Monday 19 September 2011

The Malays are restless..

The are many a times when I cannot help but wonder where the Malays are heading. No I am not a Malay first….I am a Malay….full stop! The Malays are being asked time and time again to give up many things…but what are we getting back in return?

The Civil Service, PDRM, the Armed Forces, Petronas the Universities and our educational establishments are all now being open to entry to all other races – and so they should because they are being open to those who also call Malaysia their home…but I ask you…what are the Malays getting back in return?

This is what is on the minds of many Malays – too many Malays to ignore. And that is the issue that UMNO will exploit to their advantage given that the Malays dominate numerically – and by extension, their votes will decide who will govern this country of ours.

I know I are treading thin ice when I am going where I have never gone before….making race an issue! But it needs to be addressed, it needs to be discussed and the Malays deserve to have their concerns addressed and resolved in an open manner.

Personally I have chosen to not make race an issue in any part of my life. Living outside Malaysia makes that possible. But when you live in Malaysia this is an issue that confronts you on a daily basis.    

There was a time not to long ago when PAS and UMNO were one. When DSAI was within UMNO. And there were no Malays of any consequence outside UMNO that could speak for the Malays. To all practical purpose the Malays were one politically and in fact. The Chinese, the Indians – or any else for that matter did not question the position of the Malays. There was no need for the Malays to demand nor ask for Ketuanan Melayu.

But gradually all this changed. It changed because the world we live in has changed. The realities have changed and now we all live in a different reality. And so the Malays began the process of giving up what has been our “right” to others. With the exception of the Sultans, the PM and DPM post – everything else is up for grabs. And when I say everything that includes Nasi Lemak and Satay sellers too! So nothing is sacred anymore.

So as I have said earlier…the Malays have given up many things…what are they getting back in return? Do not speak of intangibles such as racial harmony, 1 Malaysia and a lessening of the racial divide. What many Malays want to know is what are they getting back in return tangibly. What they can see, feel and experience.

The simple answer is “nothing”….nothing tangible. There is only the real and gradual erosion of the Malay hold over all things Malaysian. And this is an area of concern that UMNO can and will exploit to try and win the 13th general election.

What I am trying to say here is this : the “others” must first understand that this is how a lot of Malays feel within themselves. Good manners and a retiring manner prevents the Malays from doing anything more overt then to discuss this within the confines of their home and in the company of trusted friends. But not so for those Malays that seeks to advance their personal agenda and political interests – as the likes of Ibrahim Ali has ably demonstrated.

I do not exactly understand how this will pan out in the time to come as we near the 13th general election and in the time after that election. But sooner or later, and more sooner then later, this issue will come into its own and start to have a life of its own – probably led up the garden path by those that seek to exploit its ability to garner Malay votes in the lead up to the 13th general election.

I hope by putting this issue clearly and without any emotional baggage, the “others” will understand one of the path from where the Malays will be coming from. And in so doing, I hope, will deal with the issue with grace and compassion.       

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Blogger Hussein abdul Hamid said...

I wonder myself why I wrote this does not reflect my thinking. The only excuse I can possibly have is that I received an email containing those sentiments and I wanted to put on paper the feelings of that sender...hence this piece.
Monday, September 19, 2011 10:51:00 PM GMT+09:30


  1. Malays will always dominate the political power in this country, irrespective which political divide gets the chance to govern. Did the malays really give up alot & asking what they should get in return? It should be more of what they have not achieved, given the dominance in sheer numbers in all fields. Does the race get the respect of others in their achievement, this, in fact, had burdened those who had scored without crutches. I am sure you know what kind of perception others have on your race, both inside & outside of this country, on the malay race. To achieve the pride & respect of oneself comes naturally, why we have not done anything about our race as a whole. If after 54 years of malay dominance & there is no improvement, then something must be very wrong with our policies. Malaysians, if they choose this country, do want the dominant race be well respected & recognised internationally, this is fundamental to the progress of the country. If what Perkasa advocates are sweet music to the malays then you can be sure other races are here to exploit the malays.

  2. Dear Hussein,
    I have taken liberty to paste excerpts of Australia 's anti-discrimination law, inorder for you to realise how protected it is to be a minority in your country of abode.

    Racial Discrimination Act 1975
    Grounds of unlawful discrimination
    Race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin.

    Other unlawful conduct
    Racial hatred

    Areas covered
    Employment; provision of goods and services; right to join trade unions; access to places and facilities; land, housing and other accommodation.

