Sunday 11 September 2011

cakap cakap...if you are over 80, it must be senility.

Malaysia’s Mahathir: 9/11 not work of Muslims
I saw that headlines this morning and I really do not know how to react.

Is Mahathir saying that Osama Ben Ladin is not a Muslim?

Is America prepared to kill 3000 in that 9/11 incident as an excuse to start a Jihad style war against Muslims ?

Or was 9/11 a mega Hollywood type wag the dog style of production used as a cover to go into Iraq and Afghanistan  - spend trillions of USD dollars and send US troops to die for what? Petrol? To kill of the Muslims?

Or is the old man going senile?  

I take umbrage to the above statement made by Mahathir ….before we proceed I want you all to know that this is an historic moment for me because this is the first time in my life that I have used the word “umbrage!” …something that I sure many of you are still to do! Horay for me! But I digress…..I take umbrage to that statement because why should the Muslim not be able to do what the Americans have time and time again demonstrated they can do so well. Kill people! Did not Mahathir say that Malaysia boleh? So if Malaysia boleh then Muslims to can boleh. If the Americans can kill 1.1 million North Vietnamese army personnel during the Vietnam War why can’t the Muslim not be able to do something similar albeit in a smaller scale?

All things considered I will go for senility! 

Now that this is settled I will now eagerly wait for Mahathir comments on the Moon Landing...camna?

While he is at it I have it on good authority that many in the US of A are  convinced that the Petronas Twin Towers are actually holograms and that the real achievement of the Mahathir regime is that they have somehow invented a way of projecting those 3D Holograms in broad daylight! Camna?     

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  1. No lah Pak, Mahathir is not yet senile, he is so sound to make it sounds he's senile, he wants some muslims to prove his theory of conspiracy by replicating it on his Petronas Twin Tower to prove he's senile.