Sunday 25 September 2011

Cakap cakap pagi Ahad: ABU

UMNO has continued to dominate the political landscape of our country for the wrong reasons. UMNO considers this country to be their fiefdom. They take from this fiefdom what ever they want and do with it whatever they will.  We can no longer afford to allow UMNO to do this to our country…and make no mistake this is our country!     

Every each day what UMNO and their leaders do challenges the very fabric of our way of life, challenges how we do things and breaks down every facets of our civil and social society as we know it now.  For too long we have been quiet as our government fail us and continue to behave as if there was nothing we can do to rein them in. We have shown patience and restraint as abuses after abuses of executive powers, as massive frauds and financial mismanagement come to light, as our people are beaten senseless and thrown into jail and our civil liberties are denied …is it not time for us to put UMNO and BN in their place?

I know that I am not the only one who wants to do this. I know I am not the only one who waits for change. We would rather see the collapse of UMNO then see the rule of law collapse because of UMNO!

And here we are ready for change!

We will no longer consider any appeal for another chance, for another term in office or for another opportunity for UMNO to do good because the time for negotiations is past. I have made up our mind. And so have my family, my relatives, my friends, my neighbors and many many others across the length and breath of this country. Make no mistake Najib – this


being shouted all over our country is a real battle cry that will roll over anything that BN can put in its way to try and slow down its momentum.This is a spontaneous outpouring of pent up frustration and despair that has dogged our county ever since Mahathir came to power. Ever since that evil man became PM of our country.

Anything you do now will be too little to late. You no longer speak the language we understand. You lie too much for us to believe you anymore. 

You talk about repealing the ISA…let me tell you this Najib. We all have an emotional attachment to the ISA. We know of families separated from their love ones because of the ISA. We know of families trying to survive when their sole breadwinners is put away without trial for years. We have suffered and lived the agony and despair with these families as their loved ones are taken away in the dead of night to places unknown to be tortured and later incarcerated by your goons in PDRM. So we all have an emotional attachment to the ISA…and when you play with our emotions and say that the ISA is to be repeal…you toy with our emotions. 

The ISA is still here today..and we know that even if it were repealed it would be replaced with a more draconian instrument that would still allow your government to do what it does now – put people away without trial.

If you think that the people who are propping you up and who are now at your beck and call will be there to give you protection and support when the people are against you – then think again! Think Saddam Hussein, think Mubarak, think Gadaffi…..think Mahathir whom you and even I can now dismiss with a click of our mouse from our presence if we so desire….and if I so desire I can call him a bloody old fool who does not seem to understand that he is no longer PM.

Our people have come of age and we will resolve these issues ourselves at the ballot box come the 13th GE.

The Malays are no longer comatose. The Chinese now want to be involved in politics. The Indians will no longer allow themselves to be marginalized. The Ibans and the Dayaks will no longer tolerate their corrupt leaders. Everyone else that calls Malaysia their home will stand up and be counted when the 13th GE is upon us.

There has already been change in the Middle East. Change in East Timor. Change in Indonesia. Change in Thailand and even rumblings of change in Singapore. Is it not time for us to change too? 

Fortunately for us the opportunity exists for change and the alternative to UMNO exists in PR……no more talk, no more being quiet no more restrain no more being patient.

We move against UMNO, against BN now. What more can Najib try and do now to persuade us to his side?

If he tells us that he will separate the Judiciary from the executive arm of the BN government? We know he lies!

Abolish the Sultans? He lies!

Ask Rosmah to cease and desist her running jump at trying to be Mrs PM? He cannot!

Stop corruption and money politics in UMNO? He cannot!

Implement the 1Malaysia that the people want? He lies!

Pay back all that UMNO has taken from our national coffers?Impossible!

PR no longer has to tell us that BN tells us lies and are corrupt. PR no longer has to tell us that BN is arrogant. We see this everyday ourselves in how they behave and the promises of transformation BN heap upon us almost daily…in the manner Najib and his Ministers deal with us everyday. Najib have never bothered to understand the contempt we feel for the meddling of his wife in our country’s affairs, nor does he understand that lying to the people only increases our contempt for him and other BN leaders.

PKFZ, Scorpene Submarines, cronyism, abuse of the privitization inititives, gutter politics, a PDRM corrupt to its very core…all this defines UMNO for us. What happened to Altantuya, to Teoh Beng Hock, to Kugam to Aminurasyid to Sarbaini and to all those people tortured and murdered while in PDRM and MACC’s custody also will always define UMNO for us. It will always define for us UMNO leaders who were arrogant, cruel and corrupt – none more so than Mahathir! PR need not convince us of this – we see this for ourselves…and now you think we will vote for UMNO/BN? Huh!

It is now for PR to persuade us that they deserve our support to form government…for we will still listen to them!

I am steadyaku47 and that my fellow Malaysian this is how things are today 27th September 2011 Sunday morning at 9.20am Adelaide time. Salam.



  1. Most of us know that. And a totally agreed with you and your thoughts. My question is HOW ? What must be done?

  2. Does that mean you will be coming back to vote? That will be an expensive affair unless they really extend postal voting to you.

  3. I fully support ABU. My personal reason being PPSMI.

    BN led govt has the power to give PPSMI as an option but decided against the wishes of majority. JMM survey has proven what many believed all this while - that majority including the rural malays want PPSMI.

    PAS & PKR may have rejected PPSMi but they are not the ones in power NOW.

    I'll vote against BN!


    There are still many folks who do not trust Pakatan Rakyat becos the trio of DAP/PAS & PKR is another marriage of convenience !

    Just like what BN is all about - UMNO/MCA & MIC!

    So what is the big deal?
    Lets give them a chance!
    5 years to proof us all wrong!

    If they fail us we form up another new party..