    Process for decision making
    Complaints must be in writing. It is then assessed and if within jurisdiction is investigated. The complaint is then reviewed to see if it should be terminated or if it is suitable for conciliation. If the complaint cannot be conciliated, it will be terminated by the President of the Commission. A complainant may then take the matter to the Federal Court of Australia or the Federal Magistrates Court.

    If the above, has not mitigated your racial overtones, try verbally regurgitating contents of your article,to an Aussie fair dinkum....He probably tell you,that you are a right kipper!

    Peace be with you


  3. Either sides the Malays are restless. One side is restless to know what they will gain to live with others in an equal right country, the other side is restless to know what they will lose in a country where Malays are no longer Tuans. One side of the Malays is restful and hopeful then they are restless, while the other side is full of restless Malays who are restless.

  4. If all men/women are born equal as many people like to believe, it stands to reason that all men/women in any country are entitled to an equal share of the natural resources in their country?

  5. It's because the Malays put people with no balls in charge. These people stopped negotiating and simply give in to every demand of the non Malays.

    Here's where I would start:

    1. Ask for a single school system. Make the other races WANT to elevate the quality of education in national schools because they don't have a choice.

    2. Make all Malaysians serve 2 years national service. Put the other races' lives on the line too guarding our borders and working in hazardous conditions. If they whine about promotion, discrimination etc, talk about the Tuskegee airmen, were they any different and look where they are now. Squeeky wheel eventually gets the grease.

    3. Like Switzerland which sponsors its citizen to learn English, French, German and Italian, Malaysia should also sponsor every Malaysian to speak the local languages English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil. That way when corporations want to discriminate by using the Chinese language requirement as a counter to Bumiputra policies, it doesn't matter anymore.

    4. Add laws which punish those who do not observe equal employment opportunity or sell liquor to Muslims SEVERELY.

    5. Ability to use ISA-like laws to bust crime syndicates which control prostitution, massage centres, copyright piracy, street racing. Guess who the owners are?

    6. If azan, or reading Quranic verses aloud at dawn are considered "noise" pollution, then burning of incense in residential areas should be prohibited because of the "smell" pollution, placement of shrines on the road sides etc... should be demolished just like it would be in Western countries.

    How about that for starters?

  6. Sir,

    The Malays gave up ignorance and gained enlightenment. They will become aware that UMNO has blind-foleded them for a long time. They will realised that the future is bright and all Malaysian are actually one big family.

    They will also learned that UMNO is NOT Malay. PKR and PAS can also represent Malay and DAP is not communist.



    There is no such a thing as a MALAY or MELAYU in this country!



    Tell me truly and sincerely...what is a MALAY or MELAYU?

    My explanation is simple..... The only real Malay or Melayu is the Orang Asli or Orang Asal as they are called NOW!

    The rest of the Melayu's as they claimed came from elsewhere and somewhere!

    They came as Arabs, Turkish, Pakistnai's, Bugis, Javanese, Minangkabau's, Achehs, Thais, Indians, Chinese and many more ethnic lines.

    They married locally and the Governement recognized them as MALAYS all because they were Muslims!

    So why shout and cry like little babies when the cake is taken away? Worst still when the "TEAT" drops off your lips?

    All the others that came who were not Muslims suffered a different fate! They became Kafirs and had no such rights and opportunities! Thus we have Pendatangs!

    Lets say we work for another 500 years and still the Melayus
    aka ( TUANS ) say we are not going to give you equal rights, you can all go HOME - pendatangs?

    What will we have in this country?

    So lets ALL be practical AND AGREE THAT - Malaysia is just another country practicing APATHEID AT ITS BEST!

  8. To continue....

    Just look around with your eyes wide open and your hearts open!

    How many Orang Putihs or White Man came to this land settled here and married a "MALAY" lady ( who also came fron somehwere herself) unless she is "ORANG ASLI" and thus automatically their children became MALAYS!


    What kind of a mechanism is this?
    Where is the reason and justification written?

    The flaw was apparent when the people that wrote the Constitution so called overlooked the word "MALAY" & its implications 54 years later!

    A Melayu -
    a) A person of Islamic Faith
    b) Practices Malay traditions, cultures & norms
    c) Speaks Malay language

    So can it be said it is difficult to become a MELAYU in this country..the answer is damn easy....

    Firstly ..just go "potong" and become a Muslim, that being the first step!

    Secondly, go eat with your hands, wear a sarong everyday & night, give salam to all your malay friends, must eat belacan, cincalok, budu, tempoyak and nasi lemak!

    Thirdly, every raya go visit all your Malay brethen's & attend open houses and make sure you also have open houses for all the races!

