Saturday 26 September 2009

What's UMNO politician or a child molester?

Now what if we have a politician who is a child molester? Only in UMNO…only in UMNO!  It is my opinion that one of the most vile, despicable and sordid deed ever done by UMNO and Mahathir was to protect Rahim Thambi Chik - a child molester - and imprisoning Lim Guan Eng for speaking out against it. Let us look at the facts:
Child: Every human being below the age of 18 years is a  child.

Child sexual abuse: In which an adult abuses a child for sexual stimulation. A child cannot consent to sexual activity with adults. An adult who engages in sexual activity with a child is performing a criminal and immoral act which can never be considered normal or socially acceptable behavior.
Rahim Thambi Chik:  Leader of the State Government of Melaka.

UMNO: Largest political party in Malaysia. Has ruled  uninterrupted since Merdeka. A major proponent of Malay nationalism and a “truly” Islamic Party.

Lim Guan Eng:  “If I fail and have to go to jail, I have no regrets. I have no regrets of going down fighting for the principles of truth and justice. There can be no women's rights if women rape victims are considered equally responsible, and even detained, whilst the accused remain free.”

Attorney Gebneral Datuk Mohtar Abdullah: He made the office of Attorney General into a tool of oppression to drag to court perceived political critics and enemies of UMNO.

Mahathir: The Prime Minister who practically destroyed all the institutions of democracy in Malaysia. Corruption and cronyism flourished under his rule.
The case: Tan Sri Rahim Thambi Chik raped a 15-year old girl. The underaged school girl admitted the affair. The Attorney General dismissed the case against Tan Sri Rahim as being without sufficient evidence when the girl could not make specific description of Tan Sri Rahim Thambi Chiks private parts - such as its length and size. Lim  Guan Eng spoke out against it and he was put in prison for three years. No charges have been brought against Rahim for the rape and sexual abuse of the under age girl.
This is a classic example of the arroggance of power and the extent to which UMNO had gone to protect one of its own. Lim Guan Eng was hunted down because he was going to compromise Tan Sri Rahim Thambi Chik’s integrity or lack thereof. They say truth is stranger then fiction. Guan Eng was not an enemy of the state. He did not sell state secrets to Singapore nor gave military intelligence to Thailand. But Guan Eng was a true enemy of UMNO. Not only was he from DAP – but a Chinese with Lim Kit Siang, Chairman of DAP as his Father. UMNO wanted to demonstrate to all and sundry what would happen to those that dare to cross their path.
If those in power wanted to teach Lim Guan Eng a lesson for speaking out against one of their own then sending him to prison is one sure way of doing it and the Attorney  General was the guy to do it. The Judicial system is a powerful tool to use against “enemies’ of UMNO and Mahathir. Laws are only as good as the desire and agenda of those responsible for enforcing them. Mahathir shamelessly used the judicial system as a tool to retaliate, bully and destroy the lives of those he does not like. Truth and justice were of no concern to him. Mahathir’s concern was getting a conviction on trumped up charges with fabricated evidence and to put the fear of UMNO in people.

The Rakyat are unwittingly funding the destruction of perceived enemies of UMNO on frivolous issues and selective prosecutions because the government and UMNO uses its power and exploit these advantages for their personal agendas. UMNO has unlimited money and unbridled power. When Guan Eng or any Rakyat finds themselves confronted on an issue that contradicts UMNO—whatever these issues may be, they then becomes an “Enemy of the State”. Our government is spending the Rakyat’s Ringgit to carry out theses atrocities. Without exposure of this conduct and a change in the culture of institutional and bureaucratic bullying, we are all vulnerable to becoming Enemies of the State.

What of Lim Guan Eng now? He has moved on in life. He now has the opportunity to show us what he can do in Penang and the recent Tranparency International (TI) commendation of the Island State of Penang for its anti-corruption efforts is an accolade he truly deserves.

