Thursday 17 September 2009

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Above are some prices for PROTON in Australia. Almost anybody with a Job, any job. can buy these cars. Click on the pictures and it will expand.


  1. The ordinary people in Malaysia will pay with their arm and legs for most of the necessities. Like the above car, the financing has been extended to 9 years. By the 4-5th year, the maintenance cost is already the same as the installment payment. But, the government is saying they are helping the low and middle income to own a car while neglecting the public transportation.

    The politicians and high profile government officers got all those for free. That is through the entitlement of their position or from the ill-gottens means.

    That's the beauty of 1Malaysia. Who wants it, can have it, but the problem is for you to keep.

  2. Dont you realise that you are cheated when you buy the Malaysian car in Malaysia?