Sunday 13 September 2009

We see again in Samy Velu victory the tedious assault of Barisan by its own. I say tedious because the repetitiveness of these attacks from within UMNO, from within Barisan and from it’s leaders – Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi – has now become a ritual but done for what purpose? When does Samy Velu realize that what he is doing today is akin to Churchill reply to Bessie Braddock when she described him thus “Sir, you are drunk”. Churchill replied, “Madam, you are ugly. In the morning, I shall be sober”.
Today Samy Velu basked in the glow of victory as one delegate after another attacked the Government and Mahathir for interfering in MIC affairs. What happens tomorrow? Yes Samy come the morning UMNO and Mahathir will still be there. You will have to deal with them without those brave delegates who were prepared to attack UMNO and Mahathir when there were nowhere to be seen.
You would still be the same Samy Velu! Still disliked by Mahathir – the same Mahathir that rid himself of Abdullah Badawi and now he has his sight on you. You know that Najib and UMNO will do his bidding. Maybe in the cold light of the morning air, when reality sinks in Samy Velu will again be the that guy who lost in Sungai Siput. The same Samy Velu that could not deliver the Indians votes at the last election and the same Samy Velu that was rolled over by Hindraf.
This is not a Bollywood production that you are in. The victory will probably give you Dutch courage for a few days –and then what? You remind me of the tragic aspects of the charge of the Light Brigade - annihilated by their own rashness, and by the brutality of a ferocious enemy"  - and it will come to past that MIC will be brought down by you and the inability of its members to understand what ruin you have wrecked upon them.


  1. But all in , still a very good day for Pakatan.

    Because yes agreed, Semi Value it totally irrelevant politically and he will lead MIC into a total rout in PRU 13.

    But best of all is this, due to their BeeEnd formula MIC will STILL have to be given parliament and state seats to run.

    And this time, I think even the UMNO Malays will not vote MIC!

  2. I was happy to see the results of the MIC elections - another step in the right direction, I think: into oblivion.

    If the MCA doesn't watch it, they are next in line. Of course, the first was Gerakan, lah.

    And the cow-head people are helping UMNO get there as well.

    All in all, it may be the Pakatan need do very little work in the next GE. All the work seems to be getting done now. By the time it comes around, I can't imagine there being too many fence-sitters wondering which way to vote. It would be too blooming obvious!!!

    Syabas to all who made this happen.