    It does not matter where you come from or what colour eyes or skin you have, or whatever beliefs you have previously! The minute you are a Muslim in Malaya/Malaysia you are a "MALAY" by default!

    That is why MALAYS here say you "sudah masuk Melayu"..bukan memeluk agama Islam!

    Literally they are all correct, a Chinese, Indian, Portugese, Irish, Swedish, Danish and even a Indian loves to "Masuk Melayu"!

    Your eyes can still be green, blue or yellow in colour! It does not matter!

    Half breeds are considered MELAYU's in this country according to the supreme law of this land!

    May ALLAH swt one fine day teach the MALAYS & Melayus in this country that they are fooling themselves and cannot continue to fool the others anymore!

    Allah swt the almighty made all man/women equal but human laws made us all "INEQUAL"!

    The religion of Islam gurantees equality to one and all, no matter what they belief and what they practice, no matter what parties they belong to, or what colour of skin they are!

    BUT THIS WORLD IS CRUEL - Malaysia and its leaders are no different!

    FINAL Judgement Day - all leaders will be held responsible to whatever they say or aware and be VERY SCARED!


    Malays are always suka perkara "PHD"..Perasaan Hasad & Dengki!

    Not doctorate - PHD!
    Say whatever you like - when their brothers become successful they get jealous and envious and find ways to bring them down!

    Tak percaya ask the ones doing food business - sendiri tidak untung tidak maju kasi buat santau, cari bomoh kasi buat jahanam kawan sebelah!


    They cannot stand on their own two feet and fight and survive and be successful! They always require & need "assistance" and "aids" to make IT!

    The bigger Malays in power will always fool and mislead the lesser Malays, their brains are limited and their skills curtailed forever!

    The sons of Nelayan, Petani, Peneroka will forever be left at that standard and status so that the ELITE Malays remain status quo forever!

    It is a fact of life - rich and powerful malays send their kids to the best Varsities in this world and come back with A-Grades ( some of it BOUGHT )

    They then hold very important post & high post in the Government and Private GLC's!

    The anak orang miskin kampung akan menjadi office-boy, messenger, kerja dikilang, jadi minah kilang, policeman dan tentera ( pangkat prebet )sahaja!

    Ask NOT what this country can do for YOU!
    Ask yourself what you CAN do for this country?


    INSYA ALLAH ....

  10. Why unravel the role of moderation that has been the cornerstone of this country for so long...your previous posts have reflected a stance against many social injustices and to now sound like a closet racist really baffled me.

    Pray tell us, has the Emperor lost his clothes?

  11. sharpevile 1960,

    I wonder myself why I wrote this does not reflect my thinking. The only excuse I can possibly have is that I received an email containing those sentiments and I wanted to put on paper the feelings of that sender...hence this piece.

  12. Steadylah, tak kan u tak tahu, all the trade off benefits the UMNOputra. Bumi biasa macam u dan i ini, tentulah dapat abuk sahaja.

  13. 1. It is not that the Malays are stupid but the other races are smarter OR

    2. It is not that the other races are smart but the Malays are stupid.

    Take either one of the above to reason why we are what we are now. A dominant race, yet still a loser.What a pity!

    Malays who are losers or made to feel as losers will mean votes for UMNO.

    If these Malays still failed to realise that they are at this losing end is all because of UMNO, then they and their generations after them will remain as losers that they deserve to be.

    As Pak Samad the poet laureate said, if you dont try PR, you will never know. Imagine breathing your last breath on this earth not knowing what it could have been had it been ABU.

  14. dun tell me that u r being ......come on lah brother hussien. dun b racist...we r all same..human race...this piece of article should not be publish at all.

  15. You are no more equal than me,I m no more equal than you,nobody is more equal than others-Lee kuan yew.

  16. If you must know, this is how Malays think.
    Malays have nowhere to go except to remain in Malaysia. Most Malays do not have the luxury of migrating to other countries unlike the non-Malays of Malaysia. For the non-Malays of Malaysia, when they don't like of what's happening in Malaysia whether politically, socially, economically, culturally or what not, they have the option of leaving this country for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, France, UK, Italy, USA, Taiwan or China to seek employment or permanent residency.

    You see, even if there is one Malay who wants to migrate, where can he go with a degree from a local university. He can't even write a sentence of simple English to start with. That is why Malaysia attracts foreign labours from Myanmar, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam because you don't need English to work in Malaysia.

