Friday 23 September 2011


We all watch fascinated at the goings on amongst the political elites of our country. Make no bones about it I am talking about the political elites – first tier politicians who pride themselves to be our leaders who decides the future and destiny of our nation. They listen but they do not hear, they look but they do not see. Only one constant occupies their every conscious waking moment…ME! ME! ME!

Take Mahathir who is without question the most senior of our political elites – who has said: 

So tell me Mahathir how has Mokhzani and Mukriz become so hideously wealthy? Are they businessman par excellence? Or have they become wealthy riding on the back of our nation’s coffers and our nation's poor? Dia orang makan babi ka?

Najib comes next. His wife Rosmah is as superficial as the single coat of paint we put on an ageing Proton Saga in the hope that it would mask the broken down inside of the car!

Self proclaimed First Lady, Batik shows in Monaco, official overseas visits, even a Hari Raya slot to send her greetings to the nation – what a pretentious git! When will someone tell her to just get the hell out of the spotlight – Najib is the Prime Minister not her! And she is NOT The first lady…our Queen is.

Her preoccupation at superficiality has rubbed off Najib. He is now talking about being “Cool”..a make over of his image is now underway. 

All of a sudden we have a Najib that is “communicating” with the young and understands their aspirations. I just hope that our young are able to see through his bluff. Just remember this is the same Najib that instructed PDRM to go whack the Bersih activists. The same Najib under whose watch Teoh Beng Hock, AminurrasyidKugan, Sarbaini and many others have been murdered by the authorities. The same Najib that told Razak Baginda that all is well just as Razak was going on trial for the murder of Altantuya. The same Najib that tried to buy the people of Sibu for RM$5 million if they will vote BN…and now he is Cool?

Then there is Muhyiddin – the “I am a Malay first” and "Malaysian second" man. Lurking in the shadows waiting for the opportune time to oust Najib and take the PM chair for himself. This Muhyiddin has time and time again shown himself to be a man not beyond using race as a crutch to prop up his Prime Ministerial ambitions. Not a man to be trusted as your deputy..what more as leader of our nation. Do not forget his betrayal of Pak Lah at a time when Pak Lah needed him most. Muhyiddin cut his ties with Pak Lah at the moment when Pak Lah was weakest and threw his weight behind the forces that wanted to oust Pak Lah. And he succeeded. And now he will do that again with Najib – hoping that this time he will end up as PM. 

Perish that thought Muhiyddin – I think the people, if not UMNO , see you for what you are. A conniving member of the political elites that will seize any opportune moment to advance your personal agenda.

Unfortunately DSAI is not much better. In him I see a man capable of much good but unable to understand that the trust given to him by the people must not be abused. We were prepared to give him one, two and even three chances to do good – but he has abused the trust placed upon him once too often. We were prepared to even overlook his questionable  past but only if he commit himself to moving forward in a decent, open and responsible manner. 

This you have not done. So you too are now being watched by us to see when you will fall upon your own sword. Duplicity by those we trust will not be tolerated or endured a minute longer then necessary. You are now on overtime…

And then there are the bit players. Taib Mahmud a Chief Minister gone mad with power and his lust for money and his relentless pursuit of hideous amount of material wealth. All this amazingly endured by the people who voted him into office and a federal government unable to rein in one of their peers.

We see all this as a manifestation of what 50 over years of abuse and plunder by our political elites will do to any nation. An abuse and plundering that is still going on today albeit with a slowing down of its pace simply because that  really is not that much left to plunder from the coffers of our country –but what is left,they will still continue to take.

And so our death watch is really not to see the death of these thieves and thugs but more a death watch of what there is left of our country. These thieves and thugs have more than enough to last them many a lifetime  while we have to make do with what is left. And what is left are just billions in debts, untenable subsidies of many essential goods and services, failed projects, corrupt government ministries, a corrupt PDRM and a culture of wretched governance that is now in its death throes.

And in the midst of all this all that we can hope for is that the 13th general election will enable us to put into place the leaders that will start the process of change and renewal for our country. A process that will probably take a generation or two before our country can get itself off its knees and put into place checks and balances to ensure that never again will we be ruled by political “elites” in the likes of what we have known since the time of Mahathir!       

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