Sunday 25 September 2011

What we Want!

with thanks to Azam:

A lot of interests had been shown lately whether it should be Muslim-Malay or Malay-Muslim. Let us go into the substance of what we want rather than the name.  
We want our society to be free and fair to all, there is equality of opportunity and equality before the law. Our children and grandchildren should have access to a good education within our means and they can pursue whatever careers they want. We want to be free of the fear that some govt dept will come knocking at our doors and find fault with us whether it be under payment of income tax or not complying with some regulations. Worse if it is the ISA.
We all pay taxes, we want to see our tax money being put into good and productive uses. Not into some grandiose projects producing white elephants to satisfy somebody's ego. Now there is a strong feeling that the country's wealth is being wasted and landing into a few individual's accounts. How money is being spent, govt procurements and projects should be independently audited.
We want good basic social services and amenities at reasonable prices. Supply of water, electricity, cleanliness of the surroundings. Safety and social order.
The type of govt and society that we get is what really matter. We can call it by any name. At this juncture I have to make comparisons of what is prevailing in the world now. In the Muslim world, only Turkey seems to be in the grade. Malaysia? - not so. Some western nations whose religion is not Islam is in the class. We have people from Muslim countries wanting to migrate there - they can expect a better and more fulfilling life, wordly or spiritually there.
These western nations are nearer towards what an Islamic govt should be. They provide justice, free of corruption (which many a time is theft by those in power), provide services for the people, uplift their physical and spiritual lives. 
A name may not mean much if the substance does not go with it. 
azam 64A

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