Thursday 17 September 2009

Bagan Pinang plan B.

In the above posting I had this comment (and my reply) which I would like to share with my friends:

Let us have a breather and take stock of Pakatan. Are they what we assume they are? Our knights in fading armour!!! If we take in the various blogs pertaining to Ronnie Liu's corrupt practices, what is the difference between Anwar and Najib??? At least Samy got the balls to kick Subra when he was knocked senseless.

HH said...

OK let us take a you tell me if Anwar ever paid RM500 million for services rendered in a contract? You tell me if Anwar was ever implicated in a murder? You tell me if when Anwar was DPM and Minister of Finance - was any of department under his direct control ever involved in a death of a suspect during custody.
Do not bring Samy Velu into the equation. Samy Velu, like Najib has been stealing from his own race with a regularity that would even shame Pak Man Telor. The only difference is that Samy Velu does it in the name of himself. Najib does it in the name of the Malay race.

So I am taking a breather...please explain yourself.

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