

    Just what is or are the fibers that made UMNO's will so strong? What is the core that made UMNO's spirit a fighting spirit? What are the causes that UMNO has that give them the will to fight and the persistence to survive and exist, that had enabled them to withstand onslaughts from their external enemies and crush internal threats so well for so long?

    Never mind their associate partners in other parties that build the ruling coalition for they all are more dependent on UMNO to co-exist rather than UMNO to need them to stand alone formidably.

    UMNO is so dense that its powerful gravitational pull is the core attraction that made the Planet BN. So powerful is UMNO that all its component elements cannot breakaway from BN's planetary system.

    What is of Pakatan? PAS is no more than just a religious UMNO, PKR is a splinter fraction of UMNO and DAP is a spent force of PAP. It will take ages before they all can be evolved into a full blooded planet to be inhabitable to all Malaysians.

    While BN is not a dying planet, Pakatan has not the will to be a new planet other than the will to be an asteroid to strike a deep impact on BN.

    The people of Malaysia do not want Pakatan to forever be nothing more than just a good opposition. So Pakatan please stop behaving like children otherwise we will give our votes to UMNO and let BN be our STEPFATHER!

  6. Politicians throughout history have tried to solve every problem conceivable to man, always failing to recognize that many of the problems we face result from previous so-called political solutions. Government cannot be the answer to every human ill. Continuing to view more government as the solution to problems will only make matters worse.

    Believing we have perfect knowledge of God’s will, and believing government can manage our lives and world affairs, have caused a great deal of problems for man over the ages. When these two elements are combined they become especially dangerous.

    Liberty, by contrast, removes power from government and allows total freedom of choice in pursuing one’s religious beliefs. The only solution to controlling political violence is to prohibit the use of force to pursue religious goals and reject government authority to mold the behavior of individuals.

  7. Kepada Sunwayopal, tak semua ahli UMNO atau orang melayu bersikap rasis.

  8. UMNO...bole gie mamposss!!!...aku nak tambah lagi reason utk join UMNO.....

    jika anda kontraktor...dan ahli UMNO....bole dpt projek....

    jika tak mau keje kuat...hanya nak buat keje melobi bermodalkan air liur...maka UMNO mmg parti yg sesuai utk anda.....

    selamat mati UMNO!!!

  9. apa ada pada parti jika parti dgn "Parti Sex" dah tak bole dibezakan..

    silap2 kalo letak beruk bertanding atas nama UMNO/BN...berok pon boleh menang....bodonya kite ni....