Saturday 26 September 2009

Cakap cakap...London days.

Malaysia Hall

London in 1960’s was not for the faint hearted. Brian Jones, Lester Piggot, Desmond Dekker, The Shrimp, Twiggy, Sandie Shaw, The Beatles, MicK Jagger ….ahhhh such hedonistic and decadent days spent trawling Piccidilly Circus and Oxford Streets, Paddington and the Portebelllo Road markets. Wonderful lunches at Malaysia Hall where you just swooped in for food and out again  - maybe a quick game of table tennis and a look at the local Malaysian papers..and then out again onto Marble Arch.  Hyde Park and speakers corners on weekends.

I have never relived those days again when it seems that the world was so alive and well and the days were there to be lived and enjoyed. Who knows you might see Ringo driving by in his mini…as I did. Well I think I did! You might wake up the next morning and see in the New of the World Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull arrested with drugs on their person. Listen to the music of Cream and Blind faith. You were living and breathing the same air as the Beatles. Apple corporation was just down the road but you never got to go there because there were so many other things to do….and how you regret it now…if only you had spent a few hours outside might have got to see Lennon.

My head swirls with the memories of those days gone by. Forty over years ago and yet I can clearly see Selfridges (where my then girlfriend now wife worked) as clearly as I can see my wrinkled face and white hair in the mirror staring back at me as I now reminisce…looking at my side profile to see if any trace of that youthful me still lingered physically. Alas the answer is “NO”…but my eyes twinkle thinking that the then girlfriend now wife is still the love of my life. Still makes me smile when I still wait for her while she shops….though nowdays I can only last about fifteen minutes of tagging along on her shopping jaunts before I need to sit down and have lunch or tea. Using whatever excuse I can use in order to sit down, read the papers and while the hours away until she is ready to go home.

There is still joy in my life in living it – though only now life is more measured and defined. You pace yourself in order to be able to go through the day with a bit of “vigour” and vim….or you will fall asleep by 9pm instead of the 10.30 that you usually do….to tired to even have dinner. Age is a luxury few can enjoy and most resent. I have no qualms.


  1. Now this post explains why you're so alive and awake, Hussein. You chose to be born and grow up in the 60s and 70s when youth seemed as eternal as hope itself - and radical change was in the air. Those of us who have been part of that era may be dismissed as "ageing hippies" or wilted flower children... but we carry the same burning optimism and zest for life in our souls that inspired all those who have made a difference in the course of evolution! :-)

  2. Your write-up on "London Days" brings me back to memory lane. Though never studied in UK but have been there a few times - attending courses, business meetings and holidays.

    Yes the London landmarks along Oxford Street - Selfridges, Mark and Spencer, Marble Arch, Cumberland Hotel, Hyde Park etc bring fond memories.

    Also the nasi campur at Malaysia Hall along Bryanston Square, Big Ben, London Bridge, Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Harrods are all fresh in my mind though I have not been to London for about a dozen years already.

    Since my son is furthering his studies there next year, I plan to
    visit London and other parts of UK again soon, God willing.

    Bro, I noticed that you have been postings a lot of articles/write-ups lately. I am sure it takes a lot of time. I suppose you are fully retired and living on your retirement fund. No? You must have a good nest-eggs then. Envy you.


  3. Kala Jengking...London holds good memories for both of us...I do steadyaku47 full time. I have no retirement funds...I live week to week doing what i can....I want to see if steadyaku47 can bring me some income.It is a challenge I look forward to doing.Regards.


  4. Dad: Last time I was in London (2001), I was at Camden Markets with Ann and we were taking in the 'London aura and atmosphere', when from behind us we hear the most annoying and cringe-worthy sound: "Hi, boleh berkenalan?".

    You can take the girls out of KL but the KL boys will still find them.