As for Tan Sri Rahim Thambi Chik he is Chairman of RISDA and GABEM – whose stated objectives is “Memperkasa dan Memartabatkan Ekonomi Melayu Menuju Malaysia Maju 2020". Translation – satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional to rape, plunder and pillage Malaysia….and so the saga continues….


  1. Dear En Hussien,

    I am glad that Rahim Tamby Chik past action is being brought back to remind us Malaysian and the world, not only how Rahim raped 15years old girl, it's how UMNO has raped the nation and it's people.

    Thank you again for reminding us.

    To Kampung Buah Pala residents, pls read this and I hope anil netto read your blog.

    Good Health & Best Regards

  2. Dear friends,

    I read this piece with great regret.

    I am not regretting on the staright-forward and hitting on the nail on the head style. In fact, I have no regret that this nail can now help seal the coffin that holds the dead body of BN/UMNO.

    I am regretting on how our politicians in power eroded and dimmed the future of our beloved country by self-serving hypocrites. They are pretending to serve the country but instead serve themselves. They pushed aside the laws of the country to cover their wrong doings through selective persecution. They manipulated the justice system to break free from the jail.Ya, I remember Lingam "correct, correct, correct" dealing at the back. They pretend to make urgent purchases (submarines, helicopters etc) for the country but instead filled their pockets through under-table commissions.BMF RM2.5 billion scandal is now a child play compared with PKFZ RM12.5 billion.

    All must help to stop the bleeding of our country before it is beyond redemption.

    Redeemer of our hope is PR.

  3. To me, Pakatan Rakyat is the Redeemer of our Hope.

    To me, Pakatan is the TRUE AGENT that will bring about meaningful change to the country.

    Right this moment, i see ZERO possibility of UMNO and BeeEnd changing of its own current inertia.

    They need to lose the elections for them to fundamentally change. For them to realise pandering to their own UMNO warlords have brought them to destruction.

    ONly when faced with ultimate destruction and true failure will something or someone change.

    ONe wont change when living comfortably in their mansions , driving their Mercedes and have PDRM and corrupt judges to protect one!


    Dont make me laugh.

    Ultimately , Pakatan may or may not be our true answers.

    But we need them to be strong becoz without them, we are finished. We need them to be strong to 'force' UMNO to change!


  4. Sir,

    Sometimes I wonder why people have no shame and have so much greed in them.

    Thanks for reminding us that UMNO has not really changed and that Lim Guan Eng is already making headway in clean governance during his first term as CM of Penang.

  5. Thanks HH.

    As I've said, we need more of these. I'm sure you know more as you were closed to them.

    Keep on reminding, all the bad and the ugly, as there was none the good!

  6. Yes Sir, the saga continues.

    The Proton saga also continues...keep on churning out sub-standard cars at high prices for Malaysian buyers. For buyers in foreign lands, they pay much less for our "potong" saga. Malaysia truly boleh. The UMNO saga also continues....

  7. steadyaku47. Syabas. Tahniah. Keep on writing the truth. We need nm ore nails to hammer the coffin tight. I am glad there are people lkike aku47 around. The rest are all good for nothing, without 'balls'. They are happy living in their mansons and driving their porsh cars and living comfortable lives.
    What do they know whats goin on around them. They would even shut and say nothing if someone from Ameno rapes behind their backyards. Of course, the Polis Raja Di Malaysia under Ameno are 'kings' and to further protect them is the screwed judiciary. When are these judges going to seriously pray to the god and ask for forgiveness. Do they think it's only money and 'darjat' that matters in this world. Shouldn't they stand up with their heads held high.What happened to their 'taqwa' to god.Shame on all TOP CIVIL SERVANTS who don't stand their grounds. Why must they buckle under the PM's command. Shouldn't they he holding on to their principles and protect the civil rights.

  8. Which rape victim will ever measure the length and diameter of the rapist's private part??
    Stupid question asked by a stupid Attorney General!!!
    Who employed this idiot in the first place??

