Thursday 24 September 2009

cakap cakap...

Sometimes I make a point of surfing the net – reading what other bloggers write and their thoughts and comments on things that concerns them. There are a lot of bloggers out there with opinions on a lot of things. That includes me. We virtually have license to write what we want – but of course our own sense of responsibility and accountability and the fear of the Special Branch and of the ISA have a knack of reining people in – to make them cautious of what they write. I have no such qualms.So do I write what I want? 

Yes and no. I could write about the sexual escapades of a number of our Ministers and VIPs. I do not do so because in doing so I will also be hurting their family directly. – hitting below the belt  - though they have no qualms about doing so to others. What concerns me is that their wife and their children will be hurt and I have no quarrel with them.

My quarrel is with those UMNO Politicians who are unable to understand that what they do is wrong. I have been reminded to treat Mahathir with more respect for he has done so much for the country. Let us reflect on that. He is supposed to do a good job! We did not allow him to govern us so that he could make his children filthy rich. Make his cronies rich. So that he could have his grand scheme of things become his legacy to the nation – Putrajya, KLIA, KLCC, Proton – how dare he thinks that those are his legacy to the nation – the country does need legacies.

What was he thinking when he made the Judiciary into his likeness? The Judiciary is not there to serve him. And then when he was no longer Prime Minister he became a spoilt child – merajuk because Abdullah was not what he wanted him to be. What arrogance is that to think that the Prime Minister of the day will do the bidding of an ex Prime Minister? All this serves to show Mahathir for what he  is – an arrogant and pompous man too full of himself to stop and think that others might think differently from him. The arrogance of a man who thinks he knows what is best for Malaysia and for all of us. Sad. Very very sad

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