Thursday 15 September 2011

Comparing remunerations

with thanks to : KoSong

Speaking at a dinner event at the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Kuala Lumpur, PM Najib commented that Malaysian executives are underpaid when compared with those of other nations. But his brother is not doing too badly according to a blogger's comment in his blog, Sakmongkol AK47:

"Meanwhile, we are happy to note that the banker who has once said that the NEP has been bastardized and the ladder by which he has reached the top should now be thrown away is a workaholic coming to his office on Sundays and sometimes, as the guards below will tell you, coming at 2 am in the morning. I told the guard-

I can do better- if I am paid RM 1.2 million a month, I will even sleep in the office."


Meanwhile, another blogger has highlighted another blogger's unusual income of Rm80,000 per month, for allegedly being paid to write for a certain purpose, spreading false rumours.


I wonder: is there a market for stopping someone who regularly writes unfavourable things about BN and its leaders?


  1. Bro. Thanks for linking my post! I feel honoured. Don't you want to know the answer to my last question?

  2. BRO I KNOW the answer to your last question! Aisehman I am not 64 tears old for nothing! Gua sudah hidup banyak lama...

  3. Hidup sulah lama dunia sudah lihat banyak tapi pikiran ada sikit kolot maaa

  4. Why Sein, your blog can no longer stand on your own feet ah. Have to menempek Sakmongkol's.His is of a different league.....ivy.Yours gutter mate