Saturday 19 September 2009

cakap cakap...

Sorry lah I just have to have a quick word on that Prince versus Prince brawl that took place very late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Consider these issues:
Check whether that Prince had a license for his gun – make sure the license was current and that it was not issued yesterday and backdated (possible lah…)
Prince said Police too slow in taking action. This incident happened about eleven months ago. Kugan was murdered  by PDRM and then buried in January 2009. I suggest that if there is still no closure by next month on Kugan’s case then somebody should call a press conference so that the AG will be able to get the investigation papers on the day of the press conference – as he did with this Prince case. 
Mother of one of the Prince said “My son’s life is priceless” It would seem that priceless is tagged at RM50 million as per letter her lawyers have sent to the other Prince. Somebody better explain to her what priceless means. The Mona Lisa is priceless…you cannot put a price to it!
Last point before I bore you all – the Prince is out late at night with a lady that was not his wife (fiancĂ© and current wife does not qualify as wife at that point of time). What are the Religious authorities doing about that? Also check whether they were drinking – beer lah not coke!
The other notable incident last week was the suggested garlanding of Mahathir with a garland of slippers. All jokes aside I want to commend the MIC for suggesting a garland of slippers rather then shoes. President Bush deserved the shoe thing…Malaysia ada bawah sikit – so slippers are appropriate. What say you my friends?

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  1. is our bloodied hard -earned taxes flowing into their palaces !?