Wednesday 14 September 2011

From my 5.36am Wednesday 14th September 2011

I have a dream…..a dream that should really become a reality if good is to triumph over evil. I want to see those arrogant UMNO and BN politicians taken from their homes in handcuff and put on trial after a suitable period of time spend as a guest at Sungai Buloh. I want to see them in the dock answering charges of corruption and the abuse of their executive power for personal gain while in public office. I want to see their arrogance change into fear as they understand the gravity of their crime and the resolve of a government that has the political will to punish those who abuse the trust place upon them by the very people that has elected them to office. And I want to have a front seat to watch all this unfold in front of my very eyes!

I want Razak Baginda standing in the same dock as Najib Razak to answer the questions we want asked: About the RM$500 million commission. About Altantuya. About how these crimes were perpetrated.
I want Taib Mahmud incarcerated and put on trial for corruption on a scale unprecedented and for his abuse of executive power while Chief Minister of Sarawak without regards or concessions for his age or any previously held public office.
I want Khir Toyo to be skinned, gutted and fast tracked into the prison system for his greed and arrogance while Menteri Besar of Selangor. But of course he is to be given a fair trail, convicted and then thrown into jail to serve his sentence with thieves and murderers – if these thieves and murderers will have him!
If Hosni Mubarak can be wheeled into court on a bed so can any UMNO or BN leader who are required to present themselves in court to answer any charges that he has been accused of – no matter what their physical condition, no matter what their age! Not only on charges of criminal conduct while in public office but also for crimes that brought Malaysia down onto its knees because of the endemic corruption and systematic abuse of executive power that the Barisan Nasional led government has allowed and even encouraged to happen at all levels of government while in office.
Right now our country stands shamed and at par with the tin pot alley corrupt regimes that has characterized African politics for decades. We have equaled if not surpassed Indonesia and the Philippines if not in the length and breath of the scale of corruption then at least in the amount plundered and pillaged by those who have been given the trust to govern our nation.
All this has been possible because our Prime Minister, his Deputy and Cabinet Ministers are complicit in this deceit to take for themselves, their political accomplices, their families and their cronies what material wealth they can take from the coffers of our nation.
And now it is our turn to show our determination and our resolve to these criminals that all this duplicity will no longer be allowed to fester and blight our nation any more. We do this not only by voting for Pakatan Rakyat but by ensuring that whoever we vote into office will do their duty as the elected representatives of the people. That they represent the people not themselves, not their families, and certainly not their cronies.
So Pakatan Rakyat take note. You have our sympathies but not yet our votes. You have our support but not yet victory at the 13th general election. You have the real possibility of forming government after the 13th general election but not yet the means to do so. All will rest in the hands of the people of this nation. Listen to them. Listen and hear what they say. Listen, hear and do what needs to be done. Have good, honest and decent leaders to lead Pakatan Rakyat because those who lead Pakatan Rakyat will lead the people and will lead this nation. Get out of the comfort zone that Pakatan Rakyat found itself after the 12th general election. Understand that we will question your commitment to do what you say you will do and we will hold you to your promises of:
·      Transparent and genuine democracy
·      Social justice and human development
Pakatan Rakyat will need to negotiate a steep learning curve as it come to terms with what it can and what it cannot do when in power. There will be opportunities to enrich themselves beyond what we mere mortals can only dream of and some amongst them will succumb to the temptations. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely – again the heady emotions of wielding power at State level will make anyone salivate at the thoughts of wielding power at the Federal Level – what will they do to make that a reality?
Do what UMNO has done? God forbids !! Common sense tells us that ‘good intentions’ alone will not hold Pakatan Rakyat together. What will? The spoils of wars? Much too soon the unraveling of Pakatan Rakyat has started – what we see and hear in public must surely be the tip of the iceberg. The union is too fragile and without cohesion to survive effectively unless there is unity in purpose. I hope I am wrong but this I know. The next election is there for Pakatan Rakyat to lose.


  1. A reminder to PR to what need to be done to be relevant and if PR is not listening,then their fate is sealed.......

  2. Was your dream a wet one...I bet there's none left

  3. Its my dream too. Please reserve the front seat next to you for me, at any price :)

    POK Li