Thursday 15 September 2011

Chinese, Indians are useless buggers, implies DAP

with thanks to Helen Ang...she posted it in July but I just saw it today...a good read and makes you start to think!

Julai 30, 2011

UPDATED: Chinese, Indians are UNCOMPETITIVE useless buggers, implies DAP

GEORGE TOWN: All Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) projects in Penang were awarded via open tender, said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.
He said it was a coincidence that Malay contractors offered the best prices.
“It does not matter which race the contractors are,” he said when commenting on a statement by Penang Wanita MCA chief Tan Cheng Liang who questioned why there was not a single DID project given to Chinese contractors since the change in state government after the March 2008 general election.
To continue reading, go to The Star, July 31: ‘DID projects awarded via open tender, says Lim’
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Just ‘a coincidence’, wow! (Underline and bold emphases above is this blogger’s.) Sure do love this pattern of coincidences, like as happened with the Yayasan Selangor scholarships.
Ever since Pakatan took over the state, the ‘colour blindness’ which upon DAP prides itself has resulted for consecutive years in … drumroll …
A grand total of 2 Chinese and 3 Indians from 1,571 recipients of Selangor scholarships (years 2008-2009)
“By continuing to emphasise that the study grant is race quota free does not erase the fact that the Pakatan Rakyat/PAS government in Kedah increased the Bumiputra Housing quota from 30% to 50% last year.
“Despite DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang’s assurance that the said Bumiputera quota was suspended last year (which is false and untrue), Pakatan Rakyat/PAS had increased the Bumiputra Housing quota to 70% this year.”
Malaysian Insider has this story today, ‘DAP to MCA: Contracts given on merit, not race‘.
MCA Penang has queried why the some of the state’s contracts in certain fields were approved 100 percent to ‘bumiputera’ and Indian Muslims (sorrylah Indian Hindus who support Hindraf, you already know you’re in DAP’s bad books).
Put in a spot, DAP info chief Tony Pua equivocates Malaysian First-style claiming ‘we’re race colour blind’ and insisting that the contracts were given on merit.
If they were awarded to the most qualified, why then did his boss Lim Guan Eng only a couple of days ago say they were ‘awarded randomly‘?
Since when is ‘random’ reflecting meritocracy? Or does the rest of DAP — like its Media Department staff Chan ‘my-own-special-Christian-meaning-to-words’ Lilian tweeter* — similarly confer the party’s unique strand of Malaysian First interpretation to English words?
If out of 100 percent, not a single Chinese or Indian … eelek … qualified to do the job on ‘merit’, as MCA rightly asked, then the Chinese and Indian communities must therefore inquire of DAP in return:
“What you’re really saying is that both races  – oops, Chinese and Indian ethnicity don’t exist in the party vocabulary-indoctrination handbook, only bangsa Anak Malaysia (is that correct?) — are so lacking in merit that they cannot compete on a level playing field.”
If Chinese and Indians are indeed lagging behind in merit, so much so than none — not even one — qualified for those Penang state contracts, what training programmes does DAP propose for to help them catch up?
According to Lilian, ‘march’ does NOT mean what you think it means, i.e. ‘to walk or proceed with stately or regular steps, usually in a procession’.
Lilian’s definition of ‘march’ (also not the Bersih 2.0 event) is ““in a Christian way means to be brave and not cower, to stand for justice and rights …”

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