    If Malaysia is prosperous, economically developed and have a good government, Malays will share this fruits of prosperity with other Malaysians as well as Myanmars, Bangladeshis, Vietnamese and what have you with no questions asked.

    But if this country becomes a failed state, the Malays will still owned up Malaysia as a failed state while droves of non-Malays will have the option of leaving. It is also possible that the Malays will end up with Myanmars, Vietnamese, Bangladeshi as their neighbours in replacement for the migrated non-Malays.

  17. HH,

    You have left out the fact that many Indons and Bangladeshi migrants (legal and illegal) have taken over the livelihood of the malays. In the Chow Kit road area, almost all the food vendors and petty traders are all Indons and Bangladeshis taking over from the malays who have been operating in the same area since the early 60's. So why aren't the malays asking the same question as in "what are they getting back in return?".

    Its ever so convenient to pinpoint the chinese and indians as the scapegoats for all problems faced by the malays. But why are the malays so silent on the massive granting of legal status to the Indons, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis? Is it because the malays consider the Indons, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis as their own? But do the Indons, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis feel the same as the malays if the situation is reversed? I doubt so because the Indons will never consider themselves as malays except in situation whereby being a malay means instant riches (example Khir Toyol).

    A day will come whereby the malays will wake up too late and find themselves the minority in this country over run by the Indons, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Africans. As for the chinese, no problem because they have survived for 5,000 years before and they will continue to survive principally on their survival spirit and adaptability to their environment where they have to exist.

  18. I was surprised that I read things about Malaysia in says..the word Melayu is thought to derive from the Sanskrit term Malaiur or Malayadvipa which can be translated as "land of mountains", the word used by ancient Indian traders when referring to the Malay Peninsular.

  19. The Malays Again!

    They are the wealthy lot in towns!
    Yes, who are these blokes by the way?

    Go check out the who is who list of RICH & Famous Melayus!

    Can bet he has been fed by the powers that be, otherwise he is just another makan pagi minum petang guy at any given mamak stall!

    He can claim this & that!
    We all truly know how they became super RICH!

    If not for the NEP and Cronies & Co, sorry brother Hussein tidak ada Jutawan atau Butawan MELAYU ( this is the term used for BILLIONAIRES)! There is no malay word for Billionaires as yet, Dewan Bahasa have not coined it yet! I can take credit and register this as a "new bahasa word"!

    The story is so simple!
    Once tha contract is signed by a Melayu!

    He reaches his phone and calls his sleeping partner (off course IT IS EITHER apek OR TAMBY- WONG/YAP/CHUA/LING/TONY/& TAMBY MANIAM/MUTUSAMY!)

    30%-50% - PROFIT ASSURED!

    So the big fat cake goes back to WHO?

    So this story is nothing new, you can still have another 500 years of NEP's & SEP's, CEP's! It makes no difference!

    The cake is still eaten by the same guys, and they aren't Melayus!

    So Melayu's remain forever poor feeding on crumbs! Only a handful become super rich because of the connections and strings attached, and mind you they are the same fellows all the time.

    The remaining Melayus: "kias pagi makan pagi sampai MATI!

    Go to any town and city of this Boleh-Land, go check out how many shops, stalls and businesses belongs to Melayu's!

    How many belongs to Apek's!

    All the Melayu's resort to makan gaji setiap bulan - static in nature but no need to work hard rest assured cucuk ATM keluar duit!

    They have this false sense of security, every 11 months they get a 1/2 month bonus! Walah they are so happy!

    They get a pension for life working for the Gormen!

    The business of making money - the Apek, he works day & night, saving and growing bigger and stronger, why?

    His culture says - "work hard and make sure you have enough for the next 7 GENERATIONS TO COME"!

    It is because he starts very small and has no financial backing from Day 1!

    His hard work makes him richer by the day!

    WHY - because all his clients and customers are Melayu's!

    The Melayu's collect their paycheck each & every month and spents it at the kedai APEK!

    The money passes hands so quickly!

    You name it they have it, from kedia runcit, to kedai motorkar, motorsikal, basikal, cuci rambut, hardwares, mini market, supermarket, KEDAI KAIN, EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN - even now "makanan CINA halal outlets"!

    So, abang Hussein please advice your Melayus to wake up from slumber land and become proactive and work hard, no more "Tunggu Durian Runtuh" type of falsafah!

    Compete with the best & the rest, do not be afraid to fail, failures have many valuable lessons! Grow wiser and grow stronger, or forever remain a weak RACE!

    Me -La - Yu!
    Sorry to have hurt your feelings, HH the truth hurts very MUCH BTW!