Friday 23 September 2011

Sodomy Two…as I see it.

There are three ways of looking at this case: The political, ethical and legal aspects : and all are relevant to those of us that have been following this case. 

What is relevant is whether the act was done or not as per charge.

Political ramifications of this case in deciding the immediate and long term political future of DSAI, Najib, Pakatan Rakyat and Barsian Nasional.  

The third and most crucial aspect would be the public perception of the case.

I will leave the legal aspect involving court proceedings and the law to those who are fighting it out in the courts because to us laymen the requirements of the courts and the manner by which the prosecution and the defense will advance their case is complex and difficult to understand.

Let us concern ourselves with what Mark Twain said about public opinion: 

Its name is Public Opinion. 
It is held in reverence. 
It settles everything. 
Some think it is the voice of God.

 And it holds special significance in the light of the coming 13th general elections where their votes will decide the government of the day!

The anus…opps sorry…the onus is on the defence team to persuade the court that Najib and Rosmah’s testimony as witnesses are crucial to deflect the charge of sodomy. They were not present at the time of the alleged act so really their testimony is irrelevant.

The crux of the matter is whether the act was done or not as per the charge. Whether it was a conspiracy or not is not  relevant legally.

The conspiracy theory is relevant politically. But just as DSAI chose to make a political statement from the dock alleging political conspiracy by Najib then what is good for the goose is also good for the gender. Najib is within his right to chose not to testify just as DSAI ia within his right to make a statement from the dock without having to be cross examined on what he had said. So what Najib and DSAI do cancel out each other.

Their supporters can and will make as much mischief as the like out of the actions of the other – but politics is a matter of point scoring and let us leave them to it.

What the public make out of this Sodomy Two is what matters. Let me give you guys my two cents worth.

We know that Najib lied when he initially said that Saiful came to see him to ask for a scholarship.  After being outed he back tracked and confessed that Siaful came to see him about being sodomize by DSAI. This is nothing out of the ordinary. DSAI tried to use Bala to his political advantage. It bombed on him. DSAI tried political grandstanding by announcing his take over of the BN government after the 12th general election. It bombed on him. DSAI took refuge at the Turkish Embassy for god knows what reason…and nothing came out of it.

Najib recently did the mother of all grandstanding by announcing the abolishment of the ISA and the PPPA. And we think nothing can come out of it too! So all said and done we the public are wise to these politcla ploys by DSAI and Najib. What both have done is really to cancel each other again.

Now politically this sodomy two case has done more damage to DSAi then to anybody else – and that is logical because it is really DSAI himself and nobody else that is involved. Saiful’s swearing on the Koran won over to his side many Malays. That DSAI even managed to put himself into a situation where he is once again accused of sodomy surprise us all. A little bit of common sense and awareness would not have gone amiss for DSAI.       

As for the possibility of Saiful being given money to do this - biasa lah. You can speculate all you like but do you think Bala was not given the same option to consider? In the end those with bigger pockets won him over. 

No I do not want to go into the details – all that I have said so far is purely a common sense approach. If anything this sodomy two case has done for UMNO what it had seek out to do. Crippled PR and tied up DSAI in the courts when he should be preparing PR to go into the 13 general election – but is that not what PR would want to do with Najib and BN too?

Now if the courts were to acquit DSAI then Najib is fucked. If the court convicts DSAI, Najib is also fucked but he will then have a win of sorts because he no longer has DSAI to contend with in the 13th general election.

The question now is whom would he have to contend with then? I caution Najib that what he has hoped for might just happen but it might not have the outcome that he really craves for. The backlash from this case might see Najib regret the day he went into the use of the politics of smut and sex to take his opponents out. And in this it is not politics or the courts that will decide Najib’s fate – it is the people. One by one, house by house, state by state…they will vote for who they think was less to blame for the state our country is in.  

Once the court has decided whether the act was done or not as alleged by the prosecution, the public will make up their mind as to whom will govern them post the 13th GE. 

We decide! 
Its name is Public Opinion. 
It is held in reverence. 
It settles everything. 
Some think it is the voice of God.
Mark Twain

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  1. My hats off to you HH.You have put your fingers on the button. Now you are talking. Let the people decide. What we dont want is some smart ass trying to sway the peoples' opinion to ABAI (anyone but anwar ibrahim).
    May Allah allow DSAI to lead us to a new era.