  9. The Rahim Thamby Chik case was one of the numerous injustices of our justice system !

    And to know that Rahim Tamby Chik can still be accorded much recognition in UMNO is an effront to right thinking people !

  10. oops ... effront should be spelt as "affront".

  11. If I were raped, I don't think i can even open my eyes, and try to fight off the odious experience. Who can even think & remember to measure the shape, thickness & length of the rapist dick? And maybe even pleasure from it? Hmmmmm, maybe only the UMNO women can recall vividely?

  12. The Rakyat need to be reminded that UMNO Warlords no matter how tainted they are,not only are they protected, but also rewarded with high positions. TQ for reminding us about this heinous deed of Ramli & the punishment to the undeserving Lim Guan Eng. A Truly Msian MARTYR who will lead Msia to a bright future for all Msians. Syabas Guan Eng.

  13. UMNO BN has been ruling the country for 52 years. Such behavior has become a way of life to them. Corruption, cheating, raping, & etc.
    Shame is no longer in their blood. The only way is to dump the UMNO BN in the next GE and at any by election.

  14. what a beautiful article to read, after reading the younger Lim's (CM of PENANG)article and earlier this morning an article by the grand daughter of BAPAK MALAYSIA Iin MT keep it up mate may not be a malaysian but have relatives there(pity them)

  15. Thank you for bringing this matter up. The rakyat needs constant reminders of the evil of UMNO. Please bring up more of such abuses of justice, institutional corruption and double standards in law enforcement in Malaysia. Write it in BM as well. These constant reminders will cause people to turn against UMNO and BN in every bi-election and in GE 13.

    I read a story about how someone asked Josef Stalin why he oppresses the people in the USSR. To answer the question, he caught a live chicken and began to mercilessly pull out its feathers. The chicken struggled and squawked in pain and agony. After most of its feathers were pulled out, Stalin released the chicken. Then he placed some chicken feed in his palm and offered it to the chicken. The chicken willingly came back to him and ate from his hand. And Stalin said, "When I oppress the people, they still come to me and feed from my hand..."

    That is what the cruel UMNO has been doing to Malaysians. Let no Malaysian ever forget this!

    Do NOT vote UMNO and BN in any election and especially in GE 13!

  16. It was not rape per se, but statutory rape. The girl was willing, but she was underage. Rahim Tamby Chik thought he was smart, but I guess he was sabotaged by one of his machais who was tasked with finding a girl for him. The brutusque machai was a mole planted by RTC's political foe from UMNO. The plan was a success, although RTC was not charged with the crime. He had to relinquish his Chief Minister's post and until now is a has been in UMNO politics. Still, his success in transforming Melaka into a modern city state must be acknowledged. The man did bring positive changes to the state.

  17. Bring in what ever development or progress you may, the law says, a criminal is still a criminal! Why dont the Attorney General charge him?

  18. Zulkifli...u r sicko... probably a potential 15-year-old molestor....

    Look at ur writing man...

  19. Good reminder. Thinking aloud are there other umno minister involved in such cases...Good to find out

  20. There are other ministers involved but the girls they were involved would be hurt personally if I name them...with Rahim Thambi Chik the girl was already identified.

  21. Some of you might be interested to read the comments on this MetaFilter post, with reference to the arrest of Roaman Polanski to be extradited to the US for raping a 13 y.o. three decades ago.


  22. for zulkifli:
    "Statutory rape laws are based on the concept that a young person may desire sex but may lack the experience possessed by legal adults to make a mature decision as to whether or not to have sexual contact with a particular person. Thus, the law assumes, even if he or she willingly engages in sexual intercourse with a legal adult, his or her sex partner may well have used tactics of manipulation or deceit against which the younger person has not yet developed sufficient discernment or defense."


    now you gte it, zulkifli?

  23. you seem to have left out the sequel....

    In the 2000 GE, the Girl and her new husband was paraded before the MSM to campaign for BN!! And they denounced LGE and her grandmother, if I recall correctly.