Thursday 24 September 2009

The Islamization of UMNO? ....tell that to UTK!

The Islamization of UMNO?
Tell that to UTK!!

I was reluctant to make any comment on Najib’s statement in early September that UMNO is an Islamic Party because it was my belief then, as it is now, that it must have been utter desperation that drove him to make such a claim. As the dust settled I revisited his previous statement and read what he said in the quiet of an early spring morning here in Adelaide and it started me thinking. I am no religious expert – far from it  - but try as I might the only argument that I found for Najib’s claim that UMNO was a truly  “ISLAMIC PARTY” was that UMNO had actually looked after and raised standards of the Muslim by eradicating poverty through various government programmes – especially the Felda land schemes. 
I am no expert on religious matter and I would not even attempt a discourse on the five pillars of Islam or the difference between the Sunni and the Shi’a. I have had hope that someone - anyone with more knowledge of Islam then me would have commented on the authenticity of that claim. No one did…or possibly the Special Branch or the likelihood of a more then nodding acquaintance with the ISA might have made the religious authorities hesitant in doing so….and so with great trepidation and an awareness that I am NOT the most qualified person to do so…I will have to put in my two cents worth on this matter….so here goes!

Muslims greet each other with a “May peace be upon you” and end their prayers with a “May peace and blessings of Almighty God be upon you”. The nature of Islam is Peace. It rules in totality the entire conduct of all things Islam whether spiritual or temporal, religious or secular, moral or material, social or cultural, individual or collective, economic or political.

It was only after his migration to Medina that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) started his political life in tandem with his religious and spiritual activities. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) established Medina as the first Islamic state and gave it its   constitution – the first written constitution of the world - the Charter of Medina, which provided, amongst other things, the guarantee of fundamental human rights to the individual. This established the first link between Islam and Politics.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also entered into political alliances with other communities (including the Jews!) and political entities in Medina and included them in his “Ummah” – political society.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) introduced the brotherhood system whereby the wealthy and the poor shared their wealth  - a precursor of the welfare state, as we know it now.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) then put into place measure to protect each and every section of human society through the legislation and the systemization of this political order.

Let us recap – because this is getting a bit heavy. The Prophet (pbuh) put into place a written constitution – The Charter of Medina, which among other things :

·      Guaranteed fundamental human rights.
·      Introduced the brotherhood system of the wealthy sharing wealth with the poor.
·      Put in place measures to protect every section of human society.
·      Made Political alliances with all communities and political entities and included        them in his “Ummah” – political society.

Now where in the above action taken by The Prophet (pbuh) was there any mention that “poverty is akin to sacrilege” in the politics of Islam? If the Prophet (pbuh) talks about eradicating poverty at all it is not only among the Muslim but for all. The sharing or wealth amongst the wealthy and the poor was for all – no mention of rich Muslim sharing with poor Muslims – just the wealthy and the poor!

Now this discourse is already taking a lot out of me mentally and I must stop. So please Najib being poor is not akin to sacrilege – though methinks that UMNO does consider it a sacrilege if any of them are poor!!!  but I think what Islam does say is that wealth is to be shared amongst all levels of society. Islam does say that you need to protect fundamental human rights for everybody. Islam does say that you do not kill people under your custody. Islam does say that you work with all political entities and embrace them into your “Ummah” or political society. There is no provision of anything remotely resembling the ISA in the politics of Islam.

Which part of the above has UMNO done to be able to claim that UMNO is truly Islamic?


  1. I had travelled to many Islamic countries and even stayed with China's muslim majority areas where we do not see or hear the things that are practised by UMNO. The various cruel deeds and hidden dirty agendas are rather the malayness in them rather than the Islamic teaching. It's rather the malayness in them that hide behind the wonderful cloth of Islam. Just ponder of the various incidences done by UMNO and you will agree Islam does not teach or encourage these kind of behavour. So Umno claims it's Islamisation? The malayness in them makes them create the cowhead incident.

  2. umno...islam????the bombing of altantuya,the massacred of memalis,the endless corruptions pkfz,bank bumiputra,perwaja,mbb,amin shah's lumut projects etc,anwar's saga,umno money politics,the death of jalil ibrahim,kugan,teoh,igp and his underworlds,penan's rape,zakariah md.deros syndrom,toyo's mansion,ISA,jamaludin jarjis's escapade,AG's !!!!,macc's !!!!,rahim tambi chik's,the gambling's sultans & ministers, bla bla bla...umno islam...nay!