Friday 16 September 2011

cakap cakap...back peddling already on the ISA?

Detention without trial stays but strictly for terrorists, says Nazri Aziz
Ok the back peddling has already started. And of course it has to start with that idiot Nazri Aziz….

When asked if the new laws replacing the ISA would still allow for detention without trial, Nazri said, “If you have to detain a person, you have to detain that person. But it will not be for 60 days like in the ISA... the period will be reduced.”

“The new laws are strictly for terrorism. What we are going to do now is enact similar laws like the Patriot Act in the US or the UK... these are acts to fight terrorism.

Who decides who are terrorists in Malaysia who are a threat to our National Security? Guan Eng was arrested for standing up for justice when an underage Malay school girl was raped by Rahim Thamby Chik – the then Chief Minister of Malacca. He was arrested under the ISA as being a threat to our national security.

I would have though that the pedophile of a Chief Minister was more a threat to our national security then Guan Eng! Why do I think so? Well by raping an underage Malay School girl he opens himself up to the possibility of being black mail by unscrupulous individuals who wants access to state secrets and the goings on within Majlis Tertinnggi UMNO of which this Rahim Thamby Chik is a member! But the BN government of the day decided that the threat to national security comes from Guan Eng and not from the pedophile of a Chief Minister by the name of Rahim Thambi Chik!

As the de facto law minister, Nazri said he was “very happy” with the reforms as it would ease some pressure from him.
“Now, I do not need to be defending the ISA in Parliament any longer... makes my job easier,” he said, laughing.

Yes it is all a laughing matter to this idiot…until the general elections is upon him. Then let us see if he is still laughing after the 13th general election! 


  1. They are not serious about anything that is why they can still laugh over such matters.

  2. Why I still don't feel like celebrating? Mebe because pocket still empty

  3. Sir,

    The real reforms can only begin when BN occupies Putrajaya no more.

  4. HH,

    The Chinese has a saying that goes like this "He is human, He is also the Devil".

    Najib has an equally sinister plan to replace the ISA. As his idiotic home minister and de-facto law minister had said the UMNO government will adopt a similar Patriot Act viz a viz US and UK, this UMNO Patriot Act will give the UMNO government a free hand to charge anyone under the UMNO Patriot Act just because the unlucky person utters something that UMNO judges as "unpatriotic". So its effectively the same actors with same storyline but performing on a different stage. The ISA and UMNO's Patriot Act will be one and the same.

  5. de facto law minister? Pak, do you spell it correctly? Should it not be de fective law minister?

  6. Definition of terrorist is subjective.
    To UMNO, anyone who works against UMNO is a terrorist.
    That is how they keep the power.
    So without ISA or with the 2 other replacement laws, oppositions are the terrorists and will still be detained without trial. Dirty politics in Bolehland.