Saturday 26 September 2009

Advise to those on the UMNO gravy bus to richness, arrogance and delusion of grandeur...


  1. Bro HH

    How are they to go back?

    They are on a way of no return!
    One way ticket to Hell!

    They are doomed!

  2. They interpret of going back in a funny way.

    After every 5 years in power they go back and buy more votes to stay in power, go back to SPR for help by telling SPR to play dirty, go back to get help from FRU/police to quell any gathering that protest their wrong way,go back to make more empty promises, go back to issue order of filling Kamunting to the brim when they feel UMNO is under threat,go back to use OSA to cover corruption, go back to see where else they can get easy money by landing lucrative government contracts without tendering for them,go back to see how to take over PR states "Perak-style", go back to have more sacrilege like the cow head march, etc etc.
    Ya, they will definitely go back even they know that in the past they have gone the wrong wau, but they always go back to inflict more harm to our country.

    So, we ourselves have to go back and think hard how to stop them from going back to cause further damage.

    Stop them please.

  3. We must understand human nature.

    If you have 'acidentally' stumbled upon a method where you can b rich and wealthy, feted upon, your words fed upon as though you were GOD, tell me, why would u go back? Why?

    Of your own free will ???

    One will have to force it out ....and even then, probably from their dead cold hands before they will turn back or let go.


  4. Abang

    Looks like your site have gained prominence since the last 2 weeks. I reckoned if things had gone the way you had wanted us readers would not be reading your writings, instead you would be chomping cigar now and part of the clique.

    As an aside how about writing your air or ship travel experience during the 60's. A lot of us did not had the opportunity during the 60's and I always wondered how was it like to go Europe. Dont think 747 was around then. In fact wanted to asked Ancient Mariner (may he rest in piece)but before putting the request in his blog he passed away.

    Golden Boy

  5. hi ..I did write about some of time in London today!..will write some more about those times but i want to get some photos of me during that time...long hair...flowery shirt etc...if I can find it!

    P.s. maybe the road sign should say "No Entry" insted of "Wrong way Go back!".

    Its true about human nature..if you can get something easily..people will take it and will never let go unless you put a gun to their head.


  6. Oops

    I made a spelling mistake just now.
    It should be "peace" and not piece. Sorry and hope the family dont feel angry for the slip up.

    Golden Boy

  7. Sir,

    Sorrylah UMNO tak ada gear gostan! Now approaching the edge of the cliff and their momentum will bring them right down.

    They thought they had parachutes (PDRM, Judiciary, MACC, EC) but little did they realize that the strings of their parachutes have been cut by the rakyat.

    Hidup rakyat.

  8. What co-incidence! On Friday evening I arr Nexived at the Coolangata Airport in Gold Coast. Had to stay the night and was told the YHA was just 5 minutes walk up the road. Next morning walking back to the airport, at the round about, there was this sign too: "Wrong Way. Go Back!!" Wonder if Aussies are that dumb..or maybe there are some so dumb you got to have that.