Tuesday 13 September 2011

cakap cakap....tragedi Melayu

One of the great tragedies for the Malays is that a majority of the Malays have latched on to a political party that  ensures and encourages their dependence on the government. The second tragedy is that they do not know it.

These two tragedies are responsible for the self-imposed “kandang” into which the Malays now find themselves in. But  the Malays have been blessed that the “others” who share this nation with them have been generous, forgiving and understanding of their plight under UMNO. Just think where the Malays would be now if instead of the “other” that we now share this nation with, there had been just the Malays under UMNO. I shudder at the thought of an UMNO without the need to “consider” the demands of the “others”.
For the Malays that moan about what the “others” have taken from us …just look around you. There are more Malay millionaires, more Malay upper class, more Malay middle class and more successful Malay businessman than the “others”.  Think how much more successful we could be if we free ourselves of this dependence upon UMNO because UMNO has used this dependence more for their purpose than for ours. UMNO has used this dependence to take more from our national coffers for themselves than for ours. UMNO as we know it now is no longer for the Malays. UMNO only takes care of it’s own.      
It is time we Malays get on with living our life amongst the “others.” 

“Fervor in defense of failure 
is no answer for any race” 
Tom Sowells…

but is that not precisely what UMNO in now doing? UMNO does an injustice to the Malays if they continue to maintain that Ketuanan Melayu is essential if the Malays are not to be overwhelmed by the “others”.
What the Malays now need to understand is that racism is like a virus that feeds upon itself. And for those of us that do understand this, we must present the facts to our brothers and sisters so that they can break free of this vicious circle that UMNO has corralled us into. Do this and the Malays will truly be free from its own self-imposed isolation and we can then take our rightful place alongside the “others.”
If we do not do this and create a new reality for all those that call Malaysia home then I fear that our country will start to fail. Our country will start to succumb to the limitations of racial politics that divides and rules to serve only those weak enough to need it for their political survival.
The statute of limitations on the question of race has run out for the Malays, for UMNO and for any political entity that seeks to use race for its own advantage. Now if only we dare to fight those that wants to continue with this dastardly institution be they be Malays or the “others”. But fight we must if our nation is to survive. Failure is not an option to be considered! 


shuk has left a new comment on your post "cakap cakap....tragedi Melayu": 

There are three things that plague the Malays which prevent them from progressing-

2)neo feudal believe in their stupid Royal house 
3)using Islam as a tool to right the wrong. 


  1. The longer UMNO stays in power, the more the Malays will continue to be oppressed!

  2. Pak HH,

    This sounds more like "The Malay Dilemma Part2".

  3. Within the last 30 years or so, UMNO has morphed from a political party to an association. An association where its priority is to safeguard and promote the interest of its members.

    Members at higher levels will get the lucrative government contracts and licenses whereas members at the lower levels get the F contractors' contracts, petty traders' licenses etc.

    And it became a very successful association in getting benefits for its members. So successful that it is able to attract membership of over 3 millions bumiputra members.

    Its constituent is its members since the members elect the leaders of this association and by convention become leaders of the country. It is no wonder that aspiring leaders need to pander to the demands of the members first rather than the electorate.

    The Malay non-members will get the bread crumbs and the promise that this association is the only one that can 'protect' them till eternity.

    Yes the Malays have been made to be dependent on UMNO either through hand-outs (for members) or psychologically (for non-members).

    They know it but yet they refuse to live without it... that's the real tragedy of the Malays.

  4. There are three things that plague the Malays which prevent them from progressing-1)corruption 2)neo feudal believe in their stupid Royal house 3)using Islam as a tool to right the wrong.

  5. There are three things that plague the Malays which prevent them from progressing-1)corruption 2)neo feudal believe in their stupid Royal house 3)using Islam as a tool to right the wrong.

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  7. hope d malays can wake up.......anywhere in d world if d govt is corrupted that country is gone..kaput...and malaysia is on d road 2 doom.MALAYS PLEASE WAKE UP...dun vote d corrupted ur future generation.