Sunday 11 September 2011

cakap cakap...random thoughts on UMNO and Mahathir

I am not too sure of what is precisely wrong with UMNO.
Maybe that is not completely correct.
I know it has something to do with money politics, greed, arrogance
 but whatever it is I am sure it is Mahathir’s fault! 
Well 30 years is enough time to make sure that he gets it wrong! 
Look at the mess Malaysia and all of us are now in! 
We know and he knows for sure that he certainly did not get it right!

Mahathir and UMNO should be grateful that God does not grant everything that PAS members and many of us have been praying pray for. I know that the Good Lord has said  there is  some good in everything and everyone on this earth but with UMNO and Mahathir I am still searching for that elusive something. I am 64 and Mahathir is over 80…dear Lord please let me find that something soon for I do not have that many more years left to search – and Mahathir even less. And if you think I should stop searching then give me a sign…any sign …maybe you can make the sun rise tomorrow morning at dawn. That would be a sign for me and I can take that as your command to me to stop searching. 

I know that since Merdeka days UMNO has always fought for what they believe in. But dear Lord must you make it the acquisition of material wealth? Is it their fault if what they believe in is money? Such is the lot for these people. Now we know why they call upon you Lord to grant them the serenity to accept things they cannot change, the courage to change the things they can and the MONEY to make the difference.

And Dear Lord
One other request.
That Din guy was asked by UMNO to stop and think about what he has done when he drew out that Keris.
I guess when he was asked to stop thinking then
He has yet to start thinking again. 
Please remind him to start thinking again!

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  1. Excellent! I have the same views as you mentioned above.Keep it up.
    Thank you very much. It is wonderful that in Malaysia would have a person like you telling the truth based on your positive minds.