Friday 16 September 2011

The Smell of Defeats hangs in the Air....Najib blinks!

The Face of a Man in Fear
See what people power can do! After over two years in power it would seems that common sense and the real possibility of losing a general election has finally hammered into Najib's head of the need to do away with detention without trial:

“No individual will ever be detained simply due to political ideology.”...ahem these are not the words of Nelson Mandela but these are the words of our own Najib Razak!

Now here is the thing…I knew that no individual should be detained because of his political ideology many years ago –from the time of ops lallang and even way before that. So do many hundreds of thousands of Malaysian. And yet it has taken the Barisan Nasional government only now – September 2011 to realize it?

Remember the brutal crackdown by PDRM on the Bersih Rally just a few month ago?

Now what has changed? In these few months what has made Najib changed his mind so that he can now says with a straight face and hand on his heart that “No individual will ever be detained simply due to political ideology.” What has put the fear of God into that pudgy face and made him back down?

I put it to you that nothing will change! I put it to you that individuals will still be detained simply due to political ideology. The power of detention will not be shifted from the executive to the judiciary because the judiciary takes their orders from their political masters  -and their political masters is the Basrisan Nasional government. Have we not seen this time and time again?

We have always had an Attorney General that understands that his tenure as AG is entirely in the hands of the Prime Minister. The AG sits like a dog that he is at the feet of our PM begging for a bone to be thrown to him.

The last CJ we had was not only an active and eager UMNO machai but also a criminal who thought nothing of cheating on his wife and family by illegally marrying another wife and he then tried to circumvent the laws of our country by doing it in another country – and when confronted with the deed he did all that he could to cover it up by getting rid of the physical evidence of the said illegal marriage. And yet he is amply rewarded for his tenure as CJ by a generous retirement package expressly passed through parliament for this machai of UMNO.

And Najib has the gall to say that “the power of detention will be shifted from the executive to the judiciary” when he knows, and we know, that it is one and the same thing?     

So tell me Najib how is it possible that the very laws that has been in place to protect the peace, harmony and security of the country can now be repealed also for the peace, harmony and security of the country?

Do you think that we are that stupid? You are a yellow livered coward that will do anything  - even sell your own grandmother and sullied Tun Razak’s reputation as a Malay and UMNO leader – if you think it will win you votes at the general election.

And you say that you will do away with the need for annual publishing permits under the printing Presses and Publications Act! Pray tell me Najib….when did you get that eureka moment? That eureka moment that told you that too many people who can vote are against the Printing Presses and Publications Act? That the same people have not only been vocal about their disquiet of this act but are joining the opposition in droves and are actively working against the interest of the Barisan Nasional government through participation in Bersih and the activities of Pakatan Rakyat right across the nation in preparation of the 13 general elections?

When Najib….when did you get that eureka moment?

The repeal of the ISA and scrapping of the PPPA happened because opposition to the Barisan Nasional government has started to hurt Barisan Nasional. BN has thrown everything it can at Pakatan Rakyat and the people with Pakatan Rakyat – but to no avail.

What was once quiet opposition to the BN government has now manifested itself in overt physical demonstration of the people’s demand for CHANGE. Not only for change of a Prime Minister or his Ministers but change of a rotting, diseased and cancerous tumour within our midst call Barsian Nasional which is led by UMNO!

What has not happened is that this movement has yet to gain the momentum that it once had before the 12th general election. It had not done so because before the 12th general election the momentum for change came from within the people – Pakatan Rakyat merely provided the focus for the people to channel their disgust and revulsion of Barisan Nasional.

In this 13th general election the people are looking at Pakatan Rakyat to lead them into the general election and PR has been found wanting and slow to take the initiative to lead – and Najib and Barisan Nasional knows this.

And so they hope to take the initiative away from Pakatan Rakyat – and the repeal of the ISA and the PPPA is one of the ways they choose to do so.

But I think the people will not be fooled. If Najib had repealed the ISA and the PPPA when he first came to office 29 months ago then maybe the goodwill he would have generated by doing so would have swept him through any general elections. Pak Lah failed to do what he told us he will do when he came to office and the people punished him at the 12th general elections. Najib will find that the people have long memories. Some have had bruises and broken bones from being pummeled and whacked by PDRM. Many have borne the brunt of corruption within government departments  and had been the victims of PDRM’s greed for graft and suffered from PDRM's arrogance. Many have died in Police custody and some murdered without mercy in gun battles with police - where the police have the guns and the victims nothing! Day in and day out we are bombarded with financial mismanagement that has costs our nation billions. Too many abuses, too many lies and too many arrogant BN ministers treating us all with disdain and contempt.

No Najib these rafts of changes you announced last night…I will tell you what you can do with it…or better still I will tell you what the people will do with it.

They will do what they have done with all those empty promises, masquerades and silap mata you have done before…put all these raft of promises on a raft and push it down river towards the white water class VI rapids and let it all sink – and then we will vote Pakatan Rakyat! MERDEKA! Long live Pakatan Rakyat!       


  1. It,s not defeat......that the ARt of War mate

  2. Extremely foolish to think that this will change anything.

    This has never been about different political ideologies. It is about kicking out a corrupted government bent on destorying the fabric of the country

    They will just change the definition of "terrorism" or "terrorists" to cover everything and everyone who is against BN and their way of life.

  3. Wow. You really sound and make it truly havoc for the PM and UMNO. They deserve what's coming to them anyway. As the adage goes, much too little, and too late.

    Pakatan may not be the best solution to an alternative Government. But that's what the rakyat has at this time and there's no other better option. So, something is better than nothing.

    Barisan deserves to be punished for all the years of corruption and abuses they manifest in their culture. We all need a change. It may not mean a better change. But how far worse can we get? A change is still what we need.

    The voters need to rally and vote in GE13 to displace Barisan. Then let's give Pakatan a 4 year+ duration to see what they can deliver. There's always GE14 to rectfy when it does not get any better.


  4. Let me put it straight and simple. I will never touch this man even with a 10-foot pole, period!

  5. Sir,

    Saya kurang yakin. Barang sama, packaging saja yang baru.

    Lagi pun, dia tersohor dengan BOHONG.

  6. Looks like the drama continues. PM Najib will say something today, some ministers will say otherwise and the next day Najib will backtrack. Flip Flop.

    Pok Li

  7. never beleive what murderer said...

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