Thursday 15 October 2009

cakap cakap.....KJ

“Semua ok.  Was rather impressed by KJ's maiden speech as Ketua Pemuda.  At least he did away with ketuanan melayu and banished the kris kissing saying that the kris was presented to Hishamuddin as a parting gift. Hahahaha”

Friends I received that e-mail from my cousin in Kuala Pilah this afternoon. I did not hear KJ speak but this I know of KJ. If there is one thing you can say of him it is that he does have the capacity to understand what is happening around him. And if it serves his purpose he will do the necessary. Remember his upright stand that the Internet should not be ‘managed’ by the powers that be? Well that statement by KJ was because he fully understood the futility of doing so and he understood the popular sentiments then prevailing – that the people will not tolerate it.

Ditto for Ketuanan Melayu. KJ understands that this Ketuanan Melayu concept has been dead at the starting post a long time ago. So he takes the ‘courageous’ stand to give notice to all that he is not for ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. Good for him – now let us se what he does next about walking the talk. No more negotiated tenders? No more jobs for the boys syndrome? We wait and see.

P.S. That “giving the keris to Din as a parting gift” comment was good. Do not let it be said that KJ is without a sense of humor. I just wish he would use his powers for good rather then evil…. 


  1. He's a chameleon and an opportunist. Like you said, he's smarter than others and that cannot be denied. And like you mentioned, if only he use his position and intellect to do good rather than evil. Perhaps now that he no longer have his FIL to depend on, he might tern over a new leave. But I think that's expecting a leopard to change it's spots.

  2. How can one believe a person who have a lot to answer how one gets one's wealth?
    The fundamental character has flawed. How to trust what one says?
    It always bewilders me on how journalists/reporters/analysts write?

  3. I notice all KJ statement target two soothing to the ear of the non-bumi and at the same time another soothing to the ears of the UMNO malays. How can he be a leader if he cant make a affirmative stand????

  4. This guy was caught buying votes for himself! Guilty was he! He has come clean on his tremendous wealth. A very, very, very suspicious character. No way, no way KJ - you may be oxford educated but we are not fools!

  5. Typo - He has yet to come clean on his tremendous wealth.

  6. What did the Oxfart mean by UMno for all malaysian when he attacked Anwar for being a malay traitor???? If UMno is for all Malaysians, than he must congratulate Anwar for forming a multi-racial party called Party Keadilan Rakyat. This clearly shows the UMno is not sincere in whatever they say or do. So people... wake up. There will be alot of sweet talk and throwing of sweets along the way to the next GE. Dont ever buy it. Focus on voting out BN in GE13

  7. An UMNO leader in the present time came up to the fore in UMNO through dubious means. They use money to gain political position ( corruption lah), acquired illegal wealth through illegal means and they have little regards for the rakyat's well being. Any leaders from UMNO who have done all of these are not to be trusted. And that goes doubly so to this KJ creatures. A leopard doesn't change it's spot and a kera jantan will never ever be a human even though it is raised in Oxford University!

  8. The most thing I hate about UMNO is they keep using the word "perjuangan" (donno which english translation is the right word for UMNO's perjuangan). I suppose the appropriate time to use that word is before 31st August 1957 to give it the true meaning of our independence although there was no real sense to use such word for our independence was almost "struggleless" even UMNO itself boasted will all pride, our independence was a peaceful one. So why are they keep using the word perjuangan until now? What is that they are fighting for to make everyone of them shouting with clenched fist like a mad man in every UMNO's general assembly?

    I suppose UMNO don't really know the meaning of perjuangan because all they show are the perjuangan for their stomach for everyone of them who shouts aloud in every UMNO's general assembly is "filthy" Rich Freedom Fighter (RFF).

    If there is any meaning of the word "perjuangan" can be translated as struggle, fighting and etcetera, UMNO is not entitled to use that word because UMNO had never lived in the jungle of Malaya in fighting the British more than a day to understand the meaning of suffering like someone who had lived 41 year of his life in jungle to be deprived of any honour for that bloody word "perjuangan".

  9. Hi Encik Hussein

    As one (proud) Kuantan boy to another, may I seek your advice on the following?

    Should I push for this new medical condition to be included in the next edition of the DSM
    (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)?
    MPPD or Multiple Political Personality Disorder

    We Malaysians have already contributed "Nipah Virus" to the list of medical conditions. So, how about MPPD?
    Kindly advise.

    Phua Kai Lit

  10. s an even prouder ex Kuantan guy MPPD cannot be included in the next edition of the DSM because those inflicted with MPPD are usually in denial - and thus will not seek treatment. So how to cure !