Tuesday 13 September 2011

Some people are working backstage, 
some are playing in the orchestra, 
some are on-stage singing, 
some are in the audience as critics and some are there to applaud. 
Know who and where you are!


  1. Pak HH,

    All the hardworks by those creative people are not made for reasons other than for the audience who make a performer knows his worth.

  2. Dear HH
    Everybody has a role. Yes you are right; know who and where you are.You should add 'why you are there'.
    I know you are ABU (anything but UMNO) and many are with you heart and soul but your obsession with ABAI (anyone but Anwar Ibrahim)??
    Are you here more of ABU or is it all about ABAI.
    Dont give the answer-both. One must have a higher priority.