Monday 28 September 2009

Cakap cakap...unity in diversity!

Malaysia’s peace index is at an all time high! Please Sir let me tell you why it has jump up 12 rungs from last year. Very simply this. The people have never been more united then now-we are more united against UMNO! …so when the people are united against corruption, against greed and against the bullying of UMNO there is peace in this country and unity and racial harmony is strong. No longer can UMNO use the racial factor to divide and rule the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and others against each other. Is it not ironic that our unity in diversity gets stronger when UMNO gets weaker!!! Once we get rid of UMNO we are going to be one of the most peaceful country on this Earth! Please read the following article….

By Chai Mei Ling
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's peace index has hit an all-time high, signifying that unity and racial harmony remains strong in the country.
National Unity and Integration Department director-general Datuk Azman Amin Hassan said the Global Peace Index for this year ranked Malaysia as the 26th most peaceful nation in the world, up 12 rungs from 38th last year.

Azman said his department's own monitoring noted a slight decrease in the number of local conflicts, demonstrations and protests.

Last year, there were about 500 cases nationwide, or 18 cases to every one million population. This year, up until the last quarter, there had been more than 330 cases or 12 per one million people.

By and large, Malaysians are comfortable with the way things are, said Azman.

"In general, the silent majority are happy. We can do our business, earn our living and we appreciate other races' culture and practices."

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