Wednesday 30 September 2009




Originally the land was part of Taman Bunga Raya Sultan Abu Bakar. It was a beautiful park with a river running n the background. Later on they used a portion of the land to build a roller-skating ring. Subsequently they demolished it and built a hawker-centre with 8 shops. Again they demolished it and built the car park, which cost RM3.2 millions. If you have seen it with your own eyes you know that it was not worth the RM3.2millions spent on it. Finally they demolish the car park this year. Now we hear that “they” want to build a commercial centre which cost a further RM10 million......the cycle is repeating...and it is all done in the name of development. Since it is government land if anything goes wrong, nobody “loses” money! Bentong District is very rich. Genting Highland is under its administration.

Build and demolish....make the money...
it keeps going into someone's pocket

the story of Barisan Nasional! 


  1. Anyone knows the prerequisite to be part in the cycle of this lucrative bzness, profit is assured, ain't it ?

    But, on second thought, I'll be better off selling drinks at pasar ramadhan

  2. ha! i was right that carpark building couldn't be worth RM3.2 million! they now got rid of evidence & hence no case to pursue. nothing is surprising from these jokers these days. original minutes oso can go 'missing' on the corruption case against the 2 Perak kataks ... but you hav to salute these guys who are good at high end 'recycling' trade. no more gravy to scoop if the gravy train ain't moving or no more shushi if the shushi belt stops or are they mimicking the power of australian forest fire ...

  3. Hey, they are just putting Keynes economic theories into practice.

    If you hire your neighbor for $100 to dig a hole in your backyard and then fill it up, and he hires you to do the same in his yard, the government statisticians report that things are improving. The economy has created two jobs, and the G.D.P. rises by $200. Hence our government's glowing reports on Najib's stimulation efforts -- tho its common knowledge it doesn't take much to stimulate him.

    Only thing is people do not seem to have the money to pay their neighbors to carry out such wasteful exertions and in the end neither digger is better off.

    But I guess to the government with its bottomless pit of peoples money spending it digging holes, patching them up and digging again is a brilliant strategy to benefit themselves and their friends.

    As they say, the easiest way to go to heaven without dying is to be in the loop with our BN masters.

  4. It is easy for you Pak Hussein to also become rich like the rest. Just have a proposal ready, meet the MB and say that 30% of the profit is his, and like magic, the proposal is approved. Under BN rule, the costlier the project the better. Have we not seen how a newly built stadium in Trengganu collapse. All is forgotten now because the Trengganu government is too busy sorting themselves out. What is losing a few million ringgit, when they receive from the federal government billions in oil royalty.

  5. Hi ArshadRaji,may I add in something.........Under BN rule, the costlier the project the better.Should it fail, it is no harm to demolish it and build something new and much more costlier than the failed one.........
    Who make the decision to build this car park?
    How the decision was made?
    Was there any study conducted to gauge the opinions of the the people on the question of whether they will want to park their car there or not since its location is quite far from the town center.
    Who built it, name please!Why the cost of RM3.2m? Any tender?Procedure of submitting tender?

    All these questions should be answerable to the Pahang people.

  6. In this present day under Rosmah's wife, it is called ' NAJIBONOMICS '

  7. Since crooks run the country
    Get everybody to print money

  8. Pak H,

    Let start in masjid to teach our folks how not to elect crook MPs and Aduns...Do the same with Temples...Hello why not Church...oh yeh...Christian Crooks fear go to Hell. Crooked MPs & Aduns fear poverty not R..ichy Hell...For those in Masjids & Temples, Heaven is real amiss but Hell, no choicelah BN or PR sama samalah...a fight btwn Rich and Poor...MPs & Aduns brokerage dtengah surga/neraka with wang...rakyat hidup susah....