Wednesday 16 September 2009

Bagan Pinang...there is no Plan B.

with thanks to Subang Jayan for use of this image

“The people who live in the kampongs in Bagan Pinang are so very poor, Hussein. They have simple homes, and live simple lives. And they are fine people: friendly, happy, simple, good. It is a shame that despite the fact that their own kind are in power, their lot hasn't changed”.

If they hated our (the non malays) guts, I'd not be surprised. I might too, given that I had bumiputera status, and I had less than the bangsa asing that live next door! Sigh, things are so wrong here lah, I wouldn't know how to change them - there's so much to do.

“We're silenced by the parties that are supposed to represent us (mic, mca, gerakan, and other impotent idiots), so most will be behind Pakatan”.
I think if we took the government, their slogans and their so-called advice out of the equation, we'd all get along fine! It's with their help that we have these feelings that we're not getting enough, or being bullied out of our rightful place! It's all too stupid”.

This was what I was told when I inquired of a friend living in Bagan Pinang as to what was Bagan Pinang like. That in a nutshell is the situation in Bagan Pinang – if we take the ‘postal votes’ factor out of the equation.But since when have the wants’s of the people been of concern to UMNO? All that matters to UMNO is how do they stop the rot. How do they stop losing to Pakatan Rakyat?

Has UMNO come to this?

The coming of the 2008 election was the dawn of a new era for all Political parties in Malaysia – a BRAN NEU DAY – as they say in Australia. Pakatan Rakyat was handed a victory that till today they are trying to come to terms with. An assortment of political parties joined together to give the Rakyat an alternative, any alternative, to UMNO and Barisan Nasional. The voters considered the election a referendum on whether they wanted Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat. That and that alone decided who won what seats.

The Malays were asked to vote UMNO so that their rights would be protected. The Malays decided that their right would be protected better by Pakatan Rakyat then by UMNO. The Malays decided that after 50 years UMNO have done more for UMNO then for the Malays. We go to where we are cared for – maybe Pakatan Rakyat will deliver. We will hold them to the promise they made to us.

In their unseemly haste to position themselves factions within  UMNO decided that they no longer wanted Abdullah Badawi as their President. Rather then be pushed out, Abdullah graciously stepped down. Did UMNO have a worthy replacement? Yes Najib. Najib? Yes Najib! This would have been our classic Alfred E Neuman moment of “What’s me Worry” if it was just UMNO that was involved. But tragic when the final cost to our country and us is finally accounted for. This Najib is fundamentally flawed.

Already even before he became PM, came the taking of Perak. A classic for the “What not to do” book for future Malaysian Politicians because you are damm if you succeed, damm if you failed. After Perak it was downhill all the way. I will not bore you all with the details but suffice for me to say that the speed with which he was able to make deeper the hole he was already in, was breath taking. Speedy Gonzales would have been proud of Najib - arriva arriva andale andale !!!!
And now Bagan Pinang. ? All that matters to UMNO is “How do we stop the Rot”. How do we stop losing to Pakatan Rakyat? They are considering Isa Samad as their candidate. Why? Win at all cost. If we are not willing to cheat, then we don’t want to win bad enough.

Has UMNO come to this?

They want so desperately to win this immediate battle unconcern that they will lose the war in the long run? Is there nobody in UMNO moral enough to stand up and say “Not Isa Samad. He has been convicted of corruption”. 

Yes I understand that once a man has serve his time he should be given an opportunity to get back into society and earn his keep. I am sorry but he will have to earn his keep somewhere else. Not with me. Would I take an ex convict to work in my garden? No. Would I take him to work in my kitchen? No. What about as my driver? No. And now UMNO is asking the people of Bagan Pinang to accept Isa as their State Assemblyman?. The one who is going to be taking care of their area in Parliament? Where is the morality of it all?

Has UMNO really come to this?

Dato Onn, Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein, Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi will say But Najib is considering it and Najib is desperate enough to say “YES”. The UMNO Warlords of Negri Sembilan say that they have their White Knight for Bagan Pinang. Isa will save UMNO. Isa will start the tsunami to drown PR.

Najib if you believe that and the results proves that you were right – you will still lose. Because for the people of Malaysia you have made the wrong decision again and you will know that you did come the  General Elections. So for Pakatan Rakyat there is no Plan B. Whatever happens in Bagan  Pinang, we win!


  1. Bro.

    "Najib if you believe that and the results proves that you were right – you will still lose."

    How true.

    But we know that UMNO mangamalkan matlamat menghalalkan cara. End justify the means.

    Matlamatnya apa? Nak menang. Caranya kira halal. Menipu pun halal, calon rasuah pun halal, bagi duit/barang untuk pancing undi pun halal, guna jentera kerajaan untuk kempen pun halal, cakap bohong pun halal, semua yang haram jadi halal.... Janji menang. Orang Melayu cakap "menang sorak kampung tergadai. Same like "win the battle but loose the war."

    For Bagan Pinang, the crucial factor is postal votes. In 2008 election, 1189 postal votes goes to PR. IF PR can maintain or slightly increase this number and 50% of other Malay voters support them, then UMNO/BN will be in trouble. But it will not be easy as UMNO/BN strategy is "matlamat menghalalkan cara." Let us see.

  2. The way I look at it, UMNO/BN can win this as everyone has a price for their head. Isa and his camp has the resources to pay for the aksing price. If he has done that in the UMNO election, he can do it here very easily. After all, BN has an easy head start of 30%.

    That's the reason UMNO/BN loves to keep those people in the low income group so that the asking price would be low. They keep talking and bring about development, but the real beneficiary is for themselves and not the ordinary folks.

    So, it's an uphill battle for PR for this place.

  3. "matalamat menghalakan cara"...agree! But if we lie down and do nothing we is an uphill battle but PR has to keep climbing !

  4. It is an uphill task but finally after KT, we have a chance to take a BeeEnd seat.

    I see it as 'almost' no lose position. All we need to do is slash the majority down.

    A win will really set UMNO off running like headless chickens!!!!!

  5. Agreed HH. If it wasn't for postal votes..

    But then again I am sure righteous would one day triumph, perhaps its going to take place in BP, with or without postal votes.

  6. Let us have a breather and take stock of Pakatan. Are they what we assume they are? Our knights in fading armour!!! If we take in the various blogs pertaining to Ronnie Liu's corrupt practices, what is the difference between Anwar and Najib??? At least Samy got the balls to kick Subra when he was knocked senseless.

  7. OK let us take a you tell me if Anwar ever paid RM500 million for services rendered in a contract? You tell me if Anwar was ever implicated in a murder? You tell me if when Anwar was DPM and Minister of Finance - was any of department under his direct control ever involved in a death of a suspect during custody.
    Do not bring Samy Velu into the equation. Samy Velu, like Najib has been stealing from his own race with a regularity that would even shame Pak Man Telor. The only difference is that Samy Velu does it in the name of himself. Najib does it in the name of the Malay race.

    So I am taking a breather...please explain yourself.