Tuesday 20 September 2011

If you bring yourself down to their level - Volume of Interactions

If you bring yourself down to their level - Volume of Interactions

If you bring yourself down to their level

What does that make you?

Background: Malaysiakini today released a news item about a leaked US embassy cable claiming that the ex-Election Commission chief had confessed in confidence to have issued 60,000 ICs to foreign nationals.

I'm no lawyer but that's hearsay, many times over. Man confesses in private to another man who reports it to another man who reports it to another man, then intercepted by Wikileaks then reproduced as news.

Not surprisingly, some people see this news as confirmation of BN corruption affecting the electoral polls, confirming what they have heard elsewhere, perhaps confirming what they personally believe. BN is evil therefore they must be capable of evil things, including the creation of false voters through illegal immigrants. They will do whatever it takes to win, therefore, they must have done this (because they can't win the elections any other way). Sound familiar? I've heard and read it often enough to know this type of thinking is very common amongst those who dislike BN.

But I think, as much as the Opposition has a right to fight the Good Fight, if it encourages things like this - believing in hearsay, coming to premeditated judgements, selective verification of truths (don't these things sound oddly familiar? *cough* Sodomy II trial *cough*) - then it loses the high moral ground completely. What I would have liked to seen is a PR politician coming forward and saying that as a law-abiding society, we should not bring ourselves down to the level of those who would cheat us of our rights.

PR doesn't want you to believe it when Anwar's room mates in MCKK tell their friends in confidence today that Anwar had a liking to boys. Fitnah, they say, lies, they say,Hearsay. But when the shoe is on the other foot, they gladly embrace it. Well, to that, I say, hypocrisy.

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