Monday 26 October 2009

COME HOME RPK, SAYS FRIEND...steady lah Megat!

Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas asked Raja Petra to come home and face the music. Answer the charges he said and allow the law to run its course. He says he is concerned about RPK’s well being. Well Megat I suggest that you first have a look at this image.

 Yes it is that of another Budak Kolej. Just a few weeks before that picture was taken he was Deputy Prime Minister of our country. No less a person then the Inspector General of Police did that to him when that Budak Kolej was blindfolded, handcuffed and not able to defend himself. 

And then there was Kugan. Then Teoh Beng Hock. All dead. I will not go into innuendos and start accusing the police of doing this and that. The three incidents that I mentioned are done deals.

Now about my personal experience with the Police. My General Manager divert a $30K payment from KDN due to me to an account he had control over. I made a Police Report and was asked to be at IPK Selangor at 8am on a Sunday. I was kept waiting for 90 minutes and then called in by an ASP (busy having his breakfast) who then proceeded to tell me why it would be very difficult for me to get anywhere with a CBT case….all the time smirking at me and testing my patience to its limits. When for the third time he suggested that I should go and selesai with my General Manager rather then expect the Police to do anything I had enough of what it was he was dishing out to me. I took out my hand phone and called Dato Hairruddin (He was Director of Commercial Crime – who I knew personally but did not want to bother over so trivial a matter) and when I got Dato said hello and told Dato that I was at IPK Selangor speaking to one of his officer on a problem I had – and that his officer will explain what the problem was. And I handed the phone over to that bloody ASP. I am not certain if he wet his pants but he called me Tuan from then on! Suffice to say that that ASP made my GM understand that if he did not give me back my money he would end up in jail that very day. I got my money back!    

That Megat, is how the Police work. Now you have also offered safe passage to anybody who have evidence of corruption in UMNO to meet with MACC and you have guaranteed that he or she will be unharmed and that MACC will do the necessary to follow up on any evidence they have.

Megat you must be living in a dream world. Why don’t you go talk to someone who has actually been through the ISA process and get some idea of what they have been through. Any leader within the opposition will do! And ask them if they will ask RPK to submit himself to the mercy of the Police or worse the Judiciary that we now have in this country. And while you are at it just make sure that you do not run foul of the powers that be – less they start thinking that you too are a threat to society and to themselves.

Come on Megat – go do your business – make your money and leave the business of keeping the bustards in UMNO honest to those who are prepared to walk the talk...and I am not one of them. I am safe here in Adelaide. The bastards cannot touch me!

Or have they got you too by the balls too ……and making you do their bidding? God knows what skeletons you have in your cupboard!


  1. Pak,

    You wack them well, this megat fellla, is another UMNO bastard

  2. If you read RPKs latest post, this Megat is working with Ku Li faction in UMNO ?


  3. Just read RPK post - we have to understand that megat is a businessman FIRST. He has done well for himself - he was close with Pak Lah, close to Najib...close to who ever he needs to be close to - so that he can carry on with his business with the least problems.... but now days it seems that having got the Tan Sri..he is becoming a bit more ambitious...good luck to him.

  4. This Megat is such a joker !! trust the police??? look what happened to Kugan and TBH...all ended up dead !!


  5. Hmmm ... ada juga budak koleg yang ngak waras.

    How he call friend or brother yet trying put the later into a lion den :)

  6. you got cable and you got your money, we rakyat got no cable and we have to contend with the PDRM's advice.

  7. he claimed to be his friend..and cost of living overseas is expensive..cant he write a cheque say 500,000 aus n just shut up...put yr money where the mouth is..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. RPK really 'taroh' his good fren Megat well in his post. Megat should know well how is RPK but instead he wanna look good to the rest of the world, especially to Najib his boss la.

    A clown is always a clown no matter what.

  9. Like they say, "with a friend like that who needs an enemy"! Lol

    I believe it the government bring the Scotland Yard or FBI to investigate the case, bring the case to ICJ for trial RPK would be more than willing to come out of "hiding".

  10. For those who wants a 'taste' of ISA especially how cruel a Malaysian can be to another please check out this book ...

    I had chills in my spine as well as tears when I read through this book. Available in most good bookshops as well.

    I have also bought copies and gave them out as gifts ..


  11. Let me make that link Two Faces: Detention Without Trial so that you can just click it to go buy that book.

  12. Padan muka this Stupid Tan Sri. Well written brother HH.


  13. Someone left a comment calling him "MAGGOT" How very apt.. this worm bodek to keep himself fat

  14. Sorry I couldn't resist bringing up the coincidence in these 2 cases Tian Chua was convicted of biting a cop and this case happened in SG.

    Read here -

    check up on - Sam Schwartz and the police, part 2

  15. Hello HH,

    The words in the commentary section here are getting smaller and smaller... and before long I will have to use a magnifying glass to read the contents.

    Is there anyway to enlarge them?

    Adoi..... eyes are watering with pain!!

  16. Don't come back RPK those bastards are going to get you.

  17. Encik HH,

    I love this article of yours.

    Talk is cheap and this is what this Megat fellow is doing.

    He is trying to show UMNO/BN animal farm that he is on their side at the expense of RPK.

    You are honest, sincere and level-headed. I am so proud to see Malaysians like you.

    Yes....stay on in Adelaide. No point returning to a country run by evil animals with no conscience.

    Pls continue to whack them good and proper.

    Many Thanks.


  18. thia tan sri megat is well known for his exploits since the cobra he is making up with his god umno at the expense of pete...what s sly guy ..if any one could recall his legal firm was sued pants down..with one leong guy dealer wheeler? there are much to wrute ..perhaps some one would be keen to tell all

  19. Megat Najmuddin had a privileged childhood and a well to do family background. He was also born with more than his fair share of looks, brawn, brains and that brought him girls, girls and more girls ; so much so he overused his small head in the 70's/80's and neglected the bigger head between his shoulders. The results are plain to see. Here is a well packaged and polished if undeserving NEP product, an aging playboy without any cause other than looking after #1.

  20. YM Pete, come ' marching into Putrajaya' with us SOON !
    GODbless !

  21. Haha! Well said RPK!
    Megat is no friend of yours if he wants you to come back to be murdered by Umno's thugs and other minions.
    RPK and Marina, stay safe.