Friday 23 September 2011

Tell Me, Softly, Who Are the Chinese?

Mahathir Mohamad is consistent, but for a man who will disown his forefathers he has no virtue. There is none more cowardly than he who conceals his own birth. Haris Ibrahim? Like Petra Kamarudin, he’s just mixed up, without a clear road with which to take him through life’s journey; pity him. And Ibrahim Ali? He’s not even human.

Chinese culture sees in Teresa Kok as a babble mouth with much White Christian twaddle that makes no sense and a governing ability that to-date has been contradictory. Hannah Yeoh is not some classy Chinese lawyer with an Indian husband, a fat bank account, young and therefore the saint that Haris Ibrahim has quite nearly anointed her. Like Teresa, she is just so much tittle-tattle. To the Chinese Lim Kit Siang is not a democratic fighter because it’s easy to fight but infinitely harder to forge a consensus and harmony. He is seen as an opportunistic rabble-rouser (well demonstrated in him running from constituency to constituency). He is therefore much like Anwar Ibrahim, whose own life and conduct reflects an internal value system that is erratic and capricious.

In another parlance of this western, individualistic view of himself, the Anglophile says, ‘a man answers only to his god’. And this prescription for conduct has become a licence for narcissism which one finds in Anglophile statements like Elizabeth Wong’s, ‘I’m not ashamed of my sexuality’.

This narcissism runs so deep among Malaysian Chinese, the Kongsamkoks and the Jesus Hoes, that it has become an impenetrable obstacle to tell the Malays in a language they understand as to who the Chinese truly are. Worse than that, the Malays actually believe Lim Kit Siang is Chinese culture or that his son Guan Eng is representative of Chinese-ness.

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