Thursday 15 September 2011

Perkasa: ‘Melayu dijajah 400 tahun, tindakan afirmatif dua dekad DEB mana cukup’

Before any of you start to hantam this Ibrahim Ali again for making the above statement here are a few scientific facts  I would like to point out in his defense.
We are primates. If we are to look at the list of primates we would see that those closest to us Homo Sapiens are the Apes  -  Gorilla and Chimpanzee. If anybody is thinking that I am going to equate Ibrahim Ali to an ape please think what  the Ape will think of me if I did so! So perish that thought! 
We Homo Sapiens evolved through a combination of environmental and genetic factors to emerge as a species with the diversity and variety of ethnicities  that we see today – Malaysia is a good example of this.
The Apes evolve on a separate evolutionary pathway which sees them almost unchanged.
One of the defining principles that defines any species of homo sapiens is natural selection – a mechanism by which the fittest members of a species survive to pass on genetic information while the weakest are eliminated (Again please refrain from making any funny remarks about why was Ibrahim not eliminated!) 
But the evolution of man from ape-like ancestors to what he is now today is still being argued and debated because fossil records indicates more stability in the forms of species than the slow or even drastic changes which would have to occurr if the theory of evolution is to be believed.
Somewhere there is a missing link between the species – ie the link between Man and Apes.
There is a lack of evidence to truly confirm this evolution from Ape to Homo Sapiens because at the time that this was suppose to be happening, there was nobody to observe the changes and taking notes (for obvious reason lah – where got scientist then?) So there is no evidence to confirm this evolution theory….only theories.
Now the question that begs to be answered if this: Is Ibrahim Ali the missing “missing link”?

Please bear with me and take this scientific discourse seriously. This is not as far fetched as you might think. It is widely agreed that upon closer examination of the evolutionary theory, evidence reveals evolution to be increasingly less scientific and more reliant upon beliefs, not proof.
Please note : Beliefs not proof. So hands up those who believe that this Ibrahim Ali is the missing “missing link?”.
I see a sea of hands all around me….as far as the eye can see. I rest my case. 


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