Friday 16 September 2011

Najib and the ISA -reprise.

Below is a paragraph about Najib and the ISA that I wrote on July 31st  2009 in my posting titled : "Each new day is the dawn of a new Horror" at the following link:

Despite the advisers and ‘sahabats’ that you now have around you none have been able to make you understand what it is that you need do to win the hearts and mind of the people. Who will do so? 

I can. Lim Kit Siang can, Karpal Singh can. Even Anwar Ibrahim can - and they will do so despite the fact that if you are able to win the hearts and minds of the people it would mean that you are knocking another nail into their coffin. 

They will all say the same thing. Scrap the ISA. You do that and there will be an immediate increase in you popularity ratings from 65% to 75%...and they will be happy - for what you did what was right. 

But what about the “subversive elements” in the country? Najib you have the Special Branch, PDRM, the Army, MACC, the Judiciary System and an AG who will take instructions from you. You have many other instruments of State that you could use to ‘manage’ these subversive elements. 

Yes Pakatan Rakyat will claim that they made you abolish the ISA – but that still will not overshadow the fact that it was Najib Razak who returned freedom to the Rakyat by the abolishment of the ISA. No Najib, abolishing the ISA will not be a ‘brave’ political decision – (‘brave’ in political terms would normally mean ‘suicidal’ lah….) it will be the right thing to do.


  1. Maybe Najib is thinking that BN may lose the next GE. If they lose why must they leave behind such powerful weapons that the enemy can use on you? That is foresight man.

  2. It's not najib or pkr or bersih or rpk that sent ISA on it's way. It was the fear of losing among najib's circle that prompted a grand gesture such as this. And haven't we had a surfeit of grand gestures recently that have not been able to address the real issues - spr is still clueless and defensive, macc will still not touch the big fishes, the AG is still in cahoots with the untouchables, deals and mergers get bigger and shadier by the day, the SC has conflicts of interest, and Malaysian pockets are still empty. So, no, I am not celebrating

  3. Are we so pathetic to believe ISA will be abolished? No way man, it is all about ISA is going to be replaced and renamed with a new name.

  4. They paid big salaries to policeman, Lance Coporal promoted them without question in double quick time , make sure teachers got increase in pay, bonus paid out to all even retired peoples!

    Better the lives of many!
    Is that not forthcoming of an imminent elections?

    They must grease all the hands first so that they "Pangkah the right BOX".

    Guess - after this will announce toll reduction, fuel price reduction, sugar & flour price reduced!

    Come budget 2012 - income tax relief, free this & that, many more goodies, no tax hike for smokers/drinkers/holiday makers! NEW TAXI DRIVERS WILL BE GIVEN FREE PERMITS.

    BIG Increment for the whole Armed Forces (ATM & PDRM INCLUDED)!

    Must make sure that the "FEEL GOOD FEELING FACTOR IS FELT BY ONE & ALL"!


    JIBBY - money can't buy loyalty!
    Only fools and frogs will jump at the sign of $$$$$$!